Stupid MCB!

I am really very angry and is deeply regretting being a MCB client! I will now relate how I spent the last 1hour.

I needed to do some urgent cash transfer to a MCB account. To avoid paying the transfer fee from SBM to MCB and to avoid the unnecessary delay for the transaction to take place, I preferred to go to a branch of MCB.

I went to the branch on the Pope Henessy street, filled in my form and took a seat. There were already 4 persons waiting, all seated. 10minutes elapsed, no one moved. The agents were still with the same persons. Fed up waiting, I got up and asked one of the customers if they were waiting for long. The guy replied :

“Zotte servi 1 client par zour kouma dir!”

I immediately went out of the building, and walked to the MCB headquarters. I dropped my already-filled-in form and walked out. Oops, now I needed some liquid cash. Instead of going to SBM, I decided to retrieve money from the same MCB account.

That’s the biggest mistake I did for the day!

After keying in my pin, chose the transaction and amount, the screen of the ATM displayed something like ” Take out your card.”

Nothing came out!

I looked at the card slot and saw my card stuck in the green thing there. A girl politely handled her card to me so that I could try to unlock the card from the blocked position. In vain. A few seconds later, the machine took the card in again and a message displayed requested me to contact the bank! F*CK!

Nor did I get some transaction receipt or status, nor the money came out. I have no damn idea what happened, or if my transaction was carried out, or if my cash would come out at the next person’s card! I could clearly see that the Green thing was defective, eaten away with time, thus the card was blocked since it could not slid out of the machine.

My card was as new as I rarely used it!!! And I dont regret having kept it in the purse all the time!

I rushed inside (ok, I walked slowly but outraged!), told the agents there and she told me to come back tomorrow. I complained about the defective machine and insisted that it was not my fault! She told me that I needed to complain to the manager, a certain Gilbert Brun. I went to this office, but he was not there. Took his email address to mail him this article (and hope he is reading this, as well as other concerned people).

I finally had to walk to my preferred bank, SBM to get my cash out. Came back to office, all sweated after wasting about 1 hour in trying to make a deal which could have took a few minutes only.

I’m gonna to cancel my account there!!! I won’t even go back to retrieve get my card! And I don’t recommend anyone having MCB as their primary bank account!

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  1. yes Yashwin MCB do there wor slowly ……last week i went there to do a bank draft after 4 hours i got it…… :/


  2. Not nice, not good, they need to get some training as to what customer service means. I come from Europe and from an efficient banking system in Belgium and I can tell you from experience that things are SLOW here. The human service is slow and the electronic internet-banking is sluggish and buggish. Getting a simple thing done like a direct debit is a major exercise in this country. Why MRU is still in the cheque use era I do not understand. Come on MCB let’s get into the 21st century meaning efficient use of electronic payments, debits and human customer service.


  3. Could be worse.

    Card stuck at SBM ATM at Jumbo, Riche Terre. Because it isn’t a bank, you HAVE to wait till Monday before the technicians retrieve it & then card will be MAILED to you. Yes, mailed after a few days, while with the MCB you can get your card the next day.
    Anyway, they couldn’t find the card in the ATM – I’ve no idea how they “lost” it – & had to request for a new one.
    Total time taken – 2 weeks.

    So take your ID & fetch your card tomorrow & register a complain for the defective ATM.

    That said yes, bank tellers are massively slow & inefficient. No wonder, they don’t get robbed…


  4. Ahem…

    MCB is responsible for its ATM’s and the delay they cause: I hope that they are aware that their IT dept is laughed at by other banks’ IT guys 🙂 And MCB IT guys seem to be content of their ‘reputation’ as they are not rushing to kill that lingering perception of their amateurish behaviour. In any case, such a large, quasi-monopolistic institution will just spit on any complaint an individual (dares to) make. Their stubborn attitude is actually yelling at us: “We are persuaded that we are too big to fail”.

    Quand boule viré to pou conné…

    Thanks for the advice of moving away from MCB. Actually, I fled from MCB because of the arrogance of a guy who was supposed to advise me on a housing loan: li enn fess nwar couma mo-mem ti pé déclare pli blanc ki blanc royaliste que le roi.
    Bon, passons, mo’nn sappe dans caraille, mo’nn plonz dans difé nommé Beu-aar-klééz: bann salauds de première classe ki pas hésiter pou manipule ou pou accepter bann deals les plus foireux (et coûteux)du monde: zo’nn faire moi attann + ki 8 mois pou decaisse mo premier tranche housing loan!
    Mais asterr, I’m happily enjoying truly hassle-free banking: no need to loose time finding a parking in PLouis, (overly) secure online transactions, no queuing, no waiting, just banking at HSBC.


