Public Holidays 2011 for Mauritius

Unlike the previous year, we will be having only 5 public holidays (out of 16) during weekends. Let’s forget about the first 2 days of 2011, which actually fell during the first weekend itself lol. That makes 3 days more to go…

Previous years : 7 of the 15 public holidays fell during weekends in 2010 while 5 of them in 2009. And only 1 in 2008. So, 2008 remains the best year so far 😛

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6 thoughts on “Public Holidays 2011 for Mauritius

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  1. Ever since I settled here I’m amazed an extra public holiday is added when New Year falls on a weekend! That will never happen in Norway! :))
    Spectre; Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday – is it? Perhaps soon! 🙂


  2. @yurit0s: Fer pont on 1 Sep would be even better: 5 days and only one leave. Enfin only if Eid falls on 31 Aug.

    @Astrid: Wow! I never knew that even from Norway people came to settle to Mauritius.


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