“Lavenir ensam” avec Bleue Blanc Rouge

The final official results for the General Elections 2010 proclaimed:

Alliance de L’avenir” of Navin Ramgoolam : 41
(including a 3-0 in the constituency No5 – Triolet/Pamplemousses)

Alliance du coeur” of Paul Berenger : 18

FSM” of Cehl Meeah : 1

Of course, how can we forget the “exceptional” performance of the Leader of Party Malin?
According to the info I received, 752 people have decided to put a X besides his name.

Personally, I wished for a more balanced distribution of the seats in the National Assembly. Anyway, the population has voted and brought down the pride, selfishness and behavior of some people…

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  1. 😦 ,, Ceal Meeah pa merite sa place laa ,, dimoiun meriT c Danrajsingh Aubeeluck .. mais bon je suis bon perdant 😀 .. next time Party Malin … (Party Malin and Liverpool are kinda same .. they have potential but they can’t win 😦 )


  2. Cehl Meeah inn elu par Circonscription No3.Kuma zot kapav dir ki li pa merit so place dans l’assemble. Lepep inn vote. 😉


  3. I just hope all of them (whether the winners or losers) will work for a better Mauritius and will adhere to their promises they said during this campaign cos we have elected them to represent us and work for a better country (life) for us…


  4. hmmm….

    Mo chagrin pou Valayden et Reza Issac..They are good candidates but MMM ti tro fort la bas..Mais bon…

    At the end the best wins…

    Some people says that due to communalism et bla bla la ,Lalliance de lavenir won and they Mauritius are foolish people and hindues as well.

    but those people does not know the strength of the Mauritius community.. we have witnessed when travalist won by 60-00 but later the same people urged for an election earlier.and other parti as well… we are a resilent society, and are open to changes…it may still be the same political party ,by the people and the minister will will new(most of them)..

    I believe as far as they do thier owrk as they should,people wil never let them down,



  5. Am eager to see how this govt will manage without Sithanen , and with Pravind as Minister of Finance with 12 deputees in his hand…. 🙂 Gloire a toi Ile Morice…:)


  6. Congratulations to the country for the elections. Very happy that this country has the freedom of choice. I believe that the right choice has been made for this important phase of the country’s development. The previous team had already accomplished much in the way of stability and development. Now it will be a slightly different team, remains to be seen how things will go without certain finance/economic technicians. Hope that they will continue on the track for more social justice in poverty eradication and improve the situation of job creation and employee working conditions. The overall global climate will not be very good with the troubles in the EU and the U.S. this will affect the country’s economy too. Don’t expect miracles even Obama was not the saviour people thought he would be.


  7. Overall results look good. 2 of the 3 ladies in No.4 won their seats! That’s another big slap on the defeated Berenger. I do think that Cehl Meeah sounded and looked communialist in his presentations on TV. Until the time that Mauritians stop voting by religion and cast… (I mean, it’s obvious in other constituencies as well)… We can always dream and hope for that to happen… May be in 20 years…


  8. Rezilta eleksyon 5.05.2010 montre klerman febles nu sistem parlmanter………………….pu bizin enn sanzman sistem dan refer tu bann sirkonskripsyon sina pa a lavenir pu ena pli bel linzistis .Defet MMM inn kontribiye par Per Gregoire , Boodhoo,ek konsor……………..


  9. observateur sadc capav dire election ti fair
    mais mo pas daccord
    mone trouve dimoune kine fek mort zot, dimoune ki pas maurice nom in rayer lor la liste electoral dans salle de vote
    lorla pas dimande carte identité kan alle voter
    apart mardaye pas ti ena nanien dans sa election la
    li dommage pou arrive a un situation pareil dans un “democracie”
    zot in gagne place la dans parlement
    aster nous guetter ki zot faire, si zot tenir parole ou pas


  10. Faiblesse ala li la:
    – Constituency No.3 is biased in the sense that it has too few voters compared to others. Bizin casser refaire tou ban constituencies la. (Mais ki politicien pu envi faire sa!).
    – People still vote based on caste and religion in many constituencies. Politicians nominate candidates based on that.
    – No ID needed la vraiment grave sa.

    But compared to many countries (like some SADC), nou bien bon. Bizin 1 nuvo parti politic. I hope Berenger arreter aster. In ler li donne bann jeune MMM locazion.

    And BBR? will they continue the same policies lor finance with Sithanen gone? Aster ki pu coner si Ministre Finance ki prend initiative or his advisors and the PM as well! Si ban policies actuel casser, sa pu confirmer ki Sithanen ti important.


  11. Well I think that Mauritius has been virtually divided well before the last week of elections.Root cause being VOH. The minorities felt VERY insecured due to the SILENCE of the govt on several attacks by VOH. It seemed that the govt is controlled by them…..

    Therefore people like Per Gregoire & Cassam Uteem & others came in order to overthrow this IMPOTENT govt ( in the meantime allaince du coeur became stronger). However alliance de l’avenir with the blessing of MBC made the Hindus believe that the minorities are trying to take over the country (on ethnic grounds). Thus the Hindus came together & voted massively alliance de l’avenir to halt MMM. (BTW I know many people not liking Berenger bcoz he’s not a Hindu)! Thus, Navin was kept in power.

    The darkest side is our FUTURE. I hope that different communities don’t make their own Voice of Tamils, telegu,muslims etc…like VOH
    The actual govt should be more uniting than ever & not let any group of any community interfere in its decisions…

    Am just so SAD for Steve Obeegadoo & Rajesh Bhagwan. They were so good. A+ just harming our kids @ this tender age.

    Well am only writing my experience & opinions that I felt & thought after having followed the elections. I did not VOTE anybody as it was the dirtiest election I ever witnessed in my life…


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