  5. To p dire sa… dans Ebene ena ene ATM SBM, et ene ATM MCB puis ene ATM Barclays ki ine fek mette labas.

    What’s ironic is that there is always a lonnng queue at the MCB ATM while the other two ATM’s are practically free most of the time. Despite the poor service from MCB, i wonder how could they manage to hold on to so many clients… :S

    Frankly even I am not too satisfied as an MCB customer, but I dnt get the time to switch to other bank since I have been quite used to this one.

    Enfin MCB Triolet mo trouve aC korek.


  6. Au lieu to mett cash dans to compte MCB et lerla fer transfer a ene 2eme compte MCB, to ti cav simplement pren nimero 2eme compte la, et verse cash la direct lor la.


  7. Pas croire ki SBM trop bon, meme zaffaire inn arriver devant moi kot branche SBM la route royal pl. ATM inn mange dimoune avant moi la so carte, et moi monn oblizer all mett laker devant guichet pou tire cash!


  8. sorry to say, i really do not agree with this article Yashvin.
    the reason is that once i did encounter the same card problem but i got my card on the second day itself.
    as for the service, its fine…i really cannot complain!


  9. Maybe you should consider their online banking service.
    I used MCB online banking some time ago to transfer cash to another MCB account and it worked almost flawlessly. Transaction was a breeze although the website looked like shit and seem to be unsafe. The 2 things that bothered me were that the page design was confusing and there was not a ‘confirmation page’ . If you have ever used paypal or ebay, you’ll know what I mean.

    Then you could transfer money right from your office or home.


  10. Yeah. These things do happen, not only with MCB though. As Pramod pointed out, the MCB ATM is always full while the other ATMs which are right next to it, are empty. It’s a good indication of people’s preference.
    Maybe you could try Internet Banking (I’ve heard many people whine about it, so you’ll possibly get another chance to write an article on MCB 😛 ).
    Anyway, better luck next time 😉


  11. sorry to hear that, mais moi jamais mo in gaigne problem avec MCB.
    all transcations went smooth.

    Better to avoid the busy branch. in port louis better go H.Office or Bel Village (has free parking) or go Ebene (can have a coffee there.)


  12. Yashvin commence ramasse to cash enbas matelat..pli simple, oh i guess la osi kav to pu alle plaigner ek maison de matelat si matelat la trop lourd pu lever…:D


  13. mo krwar mcb et toi yash ena ene mauvaise relation.. to kner li mieux mo penser pour zot bonheur ki zot considere pren ene break up or maybe even break up…i mean ure not compatible.. im sure ull find someone else.. i can hook u up with HSBC… shes a chino-english metisse.. im sure ull love her:P


  14. Yeah, I’ve got a bad experience from MCB too… they took 3 hrs to issue a bank cheque… only to get a bank cheque with a spelling mistake, had to wait 3 more hours to rectify THEIR mistake… pfff… And waiting for long hours in MCB is a common thing now, they really need to get their personnel trained and be more effective…


  15. MCB is indeed shit! Too many clients there, they dont focus on customer relationship at all.
    SBM is still being good so far.


  16. @Varun, I totally agree with you. MCB does not care about the customer! As some of you said above, the waiting time at MCB sucks. Why don’t they invest in more machines/tellers if they find that they have growing number of clients?

    I prefer to go to a bank where I get served asap. And I think that most people don’t want to wait an eternity in the queue!


  17. I tend to disagree in general with the comments.

    I had various bad experiences with MCB, but over time, I can say that they have improved a lot. The customer service is definitely better than it was 5 years ago, most people there are friendly and helpful. I do remember how hard they had to strive to sort out my loan issues by even calling one of their employees who was on leave, and the latter did call me to tell me that everything is fine now. I do not have contacts there or whatever (nor do I work there, lol). Oh, why am I praising them? Not at all, I have accounts elsewhere as well which gives me the right to compare.

    Sure, it’s not like 5/5 rating yet, but it’s getting there. As for SBM, same, bad stuff happen! Banks are huge organisations, you cannot possibly control everything, every technician or every employee behavior or actions.

