Orange Fun Tone : Pressing (*) accidentally

“Peze zetoile pu cokin ou camarade so fun tone!”

Do you still remember the advert about the Fun Tone service of Orange?

If you use your mobile to call your friends (like most people do), you have most probably noticed that many people chose to replace the traditional ring back (waiting) tone by some music, hereby referred as the “Fun Tone”. These group of people have probably sent requests to subscribe to the service via

  • SMS or
  • Calling 8787 or
  • Internet or
  • Pressed the (*) key to “steal” the tone of a friend… and  I personally know persons who pressed the  (*) key accidentally.

My guest writer Bhanu had that experience a few days ago. While calling one of his contacts, he accidentally pressed the key (and perhaps a lot of other keys simultaneously). He might have been careless but you might have the same problem if you have some touch screen models in particular.

Yashvin, pages of my life

He was immediately bombarded with a few SMS sent by Orange, congratulating him (lol) for subscribing to the Fun Tone and also, for choosing that specific Fun Tone.

When calculating the total costs mentioned in those SMS, he realised that he paid

  • Rs10 for the monthly subscription to Orange Fun Tone
  • Rs9 for choosing the fun tone (accidentally)

He called the customer care to inquire about this Fun Tone and they told him that he should SMS “STOP” to 8787 to cancel the subscription. One thing that he ignores till he reads this article is that he also paid Rs0.60 for this last sms. This accidental key press while handling his phone cost him Rs19.60, if there are no other hidden charges of course.

For a more friendly usability, I believe that Orange should have sent a confirmation message before cutting off your credits for a service you have no intent to subscribe to. Don’t you think so?

And finally, are you among those who accidentally subscribed to the Orange Fun Tone too?

17 thoughts on “Orange Fun Tone : Pressing (*) accidentally

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  1. haha ban fou ki use sa…..can to preC ler la mm zot fer ecout sa ban vilein vilein sanT la….mo gagne extra nerrrr r sa XD


  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! in ariv moisi sa! O_O par error mne al press zetoile, pa koner ki vilain sega in vin mo funtone 😦

    en plus zot charge moi.. its a very bad method.

    Perhaps pressing * twice would solve this problem!




  4. taaah moissi meme zess ti arriver…par erreur mone ale peze zetoile.. fauder apres comien calls mone recevoire ki 1 cam dire moi :”ki sa g***t la music mo p tander la” lerla ki mone realiser kine arriver…plis funny encore mo mom in pez zetoile kan line call moi meme day line copier sa sanT la!

    ti fer inper lestemps blier zetoile kieter sa ou caller tunes jamais ti interesser..depi sa incident la mone copier mo friends caller tune: glory glory united!:P


  5. @Wazza:

    To unsubscribe :
    Send unsub by SMS to 8138

    Suspend Emtel Caller Tunes (remain registered to the service but simply suspend the service for some time) :
    Send suspend by SMS to 8138


  6. 19.60, si li ti ena 20rs li ti pou rest Rs .40 lol
    li ti pou al aboutik,li ti pou met rs 20 minimum evoucher pou li ggne rs 17 ki moins ki rs19.60

    vdir si li envi 19.60rs li bizin pay oranz rs22.54 …. c a dir li perdi 22.54rs po 19.60 pfft


  7. If u activate it by mistake, don’t deactivate it now as u already paid for one month… let it be enjoy the 1 month and deactivate it before the end of the month


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