Nando’s Valentine’s Day Fail

nandos fail

Seen on Nando’s Mauritius fan page…

7 thoughts on “Nando’s Valentine’s Day Fail

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  1. @yashvin: as far as I can see, it’s a fail for all customers who felt too lazy to stand in queue and are moaning about it, rather than Nandos. I am sure they made loads of money on the day!


    1. @Yashi : As you rightly said above, queue = success…
      Do you think they really care if people are waiting outside? For them, people waiting = money on its way lol.
      It is true for any business 😉


  2. I’m with Yashi on this one, not a fail. I thik they should care if people are waiting outside, it’s poor customer service and means that those people are not likely to want to come again. It’s not Nando’s fault though is it? they can’t make tables magically appear from no where…

    @fadil I’m sure they will if the queues persist. Being a relaunch it would make sense not to over-invest.


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