    As for money transfer from 1 bank to another, internet banking is the way and the cheapest route. Rs.1 for 1 transfer from MCB to MCB, and Rs.10 from MCB to SBM.

    As for security, they both use https and certificates, but I have been laughing when the guy at SBM told me that their site worked better in IE which explained the login screen not appearing. That makes me again question the IT and web guys there too 😉


  18. @jp:
    “Banks are huge organisations, you cannot possibly control everything, every technician or every employee behavior or actions.”

    Uh oh… then their HR depts are failing miserably! As much as their IT depts? Don’t know, but an organisation’s size is NOT an excuse for being unable to motivate and instill the right attitude to ensure conformity to company policy and to control all your employees’ behaviour: your recruitment, testing, monitoring, supervision, control, detection, and corrective mechanisms are either not functioning properly or simply absent. Who knows, maybe an excess of ‘manager couloir’, like in Air Mauritius??

    Again, none of the above is the fault of the client, who is paying for all of that stuff through the (abusive) rates/fees that you, the bank, are charging and should have catered for what you call, in accouting terms, “overheads”: they should cover for all your indirect costs in the first instance!


  19. Ena ene solution : Zot bizin implemente banne system ERP bien solide. CRM, Internet Banking, Automation. Apres oui… please dnt forget training abt attitude and behaviour (Communication Skills)

    Bon mne fini mette ene plan pou banne la banques… seki envi capave suive sa ti guideline la xD

    Mais mo d’accord pou ena imper investments ladans, but that investment will be surely worth it!!! 😉

    Bon courage à toutes les banques 😛


  20. It happens to me once. But with a different Bank. SBM Pope Henessy. The ATM is inside of the bank only. I contacted them and they opened the ATM Machine and I had my card back immediately.


  21. Same thing happened to me at the SBM branch in the Cybertower at Ebene.
    Although the ATM did give me my money before eating my card.
    This happened on a Friday after banking hour
    And because it was not an SBM card, they had it destroyed and I was only informed about this on Monday. I was also told by the SBM representative that there was nothing I could do about it.
    MCB provided me with a replacement card within a week.

    I kinda disagree with regards to the MCB customer service.
    I have been a customer at MCB all my life and haven’t encountered any problems with their service, be it with a teller, an ATM or with their Internet Banking.
    It’s true that the new Internet Banking system is a bit buggy.

    I applied for a credit card last Tuesday and have been kept updated on the status for my application via text messages from MCB.
    I received another text this morning from MCB to advise that my card can be retrieved from their branch.


  22. @All : I went to close down my account a few minutes ago.

    I waited just 5 minutes in the queue, the procedures took 40minutes and processing can take up to 3 working days. Can you imagine?

    Bye bye MCB, I won’t miss you!


  23. Here is my experience with MCB.

    Somewhere in 2007, I received a call from MCB, Credit Card Department. Very rude I was expected to drop in at MCB ASAP in order to make a payment on my Credit Card. I asked her why should I come asap. She told me that its now 2 months that there were no money on my Savings Account and that at Month’s End they could not take the now that was due. I acknowledge the situation as I was having some repairs in my appartment and I needed the money to pay the “MACON” working at home. She told me that not her issue. Its my responsibililty to pay the amount that was due. I replied how come that MCB happily bills me for late payment and then comes to order me around be make a payment ASAP. I told her that all payment for the house renovation are done and that this month’s end she can make arrangements to recover the amount for the past 2 months and the current month. She said that’s not possible, I has been ordered to contact me and recover the money. I started to laugh. She asked me what did I found comical about it. I told her to shut it up. First as a customer of the bank, its unacceptable to treated as such. I have been an MCB accoutn holder for 20 years and its the first time that I was short on Cash. I explained the situation and MCB as a bank should understand that. But they could not. I asked to be put on the phone to her manager which she replied he was out for lunch. I asked for her name which she refused. I asked why, she told me that personal. I told her that I need to know whom I am talking to in order to report her due to mishandling of MCB customers. TOld her that as an MCB employer she represents MCB and when she talks with such arrogance to me, its the same as if MCB was being arrogant. I asked her to tell her manager to call me and inform her manager that as from now on, I will be closing all my accounts with MCB. i.e 2 savings account, 1 credit card account and 1 loan. She told me : As you wish, you are free to back with anyone and then she put the phone down.

