Reasons why you should not go to Zorange Expo 2011

With approximately 45,900 visitors during last year’s edition, Orange is highly advertising their event which will be accessible to the public from the 8th to 10th April 2011. ย Do you still remember last year’s expo? You might get a flash back if I tell you that there were Orange “partners” selling furniture, beds and kitchen things. Still nothing? 3DTV perhaps?

Let’s be serious. Did you use anything that was demonstrated to you in last year’s expo? How many among you actually watched 3D tv or used their 3D glasses? How many among you pay for watching TV on your small mobile phone? And if I say, pay Rs19.60 for stupid fun tone service which you accidentally got subscribed while using your phone?

What if we talk about real life now?

  • Your livebox refuses to connect to the internet,
  • Speed tests are displaying 1/10 of what you are paying for,
  • Your adsl modem stops synchronizing for no reasons,
  • Low quality YouTube videos are taking like hell to load and after each few seconds, it needs to buffer again
  • Nothing interesting to watch on tv, despite the dozens of tv channels offered by Orange
  • Paying loads of money for an unreliable and slow internet connectivity
  • Forced to upgrade to a 1MB connection if you want to get the price decrease announced by the government or forget the decrease and stay on your existing 512Kbps connection (Read More)
  • A stupid and amateur technician who says that your newly purchased laptop has no LAN port? (Read More)
  • The CEO of Mauritius Telecom, Sarat Lallah, announcing that they provide a myT 3MB/s subscription, live on a private radio.

And the worst experience of your life : Calling the Customer Support and waiting for 10minutes to get an answer somewhat like “Monsieur/Madame, pouvez vous eteindre votre livebox et le reallumer apres 15minutes.”

Yashvin, pages of my life

If you feel that Orange has really done something that has brought joy in your life during the past months, then you should definitely go to their expo to show your support.

But if you are like me, angry each time you have a low speed and fed up of being treated like a sh*t by their customer care and the management in general, you should save your money and time by doing something more interesting with people who care about you…

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46 thoughts on “Reasons why you should not go to Zorange Expo 2011

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  1. I wanna go only to see if i can get a rebate of 20% on an Iphone 4.. lol
    And still, I don’t think that’ll be worth the trouble


  2. It’s indeed not worth going. I have been getting a download speed of 10KB/s for the few days!! WTF!!

    I used to get a speed of 40-50KB/s when I had the 512kbps connection but ever since i upgraded to the 1MB connection that am having these crappy download speed!!

    3MB/s!!! Maybe he was daydreaming! :-p


  3. …And do not forget to mention that I pay the same tariff as before on my 512Kbps and I am not eligible to get the 1Mbps one simply because I’m 3.5kms away from the ‘exchange center’

    Not going either. I had no internet for 2 weeks at home for the simple reason that someone messed up with the settings and upgraded my line to 4Mbps, my livebox was not syncing. It took them 2 weeks to realise that!!!


  4. I am going there .. I got an orange pass ! .. and they said their might be gifts and all .. I want to see that ๐Ÿ™‚ hihi.. plus i got 4 more invitations .. so if their are indeed gifts at the door .. I will go In and Out 4 times ! lolzz ..

    come on.. its just a promo stuff.. so .. just get there if u want something or dont go if you don’t want a gift.. I would prefer to get a gift though ..

    I understand your situation .. Don’t go then. If it was my fight i wouldnt have gone either .. but see, I live across the street to MT ! and i am probably one of the few hundreds in Mauritius who gets superbly incredible internet connection ..
    And furthermore, They can expect a very nice post from me if i don’t get a gift even a plastic bag will do !..

    My Strategy – Wait and See ! .. Verdict Tomorrow !


  5. I’m going again this year just because I’m fed up home. There ain’t any big deal there in real just like Yashvin said, but I wanted to tell you about this point which you mentioned in the article.

    รขโ‚ฌยขLow quality YouTube videos are taking like hell to load and after each few seconds, it needs to buffer again

    MT used to give us a 2MB bandwith for YouTube video but now they’ve removed it. Recently I’ve upgraded my connection to a 1MBps one but it sucks more than the 512kbps. The fact is that there AIN’T ANY 1MB connection, but when we read the MT contract well, it says UP TO 1MB. This does mean a lot of things. Your connection may be even below 512kbps speed. The only way i feel the difference between the 512kbps and the 1mbps is when i see the download rate. It’s good then it sticks to over 60kbps but there are times when it goes below 5kbps. I’ve still not yet understood whether I’ve upgraded or degraded my connection.

