Keeping a blog alive

It is so easy to create a blog, a few clicks and you are done. Then comes the first article with the traditional “welcoming” post… The next articles are not so difficult to write, in fact, they will mainly deal about the topics which have actually encourage you to create a blog to share your point of view.

Let’s write something, but what?

After a few posts, it becomes more difficult to get a topic to talk about. The 3-5 posts per week becomes 1 post per week and it finally drops to 1 post per month.

Wait, Dhaneesha blogs once every 2 months, isn’t it sweet heart? Kidding, this month has been an exception πŸ˜› And my sister stopped writing since long, lol. There are so many other bloggers who follow the same trend, you say what blogger friends ? πŸ˜›

Enter twitter…

If I had to blame something for the lack of motivation to push bloggers to write, I would choose Twitter πŸ˜›

Why? The article initially written for a blog is now compressed to the tweet format, with only 140 characters. So, instead of writing a blog post with images etc, you just need to write a short sentence, that’s it.

The definition says it all : “Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.” [wikipedia]

And here goes the one for microblogging : “Microblogging is a form of blogging. A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically much smaller, in both actual size and aggregate file size. A microblog entry could consist of nothing but a short sentence fragment, or an image or embedded video.” [wikipedia]

What I usually do…

I am blogging regularly since nearly 3.5 years now. I must admit it, finding topics is difficult. Finding topics which will generate comments is even more difficult! You can get inspired to blog anything, you just have to listen and observe the world around you… And a bit of imagination and creativity…

I usually note down any ideas that come across my head, on my mobile phone or on the blog itself. Later when I am free, I usually develop that idea into a blog post, with text and some images. But most of the times, I write articles on the fly. Right now, I have 2 articles in my blog section(excluding this article), ready to be posted πŸ˜›

I even wrote an article one month ago on “Des motocyclistes inconscient du danger” and a few days ago, I saw that there is an awareness campaign going on the same subject lol! Another forthcoming blog post (probably on saturday) will talk about “understanding photography lenses, for beginners”. And of course, a blog post on my birthday, on the 22nd March 2010.

Lack of ideas and time are the other reasons which determine the frequency of publishing blog posts. I almost forgot another thing… Privacy, that may be another reason why some people might stop or reduce their blog posts. One alternative to keep your blog alive would be to enable guest blogging, and above all, find those guest bloggers!

I hope that this article was not that boring!

A message to all bloggers (et aspirant bloggeurs) : I want to see more articles from you πŸ™‚

Finally, “Stay tuned to” !

20 thoughts on “Keeping a blog alive

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    1. @Chaya : lol! I forgot to mention that point πŸ˜› LAZYNESS!!!

      @Nav : Yeah, 140 characters won’t be enough to say everything. Except if you are named Tushal πŸ˜› lol Pas vraie?


  1. I agree with Twitter replacing blogging to a certain extent. But with Twitter you can only keep posts short, can’t post any in-line images/videos and it lacks flow.

    Creativity and imagination plays a big part in blogging. Sometimes you can feel that because you don’t have decent ideas to blog about that you don’t blog at all. The best thing i find is to just start writing! Motivation and imagination is not far behind.

    I need to revive my blog. And i will. Watch this space (by that i mean my blog!) πŸ™‚


    1. @Gui : hehe, that’s right.
      I think that it is something comparable to my life when it comes to IT stuff.
      I very rarely touch programming at home (only for my blogs purpose), especially after spending the whole day writing lines of code at work!


  2. I bet you had plenty of ideas but some subjects are just too controversial in this country. The men in black might knock on your door.


  3. Some latest research seem to demonstrate that people are going more and more on facebook to write small things instead of having a blog. Some even say that blogging will die…


  4. Personally I blog only when a topic comes to me. I do not try to look for any topic. I stopped doing that. I noticed that when I write an article on a topic that I had to “look for”, I also had to FIND words and sentences to make that article… but when I wrote on topics that simply came in my mind without making any effort to look for them, I was able to write the articles without the need to find the exact words or structure the sentences… As if everything that was inside my mind are automatically dropped in my blog through my keyboard πŸ˜›

    It’s true I blog less and less these days firstly because pas get time em dans la semaine and the weekend is spent in catching up with the sleep for last week and re-energizing to gather the strength for the following week. 😦 But whenever I come upon anything I wish to share, I jot down some words into my blog πŸ˜‰


  5. @Yashvin–>LOL. . sa ti bsn attand sa. . xD. . comment dire mo nom = sa meme pli common mot ki tou dimoune servi. . xD

    Reason why I’m not blogging: Twitter, web tech assignment, business plan, Human computer interaction assignment, test week, exams. All in space of 1.5 months! I’ve already prepared 2 topics to blog on among which 1 will be a “hot” post for which I am sure that I will get flamed by a few people. .


  6. I started out blogging in 2004 but shut down all my personal/private blogs to concentrate on a professional one. The major reason is that I needed privacy in my new job. However, maintaining a professional blog is quite easy as I’m writing on subjects that I really master.

    The blog maintaining problem might also come from the lack of discipline and planning. I personally use mind mapping to prepare the different articles. This allows me to prepare topics. I however do not, for the time being, concentrate on time and regularity as it all depends on the time I have available after work and all the side activities I have.


  7. For myself it cannot be summed up plainly to a lack of time or laziness, it’s more a question of making the most of my spare time.

    On week-days, I spend around 9hrs in office in front of a computer, i need to exercise, i need to pratice my instrument, read the Web, read my book… Until recently a used be a KDE 4.x SVN update addict. Time being scarce, I started to prioritorize those needs and blogging fell last on my list.


  8. Keeping a blog alive is hard work! I know what I’m talking about because I was on hiatus for 2 weeks – lack of inspiration, busy with other stuff, laziness…!


  9. Odd hearing that ! With plenty of time now available ,I am visiting
    lots of blogs – even foreign ones . I thought blogging was as natural as
    breathing for you .

    I went on a Zimbabwean blog some time ago . The hatred and violence there was incredible . I am convinced I have one or two suggestions which all parties would have found acceptable or at least interesting .
    But it was such violent page ; I could not type a single word .

    In Mauritius despite our bigotry and prejudices , we don’t usually show excessive disrespect for others . That is visible in blogs too .
    It’s always good to hear from other people – even on Apollo noodles

    So , keep at it !!!!!


  10. So true.haha..reminds me of me.. :D…well what with work…busy livestyles..its hard to be consistent with bloggin..and as u said twitter is here now. Its so much quicker and easier.! but will try continue bloggin … πŸ˜€


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