SADC Science, Eng. & Tech Week, The Fair…

sadc Science n tech fair

It wasn’t as great as I expected, but a few stands were interesting…

That of the fire fighters was great and the guys there can nearly convince you to get into their team!


Hats off to them!

They really do a great job (and their equipment are great too) !

Did you know, there are only about 700 firemen in Mauritius?

I also found out about a company which offers “Solar Air Conditioner” right here in Mauritius! I must admit it, I did not even know the existence of such equipment.

Solar Air Conditionner

You can get a solar air conditioner as from Rs18000 for a 9000 BTU compressor. It works with both electricity and solar energy and saves up to 40% in your electricity bills.

Finally, the Forensic Laboratory Stand was nice too!

Crime Scene

Of course, for a complete review, its better to have a visit there!

Anyone been there too?

That’s all for today, keep tuned!

11 thoughts on “SADC Science, Eng. & Tech Week, The Fair…

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  1. this one sounds so interesting as compared to the orange one or the stupid fairs done around the island. enplus in reading the post i learnt 3 new things.


  2. I didnt know there was such fair well even I didnt go I agree with you Avishna, for once the public has some kind of change from the annual commercial fairs and this one appear kinda interesting


    1. @Dodorock : I think its because maybe there were some companies from the African countries?
      But one thing for sure, there were a few stands representing universities other than UTM and UOM.


  3. Hello!
    I am interested a lot about the solar air conditioners.
    Could you please give me some more info about it or where i can buy it please?
    Hope you would help me.
    Thanking you in advance.


    1. @Keshav T : Unfortunately, I have no contact info for this company. But let me remind you, the price is doubled for this type of AC + it still uses some electricity.
      If you really want to get the company contacts, you can perhaps try to contact the group which organised the SADC trade fair and ask for the num of the stand. But it may take some time to get to them!


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