Infotech 2010

Intelligent Mauritius… That was only the motto just like C’est un plaisir!

The only development I could notice while going to Swami Vivekananda today was the Ring Road being built. Else, everything was as the previous years : DULL.

Here’s the complete series of Infotech blog posts : Infotech 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

Anyway, here’s the pics :

It took me roughly 15minutes to go around the stands…

May be you have done it quicker? 😛

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    1. @Adam Woozeer: lol. absolutely no idea.
      The number does not really matter, it is just like you are walking in Port Louis, shops everywhere and nothing innovating about a “ICT fair”…


  1. Emtel chicks 😛 … lool … going there saturday .. maybe will check the gaming zone and the famous “iPad” .. btw pwna oken tableau laba kot kpav ecrire “#EPIC_FAIL”


  2. Looks like infotech is becoming more of a ‘deja vu’! :S. 15mins around the stand? Really? I guess i won’t be goin considering the fact that i’ll spend more than 1 hour in the bus! 😀


  3. @Pramod, @Inf, @Nitish, @preetesh, @Tushal: Zotte meme pu dire tout la, zotte prefer perdi 2heures temps dans bis pu al guet 1-2 fams pu 15minutes? Appelle sa soutire zotte lol!

    @Jay: Koter jobs, ena some 10 (ou plus) compagnies (including dcdm consulting). Ena 1 varieté travail, comme dans programmation ou call center aussi.


  4. Nothing else to do so I will go today. Not expecting much but I want to check out a couple of things like new Nokia mobiles, iPad and any news about improving internet services. Wishful thinking I know but you live in hope..


  5. First off, of course there will be no people there, we all have a life, we are all working. Expect most visitors on Sunday.

    Second, Infotech is never meant to bring new technologies on the market. Its just an initiative by the NCB to bring more Mauritians into contact with Computers and IT. Its not CeBit or E3.

    Btw, awesome photography


  6. Back from Infotech 2010 and nothing much to report…. well you anticipated that already didn’t you? I arrived at the opening time and it was easy to circulate around. However, around 11am bus loads of school kids arrived that put an end to my circulation (blood pressure and walk around). The school kids took over the Microsoft and Emtel stands where there was some kind of quiz competition going on. I retreated to the rear of the hall to R1 and saw Finlay Salesse, lucky me I saw a local radio star. Managed to get a demonstration of the iPad, impressive speed but I cannot figure out why I would need one when I already have a PC and a laptop? Saw the new LED TVs from Samsung impressive resolution. Orange stand was hopeless. I even tried the gaming area but that too was useless. I then thought about going to see DCDM consulting just for the heck of it, but, I guess they would not be impressed with my CV (nor my age) since some of the peripherals I have used are named 9mm Sterling sub-machine gun and SLR 7.62mm NATO calibre. Ah well, there is always the news from Rawat that the Nokia N8 will be arriving in September.
    How I long for the days when I used to visit CeBIT in Hannover all expenses paid. On that note I will have another beer and a Chinese take-away.


  7. Mo’nn deza respond lor-la (en 2005 mo cwar-bien) mais ala enn ti-recap: ena enn “grand” fournisseur produits IT pou domestic end-users laba ki ti content declar conne-tou. En 2003, mo ti dimann li (ek enn ta lezott enkor) abé quand pe gagne MP3-players: li dire moi “Ki-été ça, pas vinn inventé ici-la hein!” So l’année ensuite, ena 2-3 fournisseurs coummence aménn MP3 players, mem fournisseur-conntou sann koutt-ka dire moi (bataz enkor ti étudiant mal-friké parski fek coummence travail): “to pas pou capave afford sa toi!”. En 2009 quand mo ti demann enn grod discounter aund LED pou vini, li ti dire moi: “Sa pa exiss sa!”
    Alorss, infotech, mo guette bann fournisseur IT equipment avec boukou boukou respect: parski, malgré bann IT-enthusiasts content reste up-to-date lors bann trends, bann-la zott konn tou (trop: mem to pouvoir d’achat par enn simple coup-dey, ou parski to koz kroel) ek zott en avance (dans zot l’esprit: nou ban pov IT-illeterate!)lors nou zott toul’tan.
    Ena enn z’affer fauder zott rappel: kifer autant brochures papier, alors ki IT c’est supposer paper-less? Pena moyen mett bann “booth”/bornes informatique kott public key-in zott e-mail/niméro portable ek bann saki ena feature-la gagne publicité MMS ou autre e-support?? Eski ti tellement difficile/techniquement impossible, ou-bien zott paresse?
    Sann-koutt-la, i’ll do my best to save paper, mo pou resister l’envie alle degoute mo lizie lor bann exposants infotech zott mediocrite…


