Price of petrol to be updated every 3 months

Some of you might be surprised since there was no blog post dedicated to the monthly price update of petroleum products, as it has been the case since 2 years now. From the information I could gather, it seems that the next price update will be in January 2011, i.e. on a 3months basis. The last price update in October 2010 gave a rise to the price of “essence” (Rs44.70/L) while the price of diesel remained unchanged (Rs35.50/L). The media started to talk about this subject during the week but I was surprised to see that there was no follow up, no additional information was published.

Here’s the graph that I have been feeding with values for the last 2 years :

Anyways, I will miss writing this article, every beginning of each month as it has been the case for the last 2years but you can trust, you will be updated with the prices at the right time 😉

6 thoughts on “Price of petrol to be updated every 3 months

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  1. My opinion, you should stop writing about this because it has become a boring post for all I suppose, that’s why there are no comments.


  2. @ Yashvin
    Mo cwar ou bizin mett enn “hits counter” pou sak post pou dementi sa raccourci trop facile ki dir ki “no comments = zero views”. Au contraire, si pena comments, tres souvent c’est parski post-la inn resume la situation tellement bien ki pena nargnié ki capav azouté enkor… Ek mo pa pé flatt ou la-hein… 🙂

    @ Loic Poo Cheong
    Zour ki ou pou gagne ou vehicule, lerla ou pou comprend ki-ferr lezott ki’nn vinn check evolution bann prix(vampirik) petroleum products preferr ress trankil: zott pe souffert en silence… Hein vous zott?


  3. pas korner ki prix sa nouveau commiter la pou mete…

    Petrol mondialement li USD 90 et ici zot dire ou li 100+.

    ban voleur la…


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