Déçu par la station nationale de télévision

Vous aviez l’intention de passer du bon temps en famille en regardant un bon film?

Pas la peine d’allumer la télé, à l’affiche ce soir :

MBC 1 : HERO et sur Movie Channel : GROUND CONTROL (un vieux film de 1998 qui a été jouée à maintes reprises!)

Un constat

Depuis quelques temps déjà , 0 (zéro!) nouveaux films bollywoodiens sur le petit écran. Et quelques mois de cela, les mauriciens avaient droit à des films dont on n’avait jamais entendu parler.
Résultats : Tout le monde (excepté moi) dors déjà  depuis 21heures.

Plus de deux ans après le lancement du Movie Channel, et rien de nouveau sur la programmation. A force de regarder les mêmes films, on arrive à les connaitre par coeur.

La programmation de la télévision laisse à désiré! Par contre, j’aime bien écouter “casse dans tas!” en retournant à la maison tous les soirs.

La seule nouveauté apportée est leur nouveau site, powered by wordpress!

mbc site

Quoi que la qualité de leur charte graphique initiale était médiocre à mon gout et leur serveur est toujours aussi lent. Je crois bien qu’il est grand temps de prendre une souscription aux télés privées, mêmes si je ne passe pas beaucoup de temps devant la télé. Au moins, je ne serai pas face à une télé qui reste éteinte la plus part du temps, comme en ce moment précis!

Et dire que le nouveau directeur général avait annoncé des changements !

19 thoughts on “Déçu par la station nationale de télévision

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  1. franchement yash pren ene abonnement canal sat..li vaut la peine .. kave to pas pou guet tous les jours mais to kner to pou toujours ena ene zafer interessant pou gueT


  2. well that’s true fink its high time they changed that person who decide the TV schedule….i never watch the local news cos I think its a waste of time and a shame to dare to broadcast such news…and luckily now with orange u had some additional channels ki aC passable….sinon li vrai ki vaut mieux ena n abonnement canal sat ou parabole cos there r interestin stuffs there….but think there should be some change for the general public also cos they r payin a fee every month and at least to add some value to the MBC image….


  3. D̩̤u Рthat is the right word to describe my feelings about the 12 digital TNT channels that I scan. Some days I am desperately scanning (zap) to find a decent programme but most days I am disappointed not to speak of my frustration on weekends, especially on Sundays. Up until now, I have always told myself to hold-off getting a subscription to private channels because the MBC would probably improve. So far, the improvements in programme offer is not forth coming. The MBC movie channel rarely offers a film I have not already seen and the other MBC channels offer too much in the way of Asian soaps or old Hindi films. I am now in a situation where I should seriously consider paying more for better quality but the question is what: MyT, Canalsat or Parabole? When you think about the problem, it is a pity that a station like MBC operating with the latest digital equipment is lacking in entertaining programme content. If only they could get away from the never ending song contests, old Bollywood films, cut back on Asian soaps and hours of political speeches, then maybe they could spend some of the budget on new content?


  4. Inutile cause seki pa bon pe perdi letemps.Prend ene abonnement avec MyT gagne nouveau films bollywood et Hollywood. Alors ki canal ek parabole bizin attane 1 an avant joue ene film ki fek sorti, MyT apres quelques mois li disponible ( bizin fouille bien dans so catalogue selma ).Lor la so banne chaine teles dans l’ordre net.


  5. Movie Channel…bof! Same movies over and over again!

    Hindi Films…lol! Some of them I never even knew existed!

    American Movies…all in french and still same old piece of crap re-runs…

    Pff!!! Rs. 100 obligatoire pu bane gonaz pareil!!! Can’t we manifest not to pay that Rs.100??? Soutir zot sa!


  6. Mwa si mo pa contnetn mbc tv…kan mo ti alle maurice en may de cette annee mo realiser comine mo plein kan molacaz parski pena narien dan sa tv la..foof… chance ena internet….mais selma sa si li bien slow..e lorl mo frer ena internet 512…mais bon…n chance ena bon bon lamer dan maurice pou keep mwa entertained…mo sire kan mo return maurice mo pou bzin met n ban channel la…at least cav gange variety…


  7. “Je crois bien qu’il est grand temps de prendre une souscription aux télés privées, mêmes si je ne passe pas beaucoup de temps devant la télé.”

    Man, what about other persons in your house? Don’t you think they would like to have something better to watch on TV?

    Go for satellite TV, it’s totally worth it. Try a cheapo package at first if you want. 😉


  8. hmm, i wanna put “parabole”, bkz of discoveery channel!!< its better, zan z fkng MBC which always continues repeating z same programs and movies!!< we shd stp paying them their 100 roupies ;lol, i tihnk bkz its z only common operator in mauriitus, zats y, he dnt invest a lot!< if their was a challenging tv studio, it wd be better<! we wd be getting good movies!< hate MBC


  9. Why are you complaining about our best channels of the year,for that price it’s worth gold.The DG,MR K.callikan li envie,who let you learn films by heart ,programmes you don’t like to be viewed,Tulsee and fille du jardinier to enable people not to use their grey-matter,ministers cutting ribbons:so as to make you not forget about who you’ve voted last time and how he is using his power through your votes so that next time you’ll stay at home during the next election.Are you guys,been paid by canal sat or parabole to make their advertising?Do you like the way french people are having their pound of flesh on everything here ,telephones,tv channels,what else?Just look around and see what they’ve done in Africa ,setting fire in the north and donating fire extinguishers to the south.Selling arms to Conacry and being horrified of the massacre.Just think of it and try to read between the lines ,check :whatreallyhappened.com ,stay alert.


  10. I have learnt a lot of things by not watching mbc tv…other services like canal sat and parabole is DEFINITELY worth to pay for…Lots of interesting programs which you have a variety of.
    MBC bizin prend l’exemple ek banne pli bon ki toi…


  11. dudes try, try out FTA’s!!
    only one in a lifetime investment, and a variety of programs, and if you knw a lil bit abt decoding the satelite waves through a pc tv card,
    then dudes, no need for even any other paid tv broadcasters!!!!!


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