  8. well since infotec 2005 i personally was not impress with the quality of the product still, as the stand was full of the actual technology, yet it is the same, a mere example we go to a stand where they are exposing computer, inside the motherboard is still with a fan, not even with heat sink, if you see my point of view,and the dealers who are on the stand have such an arrogance that they may be don’t even know some adolescence have a very advance level of technology knowledge and tend to stand with the actual market, if Mauritius was really to be a cyber island i think there must be a thing like delete button or recycle bin for these kind of people…and i was not expecting much of it in the infotec 2010 neither


  9. 3D TV from Samsung very nice… and the 3D i7 laptop also was great… both are in the Galaxy stand… I think these are the two best ‘bling bling’ gadgets in Infotech… elsewhere, the Ipads and the Macbooks are very overpriced…

    However, for someone who is on the hunt for a laptop or a PC, Infotech is the ideal place…


  10. fek sotte laba laa

    apart the chicks and the nokia strap given away, nothing is worth to see there .. i found it useless .. i felt like walking in a technology shopping mall where everyone was trying to sell something instead of explaining ..

    btw each time i passed through the national tv stand, they were empty ..


  11. So i was on the stand of Orange and one of their guys was demonstrating the Samsung Wave to us. He was explaining how the mobile can record 720p Videos.

    So i asked him: “In what format does it record the Videos? mp4?”

    and he replied: “No it records in HD”

    and i was like: “Allllllrrrriiiiiiggghhhhhht”

    I do not know if it was the stress or the sound that did not pass well, but from an Orange PR, i expected more.


  12. Infotech la ti bomb!!!!!!!!!! The only things I saw interesting was the alienware area-51 desktop at cash and carry and also the 3D screens and laptops.

    Does anyone know where can I get Viewsonic 3D monitor and Nvidia 3D glasses?


  13. Been there. Not worth.

    Dunno if it’s me, but I got the feeling of Deja Vu. It’s the same thing as last year.

    Just add the 3DTV, 3D laptop and the iPad. Of those 3 “new” things, only the 3DTV impressed me since it’s the first time I got to try one.

    The iPad I wasn’t impressed since I’ve already read too many iPad reviews. The 3D laptop least of all. 3D is nice, but not on a tiny laptop screen. I don’t really want tiny blue Na’vi from Avatar poking from a tiny screen. 3D laptop, worth it? Nope.

    Infotech needs to change its name to MobileTech now. It was more like an electronics expo than an IT expo.

    As people have said above, the intent was on selling stuff, specially mobiles, but not really on demonstrating new tech.

    Ah yes, the Emtel girls were a surprise first time (the cowgirls). Last year were the nurses. Not so much a surprise. This time, they were expected. Deja vu!

    Ps. What happened to Orange? Their stand was dull this year. Not exposing a lot of things (No iphones?). And the 2Mbps is still ridiculously high. :/


  14. I wanted to buy the ASUS 3D laptop from HM Rawat which i really liked. The price was 75k there. I asked “What’s the price in the showroom? and till when will this be in promotion?” They said in the showroom it will be 20% more expensive. The promotion is valid till the end of Infotech which is today. Where the hell do you think I am going to get so much money when even no bank is open? :S


  15. i did go there today and the only thing that impressed me is the 3D samsung Tv and yeah the CHICKS too ;D apart from that it was worse than last year


  16. Duh, apart from the emtel chicks and 3D TV, nothing there was worth my time!

    ceki mo truv comik, partout dan moris ena galaxy, courts, cash n carry, mais ban morisyen, kuma dir ban zako ine ggne banane lor stands sa ban company la – wadire zamais zot ine truv laptop ek portab dan zot la vie!! maha LOL


  17. DISASTROUS — Why is the IPAD so expensive. It cost only $450, i.e Rs 13,500. over 200% profit movais dominaire sa. Cot sa payi la pe aller. au lieu move forward, no pe recule 10 ans en arriere. Apres nou pe dire Mauritius IT Island. Dire NCB leve paket li aller. Chaque l’anner meme zistoire. ene fiasco. CIB ene desastre. Pas bizin dire CISD….. Infotech is like a “Mannequin Fair” rather than an IT Professional Fair.


  18. @ Kavish
    Bann comments bann lezott visiteur inn faire le-tour preske tou sa-bann boite ki nek yap-yap couma perroquet mais ki pena nargnier (ou simplement matière noire) entre zott dé zorey…

    @ Mahen23
    “mp4 – HD”
    Fiouw… Couma ou’nn ressi tini enn riyé coumha? Mo ti pou pipi dans calson ar riyé sa!

    @ ITProf
    Tou kouyonad gadget technolozik coumha: saki ena exclusivité pou overcharge parski li konné ki pou touzour ena bann enthusiast ki pas pou compter quand pe satisfaire zott yen nouveauté. Prend enn ti patience, IPad pou pi bientot 🙂


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