More #FAIL pics

#FAIL Advert

Spotted on newspaper yesterday :


You haven’t seem seen the weird thing? Well, the price and probably the date have been “marked out” in a very dirty way a very unprofessional way!’

Of course, the name of company has been censored 🙂

#FAIL Rosette

My colleague bought a gift yesterday in Port Louis…

I am sure all of you know how a gift box bow (“Rosette”) looks like, well, the shop made this one for his gift box!


I wonder if thats the latest trend.

#FAIL Transport


This one is not really a fail pic, its rather a more or less common scene in Mauritius.

#FAIL The swimming chair

Some Mauritians are always amazing. Below, they are swimming with their plastic chairs. At one instance, they were sitting on the chair right in the water. I did not dare to go nearer to take the picture because they were looking at me LOL.


Thats all for today, please come back later for funnier pics…

8 thoughts on “More #FAIL pics

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    1. @Carrot : lol, mo pas entort si dimoune blog 2 koups apres arreter or create 1 blog et lerla change domain sipa koi.
      Today mo faire 1 demarche al update sa 😉

      btw, isn’t it the role of the blogger to get to me so that I update his/her links?
      Or is it the other way round : I should check if any blog have been moved on a daily basis? #FAIL


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