Dahi Yoplait ad in Cinemas

After the amazing “Phoenix Beverages” advert, Circus Advertising is back with a new one which will soon be the talk of the town. May be I am wrong since that simply won’t be enough. In fact, I can even find it among the best adverts ever till now, and why not The best advert 2010?

Additional info :

  • From a colleague who saw the ‘advert live : All the dahi’s’ in the girl’s box were distributed to the people in the hall, “while stock lasts” lol
  • Make-up of the “actors” were done by Kamla Rungasamy (Facebook Link)
  • Feel free to add more info here in the comments section!

This concept really deserves a big round of applause. Hats off to the team.
Through this advert, Circus Advertising has clearly positioned itself far ahead anyone else here. Having reached over 41,000 views on Facebook, the Phoenix Beverages advert is one of the most watched local adverts

pss : This blog post was written on Saturday night.

Your impressions?

14 thoughts on “Dahi Yoplait ad in Cinemas

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  1. Atleast ene publicity inovatrice!! pa kuma sa bne truc ki fer gagn indigestion ek constipation la!!!

    I know Circus, its a team of professional people and I admire what they do! Great jod Montocchio!


  2. Heyyyyy trop bon sa!!!

    But iam quite sure this isnt their original idea.

    Ouais phenix la so ad topo.. surtoo kan li dire ‘trou o cerfs so trou’ ek too dimoon cumance rier dans lasalle. hehe.


  3. Real-life people doing part of an ad! That’s a first.

    It’s awesomely creative. That’s how ads should be made. Hats off to the ad-design company…


  4. Nice one. For one second i thought they would do like Oprah and ask everyone to look under their respective chair for a Free Dahi 😀


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