Robe nationale pour Miss Universe 2010

A regular reader of just asked me to have a look at the dress which will be worn by our Miss Mauritius during the Miss Universe 2010 contest on the 23rd August in Las Vegas.

Good luck to our representative!

Your views?

128 thoughts on “Robe nationale pour Miss Universe 2010

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  1. @ReenaDKL: in this case, you should do your best to take the miss mauritius organisation in your hands so that everything would be perfect!go for it!!!
    one should be more careful about one’s sayings.


  2. @jon92:
    “Robe” ou “robe nationale”, it still remains a “robe” isnt it?
    Again referring to the words of the designer, she mentioned “robe” without necessary adding the word “nationale” with it.
    But since you mentioned @Arrmaan‘s comment, I am sure that he has noted this point.
    Finally, I would like to add that Armaan wants to stress out on another point here : The choice of the designer.

    Usually, I don’t change my titles once published but I think I will make an exception for this time so that more emphasis is put on the national costume…
    Btw, I am going out right now and will approve comments a few hours later


  3. Dress or not, designer or not, creative or not, mauritian or not… The “thing” sucks!

    A national dress cannot be made by only two people, whom I still wonder if they are Mauritians to know our culture or highly-hired skins just to give some unusual names like “Dior, Bax, Chateau de France blabla” instead of having something like “proudly confectioned by our Mauritian students/designers”.

    I don’t have a problem with the designers but the people behind. For me it’s just big money wasted for nothing. Or maybe they are trying to tie some relations with “expats” but whatever. At least they could have considered asking people about the design before finalizing. So I still maintain that the dress… I mean the “thing” sucks!


  4. @jon92
    @Avishna: hello!!!i would like to know how that national costume (which you think is a ‘robe) is ‘vulgaire, no style, cheap and not at all glorifying for a woman’? also, what is the purpose of that costume according to you?

    i dont want to tell the only one who does not see ( or does not want to see)what i mean.

    National costume and robe??man whatever name u want to call it not worth for my dog to sit on.


  5. Selmen national costume ou pa…selon moi…LI VILAIN per se (sans comparer a ban lezot pays)…p…ek a ce ki p paret enta dimoun p pense de mem, ek zot tout a fait ena droit fer li lakoz zot Mauricien…ek c pa la 1er fois…some years ago mo rapel ti ena 1 robe rose gato coco kasse lizier nette :D…ek en+ sipa combien dollar in spend lor sa, zat is public funds…ek sak fois c ban mem figir ki de l’avant…as if c z only people ki cpav fer la robe nationale…ou organise Miss Mauritius en son ensemble. Mo ti envi koner cuma soizir ban dimoun lor organising committee la: c par 1 contract ou ban dimoun/compagnie pose zot candidature ou simplement nomination politik?


  6. @jon92: elo jon92.. (zis 1 4 dalysha.. yo gurl.. ur z best u gona win am sure.. z whole population in mauritius’ suporting u.. go go go dalysha u gonna make it..”bt plz wiz a beter ‘dress’ “)
    zats fine ^^ u see i do encourage her.. bt truly not z ‘dress’.. man we r al talkin abt z ‘dress’ not dalysha.. n if u wan talk abt her zen..4 me.. if one wanna win smfin one shud b confiden in oneself..^^ zats it!! u hav z suport of ozers or not zats not so much importan.. u shud suprt urslf 1st!!!


  7. If there’s was a national vote…for Yes | NO…i’ll surely go for NO.

    She is a graduate in Fashion design.. Is there a comm team for Miss Mauritius??? if YES, where were they when she was on the 100% Fam programme on MBC.

    BTW – WOW u really deserve to be Miss Mauritius Dalysha.. All the best.


  8. @jon92:

    give me the contract and i’ll show you. am sure ANYONE with some good sense and honesty will do a far better job. am sure i’ll do better bcoz i will seek the help of PRO not family/friends/amateur etc…

    “one should be more careful about one’s sayings.”

    i simply assume what i say, be it total BS or so… 😛


  9. This will go down in fashion history as “The Robe”, hey there was a film title like that…. Anyhow, someone save Dalysha, I hope she has an “opt out” clause?


