Human v/s Machine Episode I

Spotted at Palmar, in the east of the island :


and on the other side of the SAME beach (on the hotel side) :


The guy there did his job at his own pace while the machine was making a terrible noise!

Anyone got more pics that you think people would like to see on this blog

Feel free, mail them to!

15 thoughts on “Human v/s Machine Episode I

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  1. What is the nature of the job? Picking up rocks?

    10 days to clear up X area of sand in a ‘peaceful’ way.
    1 day to clear up the same area X accompanied by loud noise.

    Machines FTW!


  2. Did you know that anyone can go and sit on the beach in front of the hotels? Swim in the sea in front of them because they purchased the piece of land, not the beach nor the sea 🙂

    So let them clean everything up and we all go and enjoy!!!

    P.S My point here is I hate hotels taking over all the beaches and sea around the island leaving us with smaller and smaller sites 😦


    1. @Dodorock : I would say “Time is changing”.

      As for the “gaumons”, I think its mainly because of the bad weather conditions during the last weeks. The waves have carried them onto the beach.


  3. Time IS changing. I’m sure you’re sure you’re just emphasising on the fact that labour is being replaced by machines and all. But have you ever thought about labour becoming machines, doing everything in a mechanical way? 😉 How do you know that he was picking up at his own space. If he was being employed by somebody, he should have a quota to fill in, like clear a part of the beach in a day and must have just been doing that, finding an efficient way to finish his job.


  4. I can give an answer here.
    These Algae or seaweeds (to please eveyrone :P) are not part of our lagoon ecosystem. They are a plague that cripples our shores.

    It’s mainly due to the heavy usage of fertilizers near the shore and raise in temperature. I used to swim regularly in palmar in front of the Surcouf hotel where there was plenty of corals and sea life. On my last trip 2 years ago it was all seaweed.

    The usage of machinery on a beach does not help the fragile lagoon ecosystem either. It stomps and crush whatever life will try to develop there.

    But! That’s the way tourists wants their beaches to be: white and sandy. Therefore that’s the way hotels wants them too.

    We need development on the island but we need it responsibly. Our government is too lenient with our hotels. Business at any cost may lead to no business at all when our main resource for tourism, our lagoon, will be all dead.


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