Keep Cool!

The atmosphere in the island’s blogosphere is quite tensed 😛

Below are 2 creole jokes which I am sure some of you might be reading for the first time.

Dialog 1 – Dessin


Ene zour dan ene classe first, prof la p surveille bane zenfants la…
Li p diman saken ki zotte p dessiner.
Li truv ene tifi p faire ene dessin bizarre…
Li diman li “Ki to p dessiner?”
Tifi la dire li
“mo p dessine bon dier”

b, lerla prof la dire li, “personne pas koner kouma li ressembler!”

Tifi la dire li :
“dan ene ti mama, zottte pu koner kouma li eter !”

Dialog 2 – Detective

3 couyons ti p rode vine detective n zotte fine al dan ene agence detective pu rode travaille.
Chef detective la decide pu faire ene test r zotte li prend photo ene dimoune n montrer premier couyon la pu 5 secondes.
lerla li ramasse foto la n diman couyon la
eski to pu reconnait li si to truv li?

couyon la repond li “wi, li ena ene sel lizier!”
chef la dire, normal to pu truv ene sel lizier, to p guet so photo en profile!

li faire meme zafairre r 2eme couyon la n diman li meme kestion.
2eme la si

wi, akoz li ena ene sel zoreille!

Chef la decide pu al diman 3eme la ki ti parait imper pli malin.
Apres 5 secondes, li ramasse photo la n diman 3eme la meme zaffaire

3eme la repond li
li met contactes(lenses)

Chef la soké n dire zotte attane li al check sa dan bane documents akoz li meme li pas koner si sa vraie.
Chef la aller n li retourner apres 10 mins…
b wi, to bien malin, li mette contactes! kouma to kone sa?

3eme la repond li:
a b facile…li pas pu capave met lunettes normal akoz li ena ene sel lizer et 1 sel zoreille!

Have a nice day everyone!

12 thoughts on “Keep Cool!

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    1. @Yadhav : I hosted a small Mauritian Jokes Forum some 3 years ago with a few friends and we shared some hundreds of jokes. We just created a new thread with jokes we heard around to share among us. We did not really invent the jokes (though we did for a few stupid ones).

      To reply to your question : No, they are not mine but I will be spreading the jokes again 🙂

      @Mike : LOLZ!


  1. Let me add:

    6 fous gagne lottery. Zot arrange ene station lessence. Mais pas gagne ditou clients….kifer???

    Zot ine arrange li lor letage!

    6 fous la dire zot faire taxi aster mais toujours pas gagne clients…kifer???

    Tous les 6 reste dans taxi pu ale rode clients!!!

    Enfin zot dire laisse zot met tou cash lottery dans taxi ek zet li dans precipice akoz lottery la pa p servi zot…mais loto pas p bouger…kifer???

    3 pe pousse devant 3 p pousse derriere!!!

    Am sure you heard them and if not..well…now you did 🙂

    Cool Yashvin…i love jokes!


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