Facebook : Hide Quizzes + Switch to English Pirate!

First of all, today I found a great post which is worth sharing!

GarrettCK posted an article showing the steps to hide all those annoying quizzes from your facebook home page.

He writes :

Complaining on my fb/twitter status was useful! I had been spending my first few minutes on fb everyday blocking all these quizzes/apps. A friend brought to my knowledge the wonderful facebook purity script.

And I tried it, it works amazingly!

block quiz

Thanks to his friend and his blog article, I will hopefully be free from quizzes appearing on 80% of all the stuff on my facebook home page!

Yashvin, pages of my life

Yayyyyy! I am a pirate!

Last week, I posted an article on the English (Upside down) language of Facebook. But a few days ago, I switched to English (Pirate).

Facebook Pirate Home

Arrr, This be pleasin’ to me eye (I like it!).

Some additional screen shots:

Status Pirate Mode

Pirate Mode : Share

pirate top banner

And the best ;

chat with pirates!

gotta nthg to do? switcha ur lang to Piratessssssss justta like Cap’n Yashvin.

Dnt forgat to weigh in (comment)!

8 thoughts on “Facebook : Hide Quizzes + Switch to English Pirate!

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  1. Oh this is really cool! I love the way pirates talk…they are so original…instead of teaching creole at school, why not teach pirate’s language 😛 lol!


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