    The Manager called me after 1 hour and apologised, I was already out of my mind and blasted him for the treatment I received from the Bank. I told him that I was on my way to MCB and I’ll get all account closed.

    15 mins later I was there, had to wait for 45 mins to reach the required counter and took me another 40 mins for all papers to be printed and filled by hand and get it signed by the manager. The waiting time got me crazy. I told that gentleman there to leave 1 savings account open with a balance of Rs 100+. He asked me why. Told him I want the bank to send me my statement every 3 months with a Rs 5 Stamp till I die.

    Received the statements till the account became inactive by this time the bank account of my daughter too was inactive, I went to the bank this year to activate my daughter’s account, waited 45 in the 1ue to reach the account closure counter. When I voice out my displeasure of waiting for so long in order to activate an account. That lady told me > ou bizin compran missie, MCB se enn grand la bank sa, nou ena boucou client. ou bizin compran sa. > Sa remark la mari araz mwa, mo dir li si li enn gran labank ek boucou client, ou pran ou disposition pou accueillir ou client, ou pa vinn rakont mwa probleme interne ki vinn exkiz ou bad customer service. li ferme so labous. Ek mo dir li rann mwa enn service, ferme mo kont ek kont mo tifi. mo nepli envi gagne zafer ek enn labank ki pran dimoun pou bann inbesil. li dir mwa tou dimoun ki client MCB imbesil alors, mo dir li oui zis bann imbesil ki kav tolere sa tretman la. ek mo na pa 1.

    Inn pran 45 mins pou mo gagne mo cash apre ki ferme bann kont la.

    The End.


  24. Hi,
    As an ex-IT staff of MCB myself, it says it all..

    However, don’t blame it all on the staff, the front liners.. The real problem is deeper.


  25. Try HSBC. Never let me down. one other complaint about MCB: the maximum amount you can withdraw daily from ATM is Rs10k.what the fukc!!


  26. RHS….
    Rtshhsml…If you are so pissed off with the MCB why did you work there, left to pursue your studies and then came to work for the MCB again?…..

    it says it says it all..

    May be we are not the best team but at least we are trying to give a good service….though it is not always easy…when you are an outsider it is very easy to criticize, but when you find yourself doing it, then you will find the difficulties.


  27. Neo, you got me wrong.
    I’m not pissed off with MCB!

    I worked there because I love I.T and was given an opportunity to start my career. The experience I received, the amount I learned was simply amazing. I made good friends..met great people.

    I came back a second time, after “my studies??” because I loved my colleagues, loved the work environment, and had hope to find back what I left. But unfortunately, things changed. It’s NOT THE COLLEAGUES,ITS NOT THE TEAM… the PROBLEM is DEEPER.
    I didn’t last long this second time.

    I, myself, have never experienced bad service from MCB…
    (well except post T24 – but that’s understandable..)

    but now that I work in an environment where I am more in touch with the public, I notice that almost all the complaints regarding banking i hear about is towards MCB- Be it Service, IT problems. Staff..!

    to put it simply for you to understand… I do not Hate MCB.. but i would be silly to say that everything is fine.. ‘ne te voile pas la face Neo’

    I know how hard the team works,.. been there, done that too!
    Now I prefer working Smartly. (*My choice!). I Left. I can only wish you the best..

    -ah, I remember something I learned from MCB, training on Service Qualite, years ago.. “there are 2 types of customers, the ‘Walker’ and the ‘Talker’ . The best one for the bank, is the ‘Talker’ the one who stirs the $h!t and voices out loud and clear his dissatisfaction.
    This gives you a chance to correct things..

    THe worst customer being a Walker.. the one who is unhappy and leaves you in your ignorance thinking that you are doing a great job!

    You should really thank Yashvin for being a Talker my dear Neo.

    oh and by the way, I own ! How can I hate them if it shows MCB?

    Cheers, and .. give my regards to everyone there 🙂


  28. @Zokris, in fact, I think that I am different from most people that you can meet in your life. I don’t accept injustice and I don’t fear voicing out my opinions.

