Stupid MCB!

I am really very angry and is deeply regretting being a MCB client! I will now relate how I spent the last 1hour.

I needed to do some urgent cash transfer to a MCB account. To avoid paying the transfer fee from SBM to MCB and to avoid the unnecessary delay for the transaction to take place, I preferred to go to a branch of MCB.

I went to the branch on the Pope Henessy street, filled in my form and took a seat. There were already 4 persons waiting, all seated. 10minutes elapsed, no one moved. The agents were still with the same persons. Fed up waiting, I got up and asked one of the customers if they were waiting for long. The guy replied :

“Zotte servi 1 client par zour kouma dir!”

I immediately went out of the building, and walked to the MCB headquarters. I dropped my already-filled-in form and walked out. Oops, now I needed some liquid cash. Instead of going to SBM, I decided to retrieve money from the same MCB account.

That’s the biggest mistake I did for the day!

After keying in my pin, chose the transaction and amount, the screen of the ATM displayed something like ” Take out your card.”

Nothing came out!

I looked at the card slot and saw my card stuck in the green thing there. A girl politely handled her card to me so that I could try to unlock the card from the blocked position. In vain. A few seconds later, the machine took the card in again and a message displayed requested me to contact the bank! F*CK!

Nor did I get some transaction receipt or status, nor the money came out. I have no damn idea what happened, or if my transaction was carried out, or if my cash would come out at the next person’s card! I could clearly see that the Green thing was defective, eaten away with time, thus the card was blocked since it could not slid out of the machine.

My card was as new as I rarely used it!!! And I dont regret having kept it in the purse all the time!

I rushed inside (ok, I walked slowly but outraged!), told the agents there and she told me to come back tomorrow. I complained about the defective machine and insisted that it was not my fault! She told me that I needed to complain to the manager, a certain Gilbert Brun. I went to this office, but he was not there. Took his email address to mail him this article (and hope he is reading this, as well as other concerned people).

I finally had to walk to my preferred bank, SBM to get my cash out. Came back to office, all sweated after wasting about 1 hour in trying to make a deal which could have took a few minutes only.

I’m gonna to cancel my account there!!! I won’t even go back to retrieve get my card! And I don’t recommend anyone having MCB as their primary bank account!

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  1. MCB, so service pa bon meme pou loan aussi zot bien tarder ek enplus zot merd avec ti client zot rode ban grand port folio. I think sbm is better. but worst is Barclays, i will never recomend any one out there because so service mari dans bez


  2. Went to the mcb branch ebene to transfer money to baroda india. LOL, been doing so since 2006. Last year i did a similar transfer, but 2 days after they called and said transfer failed and there is a cancellation fee : Rs 1200.
    Reason : Account number (baroda) might have changed. IMAGINE !!!!!

    Since then to do it via Western union.


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