Again another new attraction at Trianon

Some pictures (Click to enlarge) from the parking of Shoprite in Trianon :

I asked a few questions around but I am not sure to have the correct information.

Can anyone tell us more info about this?

  • First of all, how is this thing called?
    Answer : Bungee trampoline
  • Cost?
  • Duration of 1 session, etc?
  • How long this has been in Trianon?

Bon weekend to everyone!

7 thoughts on “Again another new attraction at Trianon

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  1. Hey Yashvin, ki p dir? The question I’m asking, what about the security, is it reliable even I see this child is being protected on the picture!


  2. noticed it last tuesday. not much publicity so far. i guess it will become famous once someone get badly hurt!! with the strapped legs, i guess i wont be able to do back flip..too bad



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