    Everybody (at least a large majority of people) face problems or witness things, whether it is related to their internet connectivity, police behavior, and so much, but not all of them have the guts to do what I do. And I am proud of that 😉


  29. We’ve all been hearing bad about MCB… But I was so surprised by the good service at the new MCB Ebene branch. Was almost tempted to re-activate my account there. There was a warm welcome, pleasant visit, guide you personally to the agent and no queue at all. Have a tour there Yashvin.

    But my primary bank account remains at SBM! I’m considering HSBC (they are the largest in the World by I dunno what factor). But keep away from the Ebene ATM of SBM – once it gave me Rs 100 less (but fortunately didn’t deduct from my account – banks can usually cross check that).


  30. ti ena pu fr enn draft labank mcb pu ACCA…mne bizin atan pre 1hr avan ki mo paC…mazine tw enn draft pren tw 1hr tan..enplus de ti ale fr bne deposits…ek sak fwa mo ti p cheker komien dimun ena kot fr draft la..mne ggn letan fini fr deposit kot ti ena pre 10 dimun la ligne la..ek vini pu fr draft..mem dimun ti p rkor kozE..ek ti ena 3 dimun avan’s disgusting net kompran ki d foi ena buku dimun..mai sa draft la laveiy osi mne aler ek la si ti p mari tarD em..:/


  31. Usually new is beautiful! So beware of the package. When you open it, there can be surprises… Every bank has its pros and cons. Since some of you are considering H*BC, well let me give my 2 cent of salt as an existing one.
    1. The opening savings amount is mur 5k below which there is no interest credited and if by some rare unluck your balance falls below this threshold, the bank will charge you mur 50+vat monthly .
    2. Interest rate (3,4%) is the lowest of existing banks. If within a period of 6 months, you did not withdraw money, but paradoxically you credited your account, your account will be considered as dormant. And you need to call at the nearest branch to reactivate it.
    3. If you happen to be unsatisfied with H*BC, and tried to withdraw all the money and close your account, the officer will deny you that pleasure and will tell you that your signature is not the same. (That’s a review i received from a colleague)
    4. Their marketing or sales staff are very aggressive. They will persuade you to take their credit card. After the honeymoon is over, the hotline is saturated and you can barely talk to someone for some queries or complaints. If you are able to get through, be ready to receive a “will call you back” from them or a vague and unsatisfactory one.
    5. H*BC don’t have ATMs everywhere. You can withdraw cash from other banks’ ATMs but the bank will charge you mur80 per transaction.

    Whether your decision, good luck. There are also Afrasia, Banque des Mascareignes, ABC banking-any review? or are you only considering local banks?


  32. Do consider different banks for different services, compare figures and conditions. Bear in mind that if x service is better in bank a, you should have an account with them).

    You should check out which one corresponds to most of your needs. Home loan, personal loan or any other services you might want to use with any bank, refill, cheque book

    Which one has a higher savings rate? What are ALL the conditions for loans? (there are hidden fees usually, don’t forget compounding and interest calculations – it seems some calculate it differently) Can you live without ATM? I’m primarily talking about the ‘less popular’ banks that have less ATM. Can you live with 10K withdrawal per day? (by the way, it does not mean that you cannot buy items higher than 10K with it, it’s only about the amount of cash).

    It’s the choice of the customer in the end. We can debate all day about how x banks suck etc.. but in the end, we choose. I’m personally happy with both SBM and MCB, they sucked at times, but in the end while comparing with other banks(rates and conditions), you can’t have everything in the package, nor will one bank offer you everything you need. I’ll stick with those two for now.

    I’m currently investigating which one is more appropriate for investing or starting an online business, not MCB imho, but I’ll figure out that one pretty soon


  33. @Bhooks:
    Nou forme partie mem front anti-imbécile! 🙂
    Yashvin, welcome to the club!

    Bein, ça, c’est enn accusation gratuite ha! Si ena problem ki li pe viv, ak li p prend patience pou report publicly, c’est enn grand travail conscientisation ki li p faire. Si pa ti ena so blog, ou cwar ou ti pou gagne autant first-hand experience ki bann commentateurs faire-la…? 🙂
    Lorla, mo surr ki M. Awootar so l’entouraz pou dir ki li enn roderr lamerdman, alors ki en fait, simplement il dit tout haut ce que tout le monde a peur de dire.


  34. Mwa mo res a coter jumbo phoenix, banla ine remplace sukursal mcb dan jumbo par ene marsan sorbet!! ki serti zot aranz ene grand bato lor rond point StJean apres zot ferme ban sukursal regional?


