AaawwWww, sh0 cUt3!

Good morning everyone!

You have surely come across some kids using this type of language, especially on Facebook, isn’t it? It consists of using lowercase + uppercase letters, as well as numbers and all types of characters just to make the sentences look… stupid nice (in their opinion). Each of them invent their own words, their own way of writing to their friends. And most of the time, they write nonsense.

I totally hate how these teenagers interact among themselves. In fact, I have the impression that many people (from my generation) share the same view about this “trendy” way of communication among the much younger generation.

Anyway, does talking like that makes them look “cool”? But you might perhaps say : What about the older generation (our parents for instance) who hated our sms lingo too.

Unlike the SMS language/lingo which aims at reducing the number of characters in a sms, I don’t think that the newer teenagers’ typo has any meaningful use. Or unless I have not grasped its use yet.

I might sound a bit old-school, but some of these kids totally write nonsense and I still don’t understand why they get so excited when someone tags them in some stupid picture. (and off-topic : some of their emo-style haircuts make me want to vomit!)


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  1. You’re so so so right. 😀
    Guess, we are too old to understand the complete useless way they write.

    @Carrot–> +1

    P:S Yashvin, I need to forward you 2 dumbass profiles where the girls have cut their hands. Just to be “Cool” or should I say, to make complete mockery of themselves. Ah, the new generation is made of idiots. Well, not everyone.


  2. Do you think it is because our Mauritian society tends to give less and less importance to Arts and Literature?


  3. am from this kind of generation and i really don’t find this to be cool!!! btw nice title 😀 this had me laughing


  4. It gets ridiculous sometimes and I have trouble to decipher the lingo. The end result is that I lose interest and give up trying to read the message. I consider it a waste of time. If you want to pass a message then make it clear not gibberish!


  5. When my sis used to send me sms’ I’d be like SHIT! What happened!!!?? I even asked my “younger” colleague to decipher them to me a few times!! lol!!!

    Like when something is funny and I’d be bursting with laughter, my sis would just say “LOL” with a smile…that what like “WTF”!!! Lol wasn’t supposed to be an sms thing???

    It’s a crazy generation…must be what our grandparents and parents thought about us…

    However, I love the emo hairstyle….I call the guys “Iguanes” 🙂 too cute!!! lol!


  6. I don’t really find that cool lol, really, lmao, its just as if someone who don’t know how to talk lol, according to me, this might have a bad effect upon their daily life, i mean that sometimes i do write sms abreviation in exams by missing LOL, i wonder what these teens would write.

    well, sometimes i used to try doing it but i don’t find that a “good” way to express oneself. its a sense of immaturity according to me. if girls do that it seems quite ok, but just see the wallposts of some guys on fb?/ don’t they realise that they are male?. well. they ought to wonder if the reader of the wallpost/comments, would really understanding a shit about what they wrote.

    Is it a new language?. well. im LOL looking at

    i don’t really understand anything they write but i try mah best to wonder what they really meant xD.

    mah message to these teens are when they write sumthing write it way much properly so as it becomes easier for human to understand not ALIENS.

    Rate : ★★★★★


  7. i guess these people think that by using weirdo characters to text or comment makes them look cool. its really painful to understand each words and have to go over it again and again to really understand what they wrote. :S


  8. mo pas siporte sa… mais bon mo encore rapel premier fois mo dire nisa mo mama ti zour moi … alors.. mo penC chaque generation ena so style. pareil kuma dan 20 ans kan mo piti pou ecoute ene la mizik mo pou dire li “sa la mizik sa??!sa??!pff.. mo lepok ki ti ena la music!ti ena ban groupe metal tout sa! zordi nek tapaz ki ena”lol.. enfin…thats the cycle


  9. The words they used is not directed to you or for your consumption, it is to their friends. If they are talking to you in that way then yes, you are more than welcome to tell them to talk properly so that you may understand, but if not, they should IMHO be able to speak to their friends in what ever way they wish.


  10. @Dvil: I don’t believe we’re going in the right direction though.

    I wish it was a cycle, but I can see less and less culture in the younger generation 😦


  11. Hello Yashvin,

    First of all, i would like to tell you you coiuld have expressed urself a bit more politely regarding ur subject and topic watever.. if u dont like something, no need to publish things which u personally dont like.

    These are meant for their friends and their social network group. If ever your were having everyone sending u messages like that i would understand your reaction, but dont make a mole out of something which affects you personally.

    BTW, im starting to hate your blog and u have my email address too, you can share your point of view as i did mine.

