AaawwWww, sh0 cUt3!

Good morning everyone!

You have surely come across some kids using this type of language, especially on Facebook, isn’t it? It consists of using lowercase + uppercase letters, as well as numbers and all types of characters just to make the sentences look… stupid nice (in their opinion). Each of them invent their own words, their own way of writing to their friends. And most of the time, they write nonsense.

I totally hate how these teenagers interact among themselves. In fact, I have the impression that many people (from my generation) share the same view about this “trendy” way of communication among the much younger generation.

Anyway, does talking like that makes them look “cool”? But you might perhaps say : What about the older generation (our parents for instance) who hated our sms lingo too.

Unlike the SMS language/lingo which aims at reducing the number of characters in a sms, I don’t think that the newer teenagers’ typo has any meaningful use. Or unless I have not grasped its use yet.

I might sound a bit old-school, but some of these kids totally write nonsense and I still don’t understand why they get so excited when someone tags them in some stupid picture. (and off-topic : some of their emo-style haircuts make me want to vomit!)


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  1. @CoOIBoy, You get easily bored. Don’t breathe too much, you might find it boring. Is Peter Pan a friend of yours ? Has your grandpa left enough money to finance your stupidities ?


  2. @coolboy

    chill man. i respect your views. maybe one day when you start getting in “real” working life, this whole concept might change. i guess you are around 13-15 (because you keep telling everyone mum, dad, grandpa), in 10-15 years time, give us your feedback.


  3. Oh nowadays we all do use abbreviations for chat and sms, also slang words, it’s not confined to this or that generation! But these writings with uppercase and lowercase letters together with numbering, are sure something else!!

    I don’t even bother to decipher those gibberish language as they are sure a sore to the eyes not to say to the a$$ LOL…I prefer to leave those kids to play in their own mud pools…As for name – calling, it comes easy when one got nothing intelligent to say, utterly cheap!!

    Hah teenagers now in some years you too are going to be called ‘has beens’!!! And in like 30 years or so, we would be calling you too ‘grandpas’ haha…No need to ‘Google’ this LOL…Oh my!Utterly childish!!

    Got to share this entertaining blog with my friends…Thanks for posting Yashvin…Cheers


  4. The nick of the person should have been “CoOIGirl”…


    @yashvin, we need a LIKE button for comments! 😛


  5. @Sagitarius->I G3t BoR3D WiZzz Pr3-HiSToRiC aG3d P3opL3. Uu r3aD P3T3r P4N toW UrR GraNd-KiDzZZz!? XD
    @luckyhuss->ItzZz CoOlB0Y n0T coolboy Dud3!!!!!
    @Leena->D0nT boTh3R t0w d3cIpH3R w4T U CaNT. U t00 OLd 4 DaT! XD anD iN 30Yrs Wh3n I’LL b3 A hAs-b33N, U’lL b3 grAnnY L33nAA LoLzzZZzz

    Lo0S3RzZz Y d0nT uU Acc3pT DaT wE caN ToK HoW w3 WanNa


  6. Hello @Leenaa. Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. You are the most welcomed here, anytime 😉

    @Sun: lol. Yes, I was asked to add this feature several times but most people don’t use it 😦

    @CoOlB0Y: I think that you will need reinforcement on this blog. Please invite your friends to join in the conversation 🙂


  7. @CoOIBOY, No, I wouldn’t and I don’t. Even kids can sense the immaturity of Peter Pan. Trying to get anchored in youth! Probably the most futile of purposes.


  8. @Yashvin: To p fr publicité to blog indirektement!!! 😛

    Anyways, you can use IntenseDebate or DisQus comments plugin for wordpress…
    (Enfin the latest version of IntenseDebate seems to be broken for the time being, you can use previous versions…)


  9. @CoOlB0Y:
    Not only you write in a stupidly retarded way but you also have no respect for people who’re way older than you.

    *Respect. Learn some you annoying brat.*


  10. ShAmE 0n Uu buNcH 0f h4t3rz. Uu toK 0f R3sp3ct bUt CanNoT 4CcepT p30Ple difFeReNt Fr0m Uu. I gU3ss Uu r Da KinDoF p3oPlE WhO AcT maTuRE BuT sEcReTlY LoOOoK DowN oN oD3R p3Ople. 50Yr Old GuY chIlL duD3. w3 ToK LyK DiS b3tW33N FrNdzZZz n0T t0w Uu.


    1. So you said:

      “shame on you bunch of haters. you talk of respect but cannot accept people different from you. I guess you are the kind of people who act mature but secretly look down on other people. 50 year-old guy chill dude. We talk like this between friends not to you”

      Try be cool with this in your GP essay.