  35. @chris:
    Sa-bann la-em ki ti pé riyer quand SBM ti commence mette bann ti-succrusales impé partou-partou: zott ti pé dire ça la-bangue-tabazi. Sa-em tabazi zordi inn niméro dé dans Dodoland. Zott riye enkor enn tiginn, zott pou riye zonn quand bann lezott ti-la-banque pou depasse zott…



    In late 2009, the MCB in Grand Baie rejected a large cash withdrawal from my foreign bank card and didn’t issue money. Yet, the amount was deducted from my account. Fortunately I cross checked my receipts with my bank statement (which I normally never do), caught it, and was refunded the money. This then happened AGAIN at the same ATM a week later (I was doing many withdrawals towards the cash purchase of a car).

    MCB blamed my foreign bank, who in turn blamed American Express (who handles the transaction), who in turn blamed my (large) foreign bank (but didn’t provide any evidence to support that). I spoke with an obnoxious VP of American Express, but never did get to the bottom of it. It would be a good story for a journalist…

    MCB declined to investigate the ATM, but they did take it seriously and helped me get my funds refunded on both occasions. I couldn’t help but wonder if someone there doesn’t want anyone to expose their ATM money skimming trick (how many foreigners could notice?). But I have to admit that improperly configured technology at one of the banks seems more likely, and is even more alarming.

    Who cross-checks their cash withdrawls with their bank statements? Evidently we all should. Try to keep track and take care – especially if your withdrawal is declined.


  37. Sorry to hear what happened. Mate, if your able to get a barclays account,get one,ive been with them for 23 years now in the UK and been using so in Mauritius too without a problem. You might even find it does more for paypal/ebay too seeing they are an international based banker. Best of luck.


  38. Hello Yashwin,

    MCB was my primary bank account and I was saying that it is the best in terms of its services/offers. I have loved that bank for many years.
    But nowadays I don’t know what is happening to this Bank and its customer service: too many customers, couldn’t handle, incompetence,I don’t know……
    But now I shifted to HSBC for a better customer service. I am seeing the difference.I am very happy with the HSBC service. Just a phone call they do the necessary for you instead of going to a Branch.

    Do you know that I have waited long in a MCB branch, filling a form to reset my Internet Banking password, but the MCB security dept didn’t receive it.Then I sent a mail to the MCB to do the necessary, after 3 days they replied me and told me that they have sent my password by post and till today never get the password.
    I don’t have the time n courage to go again to a MCB branch waiting in a queue, because I don’t know why the agent there takes so long for a customer, and it is same for many branches across the country.


  39. So sad MCB losing customers..I would also discourage anyone from opening an account there. Since most of us are opting for a debit card, and the debit card there doesn’t allow for online transactions,you can’t even link it to a PayPal account. (SBM also doesn’t allow debit cards to pass,ONLY credit cards!!) But the debit card from Bramer Banking Corporation allows you to do so! 😉


  40. HSBC Best Bank. I have accounts in several banks ( Mcb 2 Accounts, State bank 2 accounts, Hsbc 3 Accounts ). But overall, the best bank services are from Hsbc by far. Best internet banking showing all my details on one page ( Savings acc, Current acc, credit acc, loan balances ), drafts in few mins, huge cash withdrawals within 20 mins.
    Never had bugs either css, sql or html on the internet banking.
    They may charge you for some services, but still they are readily available ( trouble free ).


  41. weirdly i have had only on bad experience with MCB, but then, i don’t think it was MCB’s fault either.

    Was in Johannesburg, doing some purchases, decided to settle the amount with my credit card, unfortunately, after many retries it didnt get through.

    Thankfully i had USD in cash, and was able to settle it. Now, while i was doing that, i heard MCB was also migrating their Core banking platform at the same time.Now i don’t think that’s the problem, as the transaction shouldve gone to mastercard rather than the MCB..

    Bref to be on the safe side, upon my return, i opened an HSBC account.

    Although i was planning to move my account to HSBC, at some point, i decided to keep it at MCB. I never got any troule with MCB as such, was always satisfied with the customer service, and on HSBC’s side, i need to say they are veyr efficient as well. Hence right now, i am with two different banks. So far so good.

    Good thing about HSBC, is that it is an international bank.MCB although gives you a Maestro card, go try and withdraw money from a western africa ATM.


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