  10. as i’ve said,i respect all your opinion and never have i said that i love or dislike the costume. i have just wanted to clear some things and express some of my opinion.i’ll also add that’s quite normal that the national costume makes so much controversy( examples australia and thailand this year, last year it was japan’s kimono which was seen as too much sexy or ,in 2008, miss australia,laura dundovic’s costume which was considered too much like a dress than a costume)

    @arrmaan: public funds???i really don’t understand!!!how does the public contribute to the miss mauritius’ finance? how come a private company get involved in wastage of public funds? the organising committe is not a parastatal body or any such thing!!!it’s the sponsors who are giving money so that mauritius is represented at the miss universe pageant (countries such as cayman islands did not have enough funding or sponsorship to participate…)

    @ReenaDKL: sorry but it’s not me who can give you the should go for it by yourself!!!( and if you do, well good luck)

    @yashvin(the author): i think that everyone’s opinion should be respected!!!so, if one has liked a photo on facebook, you should respect his opinion no matter what yours is!!!(Kouma moriciens cpv like sa foto la? :S). congrats to you for having been able to find a good way in making your blog even more spicy and sensational.finally, i do hope that you’ll keep your word about changing the title about the article!!!

    since i’m quite bored and tired of commenting on this blog ( for i’ve to repeat many things several times,it’s always difficult to go against the trend and many of you haven’t got their facts right)i’ll say goodbye to everyone for this is my last comment here.thank you and all the best to you all!


  11. @jon92: Good morning.
    I did change the title at your request 🙂
    Kouma moriciens cpv like sa foto la?
    Vraiememe, mo pane truv personne ziska lere kine truv sa zoli, it is a FACT. Even you haven’t said yet if you like it or not…

    Was very enriching to have you here @jon92. I will probably post a new article today, so keep tuned 😉
    Cheers and have a nice week everyone!


  12. Robe? Pas koné.
    Costume? Pas trop sur… Pour carnaval peut-être, qui sait?

    Cette tenue ne laisse personne indifférent en tout cas…
    Mo pé envie dire “mille fois saki Miss Anaïs Veerapatren ti (bizin) métté-la” (samem ça copy-paste dépi Giselle Bundchen su pub pou Ipanema-la). Mais preferre stop short…

    Avec ça zaffer branding-la, mo remarker ki bann autorité Dodoland content ferme-lizié mette kass plein-tank dans bann “epic fail”…

    Pourvu qu’ça dure!!


  13. Pa tard la… Mo propoz ki al dans campus UOM ou al fer 1 letour samedi caudan…pou gagne embaras choix pour choisir 1 joli mauritienne pou avoye pou concour Miss Universe.
    I really luv miss italy,russia and japan dress…
    Bez sa ban mauricien mem pa p suporte nou representant…
    Bizin done miss mrul, 1 sac plastik li met dan so latete li defile…lol
    Sinon can anyone tell me after the competition wer i can fin the dress? Mo cav servi li met dans caro pou fer epouventail..


  14. @vaiizard: IMHO, you are a bid hard on our miss mauritius. In fact, most (if not all) of us here are commenting on the ‘dress’.

    But we do support our Miss Mauritius, nothing against her!
    Isn’t it dear friends?


  15. @Yashvin:


    i’ve got nothing against her…

    but there certainly is no transparency in this competition…most winners already know they will’s simply not fair.

    Abt the dress, why not organise a yearly national competition???


  16. @Jon: Justement kot sa l’argent sponsor la sorti? Mo penC ena ban parastatal body ki p sponsor non? MBC par hasard? D’ou la kestion de public funds. Ek eski Ministere Culture, Ministere Tourism etc pena 1 say la dan? N justement cuma sa pvt company la ena ene monopoly pareil lor sa competition la? N pareilment cuma each time organising committee la forM gagne mem dimoun…si pa li, bizin so fami.


  17. ok jon92, u seem well documented on miss universe etc. Have u every seen a miss universe or miss world wearing a bra and winning the competition?

    This is not a dress , only a bra and a short skirt.

    no need to reply on my post , ur opinion is of NO interest to me.

    @yashvin nice post


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