A rainy Sunday at home

A rainy sunday at home

The rainy weather has spoil the whole weekend! I even decided to drive home directly on friday evening. Fortunately, I had not planned anything special this weekend.

So, if you are like me, waiting for something interesting to happen, why don’t you check out some of the articles on the blog?

Finally, someone please write a blog article on 24/7. Read the post about the one in Port Louis and Grand Bay.

You can also follow the example of Pif… Read some newspapers 😛

Anyone got any ideas to add for helping us to spend the rest of the day without getting bored?

5 thoughts on “A rainy Sunday at home

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  1. Frire samousa manger ek lire ban comments lor MBC website!

    Kan pena new comments, watch a movie ( Kaminey – only one song nice in ti though)

    Wait for time to dodo 😀


  2. tw to lucky yashvin…. i’ve got anatomy books to read which really spoils the weekend!!! the rain doesnt help much,li fer mw envi dodo plis 😦


  3. For the rainy days to come, I need to find some good PC games like Battlefield Bad Company 2…. Not sure if it will be sold in Mauritius?


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