Your views about MBC’s new web site?


Heard it on the news few minutes ago, MBC has a new web site since yesterday (yes, AGAIN!)

Anyway, I find it nice, much better than the previous versions
This shows once more that wordpress really rocks!

To whom it may concern, a few things which need a small fix under Firefox 3.0:

  • The drop down menu is hidden by the video player when you want to play something
  • Remove the rating indicator near the post title while viewing it. It is confusing since the user cannot actually click on it. He/She must scroll down to be able to rate the page.

A final note, it is a good thing that they have hosted it on a Mauritian server, lets hope that the server can handle all those requests n streaming… Oops, a few minutes, the database connection was lost, probably due to high traffic 🙂

So, what do you think about the new site, powered by the blogging platform WordPress?

164 thoughts on “Your views about MBC’s new web site?

Add yours

  1. Nice layout, what theme is this? I don’t think its custom cause I know I’ve seen it (and I’v been looking for it). If you could shoot me the download link to the URL may address is Thanks.


  2. If you browse the forums of Press75, you will know how many
    contributions I made… how many bugs I eliminated from the original

    I don’t mean to brag Josh. I’m just saying you shouldn’t judge people/websites/whatever just by looks.


  3. I’m no expert in making websites but I can surely manage despite being a
    lazy ass. But to make a website for a big company like MBC and using a
    already-made theme is just a fail.


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