    We are being conned again and again by MT and there ain’t any govt intervention in this MONOPOLY market. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH


  6. I suggest you should all go.. we have innovated a bit this time.

    we got the planning of a future class with a notebook ( u guys will be surprised + an ipad )

    DO give it a chance…

    Thought I would agreed in organisation, Orange lacks much much behind


  7. I can’t see what’s so futuristic about it and innovating “a bit” is not enough.

    In a country in which the technical knowledge and hardware infrastructure exist, it is unforgivable to even offer packages at high prices with rates at or below 512Kbps – independent on whether the surfer population is growing or not.

    And now for the IPad, it has been around for quite some time, hope people will actually get to see the IPad2!

    As for smartphones, the real innovation I can see – apart from some technical stuff they could do with their mobile network here – would be price! They could propose real Postpaid packages at low prices. Like getting an IPhone or a good Android phone for a little less 10K, with some kind of contract; like companies abroad have been doing for so many years.

    And yeah, put an end to this monopoly … No ;), I’m still not going … ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I’m going there only to meet fellow Mauritian bloggers & tweeps. I’m currently using a 1mb myt connection. Arriving around 6pm, the connection drops as low as a dialup. I need to wait till at least 11pm for it to be back to normal.

    Screw you Orange.

    **P:S Did anyone notice that there’s a Orange Network Prob at Reduit? You need to phone someone like 10 times for your call to pass through.


  9. They are a bunch of thieves. I went to Orange to transfer my Telephone line and my MyT to my new house. Guess what I need to pay 4600 Rs just for a transfer. What the fuck.


  10. I’m going there as I have nothing to do at home! But I will pawn them. By the way to those who are getting problems on MyT, I would be glad if all of us create a forum to pawn Orange, I mean ‘desan lor sime’ LOL!


  11. I agree 200% with you!

    but i’m stil going there to see what new lies they’re gonna tell.

    3D tv? seriously? What was the point? i still dont understand why they exposed that..


  12. It’s a TOTAL WASTE of time ^_^ .. nothing interesting :S As though I was in a mobile shop – a total waste of time :S These people seriously lack creativity ^_^ .. i don’t advise whosoever to go there ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. mo coire mo pu aller! lanner dernier mo ti gagne enta tente orange, kan mo ti done mo nani ek dadi pu srvi zot ti mari content!hahahaha! entier lepep moris servi sa ban tente la :D:D

    the worst part of orange/myT- definitivement – the customer service!pfft


  14. I rather spend my time daydreaming than going to the Orange expo! There is no point going over there considering the fact that they treat their customers badly a whole year…and now they pretend to offer a remarkable quality of service with their expo.


  15. Last yr i didnt go bt im gng zis yr..being part of the team i cant say anything against bt i hope the service gets better ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. ORANGE SHOULD BE SUED FOR MANY ISSUES: bad connection bandwidth, speed, service…AND MOST OF ALL THE 512Kbps myT issue which persuaded many people to upgrade to the fake 1Mbps


  17. I just went. It’s so well organised, and they paid models to be host, yeah good looking from a big agency… nice…

    And I got bored in 15 min. What’s the point of the Expo? B O R I N G

    And I sat down, to appreciate the decor… Cleverly thought to put a single price at all shops for each phone model… Met dialog with the models…

    The iphone4 is at Rs 27,000 without contract (not there’s no 20% off cause it’s not a new model). HTC Mozart was selling for Rs 24,000 when you can have it reliably on ebay for Rs 15,000. I’m happy I didn’t wait to buy my new phone.

    And the university students controlling a RC car with their phone, video conferencing, text parsing algorithm… Now that’s something new that should be promoted on TV and encouraged…


  18. Oh, I forgot, I connected on Orange WiFi to test the RC Mini car from my phone, but the connection was too slow, it took longer than on my phone’s Emtel internet connection to download the Android app.

    There was one guy who showed Apple Airplay… but… nobody else seemed interested to stream movies to their TV/home theater from their ipad/iphone…

    The gaming zone was filled with underpowered laptop, running FPS games at mediocre frame rates… They don’t even know that you need a good graphics card for that…

    Yeah, that’s all…


  19. indeed boring but if you go there to see chicks you will be satisfied ..technologically speaking there’s nothing interesting just old ones which maybe an up to date internet user already knew exist and as for Orange its staff lacks of customer service


  20. Orange expo sucks. I’d rather like to see and use new/innovative services they are working on (if they are working on any) rather than going to see bunch of phones in a “vitrine”. We all use the internet, so we are pretty much aware of the gadgets all over the world. What would really make this expo great is IT services that Orange might wanna develop….. similar to Google.