    Let every generation live and evolve according to their way of life since you are not that age and me too.

    I dont know now if you gonna make another topic from my comments.


    M&RC1 BO0ouU-Q!!!


  12. hmm i wonder si dimun koner ki ene blog supposer ete? si li pa express personal opinion author la ki li supposer express? si pa envi lir persone pa pu paye zot pu lir…

    mo personally hate sa facon ecrir la, li prend ene tas letemp pu write, read and understand. luckily mo pena oken moronic friend ki ecrir kumsa.

    et a ban ki p dir sa nuvo generation so style, mo ti a conten truv zot ecrir zot CV or thesis like that.


  13. yashvin in ene leve ene point interessant kine attire mo lattention dan saki line ecrir. “But you might perhaps say : What about the older generation (our parents for instance) who hated our sms lingo too.”

    c vrai ki dan saki nou zeneration ti p ecrir langaz sms mais c t parski
    1. pou type plis vite.
    2. li private, entre 2 dimoun.
    3. mem si nou ti p glaC are ban ti dessin sms la, at least we understood the graphics – and for some it was more of an art at most.

    ban teens zordi ecrir sa pou paret “cool” according to them, however i am not against it!c ene sorte identiT pou zot. peutet mo imP plis tolerant envers banla mem si mo ti a souhaiT zot ecrir normal. tou teens ena zot lepok cot zot ggn’s impossible to stop them.
    enfin kan zot grandi, (hopefully) zot ava areT pou mo pas perdi letan dechiffrer saki zot in ecrir kan zot post moi kitsoz


  14. @Yashvin,
    It appears that this post had some really unpleasant reactions… 🙂 Maybe your article did hurt some youngsters here.
    Enfin this is freedom of speech anyways… 😉

    Well just a little note to those guys who felt hurt and are expressing their feelings through their comments to this post.

    We do not mind you people writing this way among yourselves, it’s ok as long as it’s within your own group.

    But think abt this:
    We also have been youngsters and even we have made use of the sms languages, one result -> I know some people, who were so used to the sms language, that when they were writing their essays for their tests and exams, they used this language. And eventually who is the loser?
    Now just think, you get so used to it that tomorrow when you have to do something professional, you mix up these letters, do you think it will be good for yourselves? Well I do not mind personally if you use it to communicate among your friends.

    But do think about this: Whatever you write on your wall gets published in your other friends wall, and it’s obvious when they see it, they will try to read it… why? The answer is simple: Both of you are “friends” on facebook. So your friends will try to read what u have written, and to some people it might be difficult to understand. And dnt you think it will be a real pain when you just open your facebook and the first thing you see on your wall, is something that you do not understand… How will you feel then?

    Do not take critics negatively. Just make sure you do not get so used to this language that you eventually start having trouble in your academic and professional life… 🙂

    God Bless You…


  15. I agree wid u:)
    i personally take more time to read those ‘weird’, ‘new’ or watever word structure.
    til you is U
    your is ur
    goodnight is gudnite
    thanks is thnks
    take care is tk cr or tc
    dont knw is dunno
    by the way is btw
    its kind of OK

    but when it becomes pO diR mwa, sha, gu9t, l8, dunno any apart frm these:P its a bit irritating.


  16. Yashvin, kUz U Po5T3d s0m3th!ng i dNt L!k3, I Hat3s Ur Bl0g n0W!!
    PS: it took me 2mins to write this work of art siouplait! Im awesome 😛


  17. This type of writing affect pronunciation…
    and FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW, Cambridge University Reports,
    states that students of Mauritius leaves too many grammatical mistakes than before… with silly words…

    Lets be real guys, once you get used to this type of writing, it is hard to recover. It is the same as speaking accent, which is difficult to change.

    No wonder why rate of failure so high nowadays.. 😉

    This is not a step to PERFECTION and PROGRESS.


  18. @ winshaye: ‘FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW, Cambridge University Reports,
    states that students of Mauritius LEAVES too many grammatical mistakes than before… with silly words…
    @ chandan: ‘but dont make a mole out of something which affects you personally’…
    some make mountains out of molehills, others just make…moles!:)

    nice article, even funnier comments.


  19. 🙂 TVR

    I really enjoyed myself reading the reaction to this post. And the most hilarious one was Chandan. Guess y??