      In any case:

      1 – shame on you too for being judgemental without any proof.

      2 – respect is on merits. Your trolling doesn’t deserve much respect.

      3 – act mature? again judgemental. Pa capav sanz disk mo bourzwa.

      4 – look down? Insisting on using an insulting tone to everyone surely lowered your altitude… suck it up child, life puts you where you want to tread.

      5 – Chill? After your insults, how should a geriatry-bound person even consider your request?

      6 – Talk like this between friends? Well, I have neither ambition nor interest in making friends, especially with an ill-mannered childish brat typing this leet-speak stuff. And in any case, since no-one appears to be your friend, why persist in leet-speak: are you so desperate to make friends? Here? An attention-whore? A Soornack? Ha!


  11. I’ve be3n tAkIn sOm3 nIsHa tAlkIn’ lYk zIsHe. It CaN BeCOmE AdDicTiVe iF YoU aR sItinG @ HoME doINg nOfInG. tHis TyPE of tYpINg iS DefinEteLy nT fOR sAViNg tIME.

    ^ I took 7 minutes to write the above text. LOL xP


  12. Im not sure Yashvin truely hates this. He once told me that, to get more comments, readers, and consequently more page hits, better DISAGREE with the general opinion. See here, I’m the 65th commenter.

    And me too, I hate this blog. Not because I don’t like his posts but because he moderate the comments, thus not making full use of net neutrality. Or freedom of expression?
    But anyway, that’s a different story.

    My opinion is, what is really sad about this way of communication, are those teenagers who think are expressing themselves in their own way and calling it “art” or “creativity” are just wasting ‘language’. I bet they suck at grammar, vocabulary and can’t speak english fluently. It’s worst than making typos or writing sms-style.

    You should watch this video.

    Fortunately, I don’t have dumb teenagers in my friends list anymore. How that? Simple; just be awkward with them. For guys, I’ll sound harsh like “WTF you said? Can you stop being a dumb teenager freak for a second?”. Sometimes I’ll talk to them as if they are retarded; “Me speak english. You understand me?” And voila, they either remove me or stop wr1Ting L1kE tHiS.


  13. @carrotmadman6 (the first comment), because I scan text line by line instead of reading words syllable by syllable, I nearly missed it and thought i read ‘typography’, when in fact you wrote ‘tyPORNography’.

    Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Intelligently having fun with language.


  14. Sorry people, but I need to clear a point here.

    Don’t take me wrong, but I usually tell people that a blog post gets more comments and hits if the topic sounds controversial and also, tends to touch people directly. That makes the topic debatable and everyone wants to participate to make themselves heard.
    A topic published on the blog, this does not specifically mean that I disagree with what has been said. Many times, I clearly mention my point of view.

    Moderate comments? The usual moderation steps include

    The removal of swear words and depending on the topic,
    Masking of any company’s name to avoid any problems with them.
    Any anonymous messages are removed (usually with no mail addresses or if I can’t find any record showing that the person can be trusted, as regular reader).

    Anyway, it is clearly written : “Stay on topic. No spam. No swearing please, be responsible.
    This blog is clean and moderation forms part of a normal process to make sure that what YOU say can be publicly displayed on my pages.

    And guess what? Your comment has been approved too.
    Bon weekend!


  15. rofl…ene chance moi mo bane neveu e kuzin pas ecrire kumsaa..avec sa kaliT language la..pu perdi plis letan decode ceki ine ekrire..aprE kan fini decode si…ena doute si msg la ti p rode dire ceki nu ine comprnd 😛 😛 😀


  16. well if it stays in facebook, then its ok, but if it finds its way into
    their GP essays then its a trouble for our new gen!!!
    and concerning the emo styles well, when i was a teen everyone had long hair and listening to metal music!


  17. Have I offended?
    Allow me to quote you;
    “I totally hate how these teenagers interact among themselves”.

    Ain’t it mean you are in disagreement with them?
    But at the end it doesn’t make any difference. Driving traffic is an art and you are a master of this art.