    Google have projects in labs, that they develop and if they see a potential they release a beta version and see how well it fares. Likewise Orange could provide new working ideas (feasibly implementable in Mauritius) and have an expo for it. I think this could work and it would be great to finally be in an innovative environment.



  21. zour orange met connection 50mbps … zour morice ggne ban new gadgets within 1 week of release AT MSRP!!, lerla pou ena 1 zoli expo…
    morice 1000 fois en retard dans TECH WORLD, et mem si ena boucoup moriciens ki kne boucoup lor tech, personne pa reconnet zot, apart kelke uns ๐Ÿ™‚


  22. Zorange Xpo was worthless!!!kan to rentrรƒยฉ mem,..zot don mw 1 sac, pu fair r saa mo mem pa konE, 1 tii carte ki ekrir ‘mo ti laba’ what the use???cumadir ban dimoun pa ti kone zot in ale orange xpo!!De plus koT technologie, kozE!!!ena 1 nuvo livebox la(mo demand moi si pa pu ggn encore problem avc saa)ban nuvo chaine ki zot p proposรƒยฉ laa pa troo xtraa.

    1 truc ki mon aprecie c paye bus par potable(system NFC) mais bon mon demand zot dan cmbien letmps sa pu appliquรƒยฉ,..zot dir mw,..’bein Il faut voire avec les minitres,..Il faut avoir l’approbation du governement etc(dan mo le coeur mo p dirr,..b to pa tii kpv diir moi dans 10 ans ki pu ena saa)

    Apres to ggn sa ban portable ‘zouzou’ ki zot p xposE laa!!Dans zot magazine zot met grand grand dessin,..grans explication mais kan to ale laba et to 2mand zot eski mo kapv get tel portable..zot pu diir b li out of stock!!!zot p pren nu pur des cons ou koi!!encore 1 fois,..sarat lalah kan to pa conรƒยฉ cuma pu gaspille to kass, get moi,mo pu don tw 1 2 techniques!


  23. @Neel Succaram:
    Yes it was an epic failure. Orange thinks Mauritians are Tech newbies. They think they will seduce us with their so called ‘New tech’ which is actually obsolete. I did not even see any new technologies.
    Orange is just trying to fool people with its monopoly on Technology claiming that it gives us the ‘Best Experience Ever’ which is actually BS. They are obviously retarded persons


  24. I hate MT coz I need to s@#k to get a “proper” interner connection (though I “upgraded”) and as for the tv..pfff!!! no need to point out the flaws…everyone knows!!!

    As the expo, maybe they should really try satisfying the actual clients than spending millions with a S@#T thing called ‘expo’….pfff!!!

    By d way, thnx Yashvin for your posts where I can vent my anger/frustration :p


  25. and as predicted, as heard on the radio this morning “un enorme succes avec plus de 50,000 visiteurs” who had the chance I suppose to embrace new technologies ๐Ÿ˜‰


  26. Sad that I couldn’t make it. Wanted to have a peek at the interactive classrooms.
    And yeah I agree on that fact that Orange should focus more on customer satisfaction rather than spending millions doing their show.


  27. Myt has inserted 10 boring tv channels in its core programs and those who have chosen bollywood channel ( like me ) are getting 1 channel less in this bouquet. Ealier , we were paying Rs250 for 5 channels – ( of course 1 very boring – Headlinetoday ). They told us that we will get Star Gold in replacement of the loss channel …. but when will it be broadcast as we are paying a fix charge of Rs 250-…


  28. oh, by d way, just called 8902 coz am not getting my TNT channels properly…bref…

    Now when i asked my slow internet connection, though I “upgraded” the operator told me that I did not call them to have my “upgrade”…f@#k..that now she will do something about it or so…line telma coz s@#t ki mo pa ine compran narien…!!!! only that i have to shut my livebox, remove all the wires and then replug them later…

    What the F!!???

    Orange expo my foot! What about actual customers!!!


  29. At Reena DKL
    Just phone 8902 and the MT agent told me that showbiz is not available in our region. When i ask her abt the new channel Star Gold ( MT already advertise this channel since a week ) , she told me there is no new channel . It was me at the end to give her explanation abt the new channel. Anyway , i will have to pay additional Rs250 for the bollywood bouquet.
    What rubbish these so called MT agents. They only advise us to power off the live box and light on again ….


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