No more live broadcast of horse racing on MBC

Since some weeks, the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) and the Mauritius Broadcasting Coorporation (MBC) have been discussing about the fees which need to be paid to the national tv station for the exclusive broadcast of the horse racing at Champs De Mars.

First of all, I was quite surprised… I did not know that MTC had to pay the MBC lol! I always thought that MTC was perhaps selling the video to MBC since the MBC will be able to program a 4-5 hour broadcast on tv on a few of its channels, including MBC3 and the Sports channel on TNT.

Then, I was quite surprised when I heard the amount of money involved. If am not mistaken, the MTC previously paid some Rs30,000 per racing day. The MBC did not agree on this amount… The MTC proposed Rs100,000 while the MBC insisted on Rs200,000 per day!!! [ However, I am not 100% sure about the amounts]

Enter Parabole Maurice

From what I have just heard on Radio Plus, Parabole Maurice will now be broadcasting the racing and MBC will not hold the exclusive rights of the broadcast. This will take effect as from the 27 March 2010. The deal will be officially be announced during this week.

Everything has a start and I think that the national tv is slowly losing its monopoly position. This decision of the MTC will surely change things around and of course, much more people will be subscribing to this private tv… What do you think?

Note : Please correct me if I am wrong since I did not hear everything clearly on the radio

28 thoughts on “No more live broadcast of horse racing on MBC

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  1. These moves are definitely having an impact on audio-visual perspective. It will force negotiations which can have a positive outcome for consumers. However, it will take time before we see a better choice for the public.


  2. OMG
    horse racing is part of our mauritian culture. People who do not have Parabole Maurice will be penalise. The direct effect will be that the ‘Totes’ outlets will be full of people. Rs200,000 is cheap deal for MTC with all that profits and tax they get.


  3. I think MTC should have paid. Rs200,000 is peanuts compared to the amount of money involved there.

    Its a pity that people now need to subscribe to Parabole to watch horse racing.


  4. Normalment MBC ki bizin pay MTC. koma tou ban sport event dan le monde. ici MBC ki p rode cash r MTC. MBC pa p coner coma pou gagne cash.


  5. ROFL. . . MTC paying MBC?ROFL. . . Should it be vice versa?LOL. This is what happens when we have (technically speaking) only 1 tv station. . F MBC and it’s crap shows/movies.


  6. i think MTC should have paid the money that the mbc had asked bkuz its us, viewers, which would have beneffited from it. mbc could have used the money to buy new films, ect..


  7. Tou bane seki p plaigne sanse MTC ti bizin paye Rs200k trankil, zot fou ki sa? Ki grand service MBC p provide MTC?? MBC p promote les courses ki? MTC ki p provide entertainment la, ek mo sir MBC p cash in lor pub tousala pendant programmation!

    English Premier League paye MBC pu li montre match football?

    De toute facon, nanrien pa ti bizin paye. Sa bizin free of charge lor MBC.


  8. total money involved per race is more than 10 million n for 8 races its quite a big amount… i really don’t think that rs200,000 is huge for MTC and that with the amount of equipment as well with the length of program scheduled. MTC is being unfair in projecting horse racing on parabole which i could say forms part of our culture.
    Do check the rates offered by mbc for a 30 secs advertisement around 19Hrs. For the 4 hours program by MTC..its a gift rs 200,000!!!


  9. Ena enn ta ti p zaza ki MBC zot pa gete akoz pena nanye interesant. Abe kifer zot p plaigne aster. Al pran zot parabole 😉


  10. horse racing is not a sport, its gambling. and cannot be compared to EPL! n i dnt think MBC should promote gambling.


  11. @Yudz.
    What do you do about football then. Its so popular these day. Betting is in every sport nowadays mate. Have you herad of sports betting. Football comes in first.


  12. Rs 200 000 is peanuts for MTC and many are saying that MTC has to pay MBC and it’s absolutely absurb.

    >> The only thing that i would like to highlight is that do you think that the logistics/equipments that are used are provided BY THE MTC????? It’s for the MBC.

    >> The staff that work for the MBC and are responsible for the transmission for the races, do the MTC pay them???

    >> We at the home, we are getting free races to watch but are not thinking the costs incurred by the MBC for the transmission.

    To transmit a live program for abt 1 hour, it costs more than rs 30 000 and here we are getting 8 races/day and I think paying the MBC ONLY rs. 200 000 is fair.


  13. Latest News :

    The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation has accepted the counterproposal of the Mauritius Turf Club regarding live broadcast of horseracing for the 2010 season on MBC3 channel.

    The MBC has communicated its decision to the MTC this afternoon.

    A draft agreement has been reached with Parabole Maurice for live coverage of each of the 37 meetings of the 2010 season.

    A joint press conference will be held shortly with Parabole Maurice to explain this strategic partnership towards internationalization of Mauritian horseracing.


  14. @ Yudz: Of course, horse racing is a sport!!! The gambling bit is the same as in ALL other sports: football, boxing, cricket, rugby, dog racing, camel racing,…etc

    @Yashvind Kumar:
    Of course, MBC foots all the bills. MTC pa bizin MBC li, MTC can operate without any coverage, it’s a sports body which organises race events. Now, if MBC wants to broadcast races, just like for football, rugby, Tour de France,…etc, they have to pay MTC for the rights. Because, MBC doesn’t only broadcast the bloody races, they make a lot of money out of advertising too! How the hell do you think sports channels pay for rights to broadcast major sports events?? If MBC doesn’t want to pay up, then MTC can tell it to go to hell. It’s MBC’s responsibility to satisfy its customers, MTC doesn’t need to satisfy MBC’s customers!!


  15. Les iMbciles ont ete pris a leur propre piege….en voulant plaire au grand gourou voulant amasser de l’argent …a n’importe quel prix ….les consommateurs …on s’en fout ..on doit plaire au grand gourou financer la station …parceque l’autre …le somnolant a laisse une ardoise pas terrible et avec ses tentacules socioculturelles ,il s’en ai tire a bon compte..tandis que celui-la il doit faire fissa et demontrer au grand manitou son art de gerer pour continuer dans les prochaines cinq ans pour la fiesta quoi ..entretemps le public casque…mais comme ce dernier est docile consentante…tante..ouvert et a l’air ..on le fricote…


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