    I know you don’t moderate comments too aggressively. If you want to know, I don’t like seeing that “your comment is awaiting moderation” thing. It’s like “we’re going to open your package to see if it contains anything illegal” at the customs office. See what I mean?
    I also don’t like the fact that you don’t allow swearing (because that’s how I need to express myself sometimes) and that you don’t promote anonymity. It’s just my personal opinion.
    It is also old school. I’m not saying it is bad to moderate. Popular blogs do moderate the comments but are much less aggressive. Engadget is a perfect example, they let the readers themselves to “upvote” and “downvote” so the comments with positive votes remain on the site and the negative ones gets “buried into oblivion”. On some websites, the comments fade away or literaly appear dim, so people pay less attention to them. In some way, it makes the reader a better commenter as they will think twice before making a comment because being tackled down by a moderator is less worst than by a group of people. And the commenting system will emphasize this.
    Also, most moderators only delete the comments AFTER they have been published and/or reported.

    As a bonus, you’ll have much less work do to. Engadget is using the disqus pluging.

    “A squirrel dying in your front yard may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa” – Mark Zuckerberg

    Thanks bon weekend you too


  18. @CoOlB0Y: people will judge you by what you write, no matter how you write it, but you don’t seem to be making a case for yourself. just calling others has-beens because they write ‘properly’ is not an argument; unless, you are a troll and you are just doing that to generate comments, and that would make you a smartass! you’ll grow out of it when puberty kicks in…hopefully!


  19. @The Joker:WhY d0 U tHiNk Od3R p3Opl3 t0KiNg LyK m3 d0Nt r3plY h3r3!? W3 doNt cAr3 wH4T U p3Opl3 SaY oR ThiNk!! tH3 R3AsOn W3 toK LyK diZ iZ w3 w4nT t0 iRit4t3 0Ld3r p3oPl3 lyK U. 3x4cTlY wH4t iZ h4pP3NiNg h3r3 XD LooOOoolzzZZzz d0 u F33l dUmb r3AdiNg diZ $m4rt-4$$35!?? boU4h4h4h4! XD cRooOOooW bOooOn Sh4! XD


  20. @CoOlB0Y:

    Sorry. I don’t speak retardese. Can you get someone to translate into meaningful English before you post, please? Your post is an orgy of stultifying cacophonous verbal depravity; an exercise in literary impotence, and an offense to all of good taste and decency.

    Why don’t you shrink your head and use it as a paperweight? It’s not much use for writing intelligent posts with, that’s for sure. You are obviously suffering from Clue Deficit Disorder. Oh well, at least you only charge what your free advice is worth. As Robert Wilensky said: “We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.”

    What possessed you to think that you were capable of being entertaining or interesting to read? You are the kind of person who, when one first meets you, one doesn’t like you. But when one gets to know you better, one hates you. Maybe you wouldn’t come across as such a jellyfish-sucking mental midget if you weren’t so dumb that even blondes tell jokes about you; if your weren’t so fat that all the restaurants in town have signs that say: “Maximum Occupancy: 80 Patrons OR You.”, or if you didn’t have a face that makes Medusa look like a supermodel. No, come to think of it, you would.

    Please try to have some small idea of what in the hell you’re talking about before you try to post.

    P:S I will not take credit for this post since it’s not me who wrote it. Just copied it here.


  21. @Tushal:Wh3N u t0K, iTZ lYk 4 bL4cK n WhIt3 moVi3 pL4yInG, b0riNg!! LooOOooLzzZZzz
    Fr4nKlY duD3, d0nT kn0W wH4t U wR0t3 4nD wH4T Uuu m34nT BuUt U 4R3 riLlY dULL. h4V3 UrR Fri3NdZ 3v3r t0lD Uu dAt!?? LooOOOooLzzZZzz
    Coo00onTiN3 3CriR3 t0oo b4N 3ss4ys toOA XD


  22. One of my friend’s shared this link. So I read some of your comments. For one, I find it hard to read what some of kids write. It doesn’t bother me as long as am not concerned with them.
    For two, I don’t know the author of this blog, so I wouldn’t know why he even wrote such an article. I still feel this is a non-issue. These kids talk to their peers in this style. They understand each other. So where is the problem?Its only iritating if they communicate to you in that manner. Most people here relying ought to be seemingly more mature,well behaved and writing proper English. Mature people ranting about immature kids’ writing style? Is that it? That’s really sad then.
    Some of you have even been judgemental about how these ’emo’ kids are. Thinking lowly about women is called Sexist, thinking lowly about gays is called a homophobe. So what is the term for thinking lowly about kids who are different or unconventional? You should be ashamed, even that 50yr old guy.
    Writing in that style does not make the kids dumb. Some of them are even brilliant at studies.
    When you were a teen at college yourselves, did your parents always like your hard rock or any other ‘teen thing’ those days? Did they treat you like sh*t?
    NO!they just let you be a teen full of hormones trying to look smart. Now, just let these kids write in any way they want and get on with your pointless lives.

