Apollo or Presto?


Come on, FIGHT!

Which one do you prefer?

Did you know?

Mine Apollo is even mentioned in an article on wikipedia and has a fan group on facebook 😛

Let’s hope that other similar products catch up soon ;P

23 thoughts on “Apollo or Presto?

Add yours

  1. Mine Presto tastes much better thant Mine Apollo. But Presto weighs 5grams less(negligeable?).
    As for the price, i always buy when there are sales 😛 i still havent seen Presto on sales yet(except for its awesome launching price at Shoprite)


  2. Tone commence trav pu apollo or presto ?? Free survey for them.. prend 1 ti kas r zot…:)Haven’t tasted presto yet…but am sure apollo is much better…


  3. Neither appollo, nor presto nor esko!!! Nothing! All bullshit… Apollo is not what it was before. Notice the plastic flavour of the noodles!

    Try myojo.. tastes much better! Maggi also is good!


  4. And the nominees are :

    1. Fried noodles
    2. Apollo – Curry flavor (orange one) for taste.
    3. Presto – the best of all (in case there’s no Apollo noodles)
    4. Maggi – ‘never heard of the Maggi noodles but the Maggi soup is best served when you’re ill!
    5. Esko – sucks


    – 2x Apollo noodles (any flavor)
    – Carrot Raper
    – La queu zoinion
    – Tomato ketchup (optional)
    – Fromaz Kraft couper en cube (optional but recommended)

    1. Put the Apollo noodles in boiling water as you’re used to do together with the carrots.
    2. Stir, add the chopped Onion queues few minutes before the end of the preparation, stir.
    3. Add the spices, tomato ketchup and cheese. (My non-veg cousins used to add an omelet (egg), you can try that)
    4. Stir it all, put in a bowl and thats it!

    Eat with chopsticks – its fun! lol!

    PS: It’s always bad for health whatever the way you’re preparing it and if you consume too often.


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