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For most youngsters landing in the search for a job, the right one might be the one with the highest income but one must also consider other factors like stability of the company, company’s potential for growth, ability for moving up the hierarchy (if there’s one), additional facilities among others.

While most companies directly advertise their vacancies on newspapers or on the internet, others outsource this task of attracting, screening and selecting the appropriate candidates to recruitment agencies. Reasons for this choice might be to take advantage of their long experience in the field or even, access to the large database of curriculum vitae. There are many other reasons why recruitment agencies might be more appropriate for this process.

And recruitment agencies can also work the other way round where someone proposes his CV to the agency, who will try to match the skills of the person to the range of jobs currently advertised/handled by the agency itself.

The questions

A few days ago, my first virtual friend asked me to write something to know what and how do Mauritians feel about recruitment agencies in Mauritius.

Will you prefer to apply for a job directly advertised from a company or through a job recruitment agency? Why?

For those who have gone through this process with those agencies, how was the experience and what can be improved in the system. It might be even more interesting to share your experience with international recruitment agency, if any?

What about those online job web sites (,, Do they meet our expectations?

All suggestions about the Mauritian job market will be welcomed.

Thanks for helping out ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. These comments are aimed for IT jobs/applicants:
    factors to be considered when selecting a company or job varies from person to person. But i would suggest not to ponder a lot if its your first job. Stability is important but do you want that right away?? I’m at my fifth company and frankly i’ve learned a lot from each of them.

    Right now its a developers market, and very attractive packages are being offered. Also i would like to ask people to get to know your market value before accepting any offer.


  2. I have only 2 companies in my CV.
    As i was not looking for stability at first i did some roaming around before ending here. It was a great experience as companies don’t usually work the same way or have the same process.


  3. Recrutement agencies have been using known methods of Personality testing in order to match the right profile to the job. Eg. DCDM Recrutement Services or Adecco – Ile Maurice

    Feels terrible when companies have no HR department and when the CEO or the no. 2 of the company have to carry out interviews. Unfortunately it may happen they lack the skills of selecting the right candidate.

    As for online job websites, if not backed by a strategic marketing plan and partnership, one can be amongst ‘deserted ones’ like :


  4. I would like to know one thing about job interviews in Mauritius. Do job applicants interview their future employers? I mean, do they ask questions all along the interview? If they do, then they can ask about those elements such as stability, improvement, training, evolution etc…


    1. @Sachin : Yes and No. It might depends on how big one ‘sees’ the company.
      For example, you always heard about company X as a big company. During an interview, I don’t think it will be worth to ask “Is your company stable?”. But you can always ask about how the company plans to make you grow along with it. You mentioned things like training and evolution in the company. On the other hand, if you are going to a start up Y, you might ask the interviewer about how the company works, what are the future plans, their vision, how many positions will be created, what are your future prospects in terms of promotion in the hierarchy…


  5. hmm moi mo prefere get in touch avec compagnie la rather than agencies…

    hmm ti ena 1 cam, li ti p xtra critik 1 compagnie quand li ti encore uni…puis after “roaming around” li end up dans sa compagnie li ti p critiker la em :p


  6. nice article yashvin.:P There’s sumfin which id lyk 2 add bt im nt sure whether its so relevant 4 this post..

    as many of u shud b knwing..UOM(more specifically z CSE dept) arranges 4 presentations made by recruitment companies every yr..lyk z rest of many of my yr 3 frds, i attended 1 such presentation done by a well knwn IT company, during which we were asked 2 fill up details abt ourselves(including expected results)in a form..

    i was indeed more zan amazed, wen at z end of z presentation they filtered a list of all students who stated they’re expecting a 2-1 or above, n gave them an appointment contract rite tests.. i was that how recruitments r done? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    anyways, cmng back 2 z article personally i’d go 4 advertisements rather zan recruitment agencies..


    1. @Ruby : Yeah, I did attend some presentations too during my 3rd year at UOM. I find it interesting and motivating to get companies talking about themselves, encouraging you to join them. An appointment does not guarantee you a job, don’t worry. Even if they got the job, you will get one too.
      I learnt something… A first class or 2-1 result will change nothing while going for interviews, especially in IT field… My experience!

      I guess that next time, you will need to write first class in your expected results ๐Ÿ˜›
      I wish you good luck and thanks for being here!


  7. haha..i still..all companies..whether big or small shud atlst follow a procedure 4 recruitment..i actually meant that students were given contracts for that..

    exactly as u said..there r students who graduated wiz 1st class n they still dunt knw programming..i mean wats z rather b gud at programming n hv a 2nd class zan z other way round lol..

    thx 4 da wishes..will need all dat luck..exams starting next week


  8. Selection does not only mean interviews. They’re not enough. Many companies also use tests, be it programming or intellectual.

    It does not necessarily mean you’re bad if you’ve changed many jobs. The most important thing in applying for a job is your motivation letter. Even if you’re CV isn’t that heavy, your motivation letter makes a big impression. Google on how to write that.

    Online job application? Yeah, got a job quickly via MyJob and kept getting interviews without applying for a few weeks! Then I decided to turn off my profile since I’m quite happy at my current job (IT/Web).

    UOM graduates, yeah without a test, you wouldn’t be able to say how good they are. I have run tests with UOM IT graduates a couple of years ago. Only 1 in 10 could satisfy the test in the desired time. 2 in 10 average enough to recruit. That’s terribly low unless you’re willing to give them training first…


  9. I want to say to the guy who is at the 5th company..that
    he must be very lucky to get around jobs and roam around companies like that.

    Some people haven’t been able to get their first job yet…
    despite applying online with these job recruitment services that only resulted in 6-8 interviews with the recruiting companies and never been contacted again including no call-backs and no follow ups.

    So yeah,i am one of these persons that fall in this category and i feel that i am being under discrimination when i hear you guys talk about your jobs in the I.T field;in which i am as well in the sense that i specialise myself the in technical,hardware and network environment and not programming and web design.

    It’s very frustrating…


  10. hi well i must say that recruitment agengies in mauritius are quite ok for me since my very first job i got it through and till date i dont regret it. already 2 yrs am stil with them. another good example would be, wel i can say this this one is realy a good one, i got to know many persons who have had a very good job with them. BUT somwer isnt it unfair towards those who dont really access those sites and maybe smwer coz many companies r losing good elements also as such.

    As someone said changing jobs is not a bad thing coz this shows your motivation to learn new thngs in new companies. as it is sed ‘change is the only constant’


  11. One thing you must expect if you changed often is that you’ll be asked the reason during your interview. Be frank but without saying anything bad about your previous employer, as far as possible, and without making you appear as a bad employee.

    Depending on the industry, mobility is desired, where as for some posts, long term is sought after…


  12. can someone please share about the time it takes after a post has been advertised for the company to call you ? does someone know about this, from personal experience or something like this…


  13. @birddodo: Hi!
    It totally depends on the company you are applying too.
    Some might call you in the next minutes or others might call you after months. If you see that they don’t contact you, you can kindly call them to talk to them and have a status. Try to ask if the post is still available or if they received your application.

    Finally, the last reason why they might not have called you yet : They did not approve your application. Bad luck!

    I wish you good luck in your job quest ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep trying, there’s a job for you somewhere!


  14. hey..need a retoucher job ..Im student in web engineering..
    need job in advertising companies or model photo retouching..
    any advice from u guys ??..thnx


  15. I would be interested to know what job seekers think about the numerous job fairs. How do these fit in with the recruitment process. Are they really useful, do they produce real contacts for the job seekers?


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