    P.S: to Tushal: Read few of your comments. Have you ever heard yourself talk? Can you bear obnoxious people? If you couldn’t stand them, you’d hate yourself.

    That is all.


  23. I realise how old am getting…it’s like am reading Alien!!! I believe each generation has it’s own style may it be total BS to our eyes, still we had Punk, Funk, Disco, Hippies etc…now Iguanes!!! lol!


  24. @CoOIBOY, But you not using this L&g4G3 only between fR$dzZz, are you? I’m a bit disappointed by the way you spell ‘guy’: it could have been more kXz0RGsShH. Spending your time trying hard to iRriT4T3 people is a method for never growing old that may actually work!


  25. @CoOlB0Y: i get eyestrain trying to read your comments 😀 .. seriously, i dare you write out all your homeworks like that and i will PERSONALLY myself adopt this kind of language 😉

    if you can’t do it, well get a REAL life kid .. enfin jme casse pa la tete, crise d’adolescence sa, arriver sa, pa to faute sa to natire sa 😀

    p.s yashvin : i want a “like comment” feature here too!


  26. @Sagitarius: 500yrZ oLD duD3,4m4ziNg Uu C4n D3c0d3 wH4t i WriT3 aNd 3v3n WrIt3 D4t w4y! 4fT3r 4LL Uu 4R3 5 c3nTuRi3s OLd XD
    @MauriFAIL:Uu g3T 4 LyF duD3! Uu 4lr34dY 4 F4iL! LooOOooLzZz
    @le_voyageur: LyK MiSt3R MauriFAIL s4iD, g3T 4 Lyf duD3! XD


  27. way to go @CoOlB0Y, I think @Tushal is getting old now (pa li mem zi pli zenes ici?)

    so Yashvin, I think you are right about this type of language becoming the trend for the new generation. coupled with the funky hair styles… boring to us…

    everyone, it’s not hard to decypher the language, after all they’re just substituting letters. 3 = E, 4 = A etc. and abbreviating words (like we did)…

    I’m 25-30y too and my younger bro can write both proper english and ‘that’ language, plus he knows all the japanese emoticons ^_^ and all… he’s the MMORPG generation!

    l3Tz G!v3 ItA tRY (li bon la?)


  28. Hey Yashvin,

    The IntenseDebate plugin is now fine… You can now install it and allow your readers to like or dislike comments if you wish 😉


  29. @CoOlB0Y:

    You can add that to your CV:
    “I am not a troll retard and I am never boring with my language skills. I also consider other people to lack understanding of the popular culture and I consider them as inferior beings. People can’t read what I say, nor can they write like me. Is it because their average age is 300yrs old or I am a genius? Please hire me or my emo ❤ will turn </3, I can g00gLe everything for you" 😀


  30. @CoOlB0Y:
    Loin de moi l’idée tant soit peu courtoise, mais néanmoins justifiée en la circonstance, de vouloir évaluer vos connaissances en matiére d’orthographe (vous avez du, peut-être personne d’autre que vous ne le sait mieux que vous-même, mais néanmoins fort bien on le présume, avoir réussi à vos examens de la “CPE”), mais auriez-vous l’obligeance de vouloir trouver quelque faille dans la séquence de caractères suivants:


  31. @jp:u HuRt m4 f33liNgz t3RRibly witH uR H4R$H woRdz duD3. 4m $Hoo HuRt i ju$t w4NN4 cut m4 foR34Rm. 😦

    @T0rped0: I f3ll 4$l33p by R34diNg uR fiR$t liN3 0f fr3nCH liT3R4tuR3 cL4$$ 4Nd wok3 up f3w HouR$ l4t3Rzzz LooOOooLzzZZzz..


  32. @CoOlB0Y:
    C’est une évidence qui coule de source: votre intellect est véritablement d’une supériorité tellement omnipotente que l’humanité prendra quelques millénaires avant de pleurer toutes ses sécrétions lacrimales de la perte de votre science… Je vous serai gré de ne pas vous encombrer de la peine de m’envoyer quelque réponse, tant soit peu intelligible…


  33. Yashvin, I found this post today and just like you, I do not like these types of writing. However, live and let live I suppose. It’s difficult for us ‘grown ups’ to read their text but may that’s the very point of it! This way, their parents would not bother reading their FB walls.

    Of course, meaning of ideas can change from person to person, thus some find it a mean to encrypt their texts, others find it as a way to look cool and maybe some are just nutters (and need a life)!

    Anyway, that’s what I think.


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