Price of Petrol (August 2010)

Le depart definitif de Ranjit Soomarooah a enfin eu lieu! Megh Pillay est désormais le nouveau patron de la State Trading Coorporation (STC).

Ceci dit, les membres de l’Automatic Pricing Mechanism s’est réuni de nouveau aujourd’hui afin de déterminer les nouveaux prix des produits pétroliers (via defimedia), qui seront en vigueur pendant ce mois d’Août:

Now, check out the great post about the videos (including special effects) made by 14yr and 12yr old teen!

9 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (August 2010)

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  1. bez sa matlo, soidisant mari deal soudan ine fr,ah aster mo compren c pou so poche. enfin tou pareil. ene nouvo parti bizib pren naisance, sans sa bann volaire la


  2. Suck it up dude! I’m sorry to say that people just keep on whining and whining about these things but make the same political shit each time!


  3. dir chance ir mone plain tank lessence…912rs mone resi save rs 70..enfin bisin koner kifr in increase aster,,pa cpv blame stc..ena lamain cso si ladan aster


  4. Oui… j’ai senti passe cette augmentation. Mais il serait interessant de savoir la repartition des taxes, marges, freight etc … sur 1 l d’essence. As tu cela sous le coude ?


  5. We were doomed to be screwed since the contract for shipping the fuel from the refinery to Port Louis was awarded to Betonix’s Betamax. The contract is “en béton armé”, and is intended to last for the next 15 (fifteen) years. Now you are warned: fifteen years of being screwed. Big time.


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