Bloggers heading towards Black River Gorges, are you in?

Hi everyone!

Together with other Mauritian bloggers, I am trying to organize a bloggers’ event once again, like we did for this one at Mac Do and here’s the one at Flic en Flac.

Finally, after doing a small poll with some bloggers (Thanks for your participation), we came up with the following :

What ? Bloggers’ event

When ? Saturday, 17th July 2010

Where ? Black River Gorges

Who ? Bloggers + Friends

Why ? To have fun!

And you know what? It’s even more fun when it has been raining, so get yourselves prepared 😉

Come and join us…


Whether you own a blog or regularly visit and comment on blog articles, this is an open invitation to everyone who wants to join us… It will also be a great opportunity to meet the guys and girls, usually hidden behind those wordpress or blogspot urls. Depending on the number of persons, I will be making transport arrangements, either a 15-seat vans or a 30-seats minibus which will drop us at Petrin and wait for us down, on the other side. We might also go to some beach (Tamarin or Flic en Flac) if we have time.

So, now I would like to get the names of all the serious people out there who wanna come with us
You are kindly requested to either leave a comment or send me an email at or a facebook message.

Obama ine dir “Yes we can”, MAM p dire “It is the time! noune parE!” Cross fingers!

btw, we do not bite…

14 thoughts on “Bloggers heading towards Black River Gorges, are you in?

Add yours

  1. I won’t be attending but I know that hike trip and it is a really nice one and as it takes some 4-5 hours to complete (for the less healthy ones) it will give plenty of time to everybody to have a good chat. Man, I wish I were there. Next time again maybe.


  2. My sweet friend Yash how i long to make it with the band of Youth verily i yearn for it but due to bad health i really cant but i will be with you in spirit guys


  3. i wont be able to make it this time but do invite me for the next blogger outing wanna meet the bloggers and thank em personally for participating in my survey ^_^


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