    This name was in vogue like 50 years + back and he claims to be from the new generation. wahahaha


  20. I like your blog and will continue dropping in now and then even if we dont think alike. Bann seki hate the blog apres sa post la. GET A LIFE :p


  21. @Winshaye

    This type of writing affect pronunciation… -> aFfEctS NoT AfFect
    Cambridge University Reports,states —> StAte nOT sTatEs
    students of Mauritius leaves —-> LeAve NoT LeAvEs

    No wonder why rate of failure so high nowadays.. 😉 —–> WiTh Ze TyPeS oF MiStAkEs U LeFt, wE DoNt RilLy HaVE 2 Wo0nDeR WhY LoLzZZzzzz


  22. @pramod’s post number 8: excellent post!so well said.zot p exprime zot mais tank ki c zis entre zot ek zot pas fr errer met sa dan n papier exams, zot pou on safe side.

    becoz i know someone kine met 1 smiley “:p” inconsciemment dan so disertation telmen li abitié chat, he was surprised himself and had to correct it after revising.notice that this trend came becoz of computers, mobile phones and chatting.we make use of phoenetic words to express ourselves and this has become the “normal” way of communicating.

    I still remember an article in Expresso waaay back when nokia 3310 was à la was about sms lingos and was of the same nature of this blog’s article, just to make people aware of the new “words” and where the trend is we don’t care how we write sms’s since most of us have been used to it.

    @all teenage youngsters, hence this blog is not meant to offend anyone but to make you aware that during exams or writing a formal email,for instance, you have to be careful not to write words not recognised by the english/french grammar.


  23. these are rubbish words – cant get the hell out what they say. N no wonders they cant code properly since their minds are already full of stupid codes.


  24. CoOlB0Y–> It’s written as Tushal you douche bag. Well, my name seems to be a girl’s butt. But in your case, it’s you who sound like an a$$.


  25. @CoOlB0Y:

    Your emo ❤ does bleed when you read all that I guess. Come on, it's not called jealousy, it's just that it gives me the impression that there is a serious lack of communication skills and questionable tastes behind how an individual expresses himself. I am saying that based on facts and statistics of people I met, and I am not saying that you are like this (I do not know you).

    People think it's cool to be 'emo', to listen to 'emo'-music and when they can l33t speak, they think they are geeks. Come on, those are clichés. If you want to be respected, it's all about making oneself clear in whatever language or media you use.


  26. @Avishna->HoW oLd R Uuu? 45Yrs olD sTriCt MoOOom!??

    @Tushy->IT’z WriTten “d0uChEbaG” NoT “D0uChe BaG”. Go00oGlE It!! XD
    UsInG WoRdzz Fr0M Tv SeRiAls aNd MoViEzz DoEsN’t mAkE YoU SmArTeR DudE!! LoLzZZZzz

    @EvRyBdY-> wE YoUnGeR PpLzz D0nT C0mE CoMpLaIniNg AbOut UrR BoRiNg WaYzZz Uu ToK, So Yy dO uUu CoMplAin Ab0uT dA WaY wE t0K!???


    GeT a LyfFf


  27. @Anonymous: When you were in school, did you not use slang when talking to your friends?

    I certainly did, but when I was speaking to people who are not friends, I would speak to them in a manner in which they would understand. I believe that they should be able to talk to their friends in what ever way they wish, but when they are talking to people other than their friends they should make an attempt to communicate in a language which is understood by the person(s) they are talking to.


  28. Some very entertaining comments on this post. A little bit of name calling too. And also English lessons.

    @CoOIBOY. I think it’s ridiculous to mockingly make a list of someone’s mistakes and to miss the big one. I suggest you learn English before teaching it.
    You(or Winshaye) shouldn’t say ‘too many ……. than’. In proper English you should say either ”…too many grammatical mistakes.” or ”….more grammatical mistakes than before”
    Or ”…too many grammatical mistakes. More than before”

    Being over 50, I had some hesitations before commenting: after all people much younger than me have been called ‘old washed up has-beens’. But there’s something I’d like to share with the young and stupid. Success or failure in everything you undertake in life depends more than anything else on good communication skills or the lack of those.
    [Proper management of time and of finance are distant second and third most important factors for success].


  29. @YaShVin->OnCe Uu GeT UseD To It YoU CaN Do iT PrEttY FaSt DudE!!

    @Sagitarius->Wo0oW GraNdPa!! DaT WaZ SeRiOuSLy BOrInG!!! **YaWnzZZzz**


  30. lol…funny post Yashvin…it’s like a generation gap!!!

    I believe we are yet to see the peak..who knows what our kids are gonna be like!!! lol!!!


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