Beware of people throwing stones along the motorways!


It is becoming very serious and dangerous now.

Yesterday night, my colleague told me about a case in which people threw a stone at a car which was going along the motorway from the Riche Terre (Jumbo) roundabout till the Terre Rouge’s one.

And a few minutes ago, my dad warned me since the police registered loads of cases again during the last days. Indeed, some malicious people are taking fun to throw stones at passing vehicles on different parts of the motorways (not only in the north).  People are reporting similar cases, not only in the north, but even in the central part of the island.

Drivers from the north already know the danger when driving past the Terre Rouge roundabout, near the cemetery.

In the past, there have been other cases where people placed big rocks along the road so that the drivers run directly into them. Of course, if it very difficult to stop your vehicle immediately when you are flying at over 90KM/hr.

They usually operate in groups. While some of them aim at the cars, other people wait patiently for the drivers to get down of their vehicles before attacking them. They usually hide into dark areas or on the flyover bridges.

It is a driver’s normal instinct to get out of his vehicle and check what happened.


Drive straight to the nearest Police Station to report it or to some safer location to check for any damages.

Advices :

The road is becoming more and more dangerous everyday, and thieves are trying to be more and more smart to attack you.

  • Try to avoid roads near high risk areas (You know what I am talking about)
  • Its more safe to use the “vieux chemin” at night.
  • Do not travel alone especially late in the night
  • It may sound a bit dangerous, but I believe that you should not be driving along a straight line if you are driving the only vehicle in some remote road.
  • Never stop, especially if you are alone.
  • Avoid staying long at Red Traffic Lights, drive away if you see that the road are clear, but be careful!
  • If you see some suspicious people on the roads, avoid slowing down.

And finally,

  • If you ever see some people asking you to slow down (EVEN if they seem to be in “Police Uniforms“) and there are no signs of any police vehicles around, DO NOT STOP!
    Head straight to the Police Station and tell them that people were trying to stop you. The Police officers will then verify this information if needed.


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28 thoughts on “Beware of people throwing stones along the motorways!

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  1. ongtemps.banla ti pe atache roche la avec 1 la corde.lerla zot ti pe throw sa from above over head crossing..acoz sa meme..tou overhead crossing in cover completely..aster zot in trouve 1 new facon!!


  2. You should never stop your vehicle even if you got hit. It could be very dangerous. The best thing to do is to go to the police station. And i really think that it will be very difficult to catch these mindless fellows. The police need to setup a special operation, like a trap or something like that.. that’s the only way.. and anyways.. i dont think you can avoid a rock if its coming at your car.. only way is to not use that road(which is not an option for many people).

    Nice article..

    btw.. it doesn’t just concern “throwing rocks”.. there are other things they do.. too filthy to divulge..


  3. Scary situation. If the government wants to promote 24/7 they first need to do something about security. Thanks for the alert and advice.


  4. Yashvin said: Its more safe to use the “vieux chemin” at night.

    NOT RECOMMENDED !!! It is in fact more dangerous. I once took a “vieux chemin” at night in Quatre-Bornes and nearly drove over a huge bolder. When i halted in extremis.. i saw a group of person coming in my direction. Fortunately they were “real” policemen who were called by other drivers to remove the bolder..
    Since then.. i only take the royal road at night…


    1. @Bernardo : Of course, you should be careful while driving on any roads of the island.
      I believe that the main roads in a town or village are much safer than driving alone along a dark motorway, adjacent to high risk regions + nonexistent street lightnings.

      Prevention is better than cure…
      Unfortunately, wikipedia does not have a page for it 😛


  5. I’ve shown this blog entry to some folks here and the common responses were:

    1. “Ena ene gran malaise dan pays. Ena dimounes ki pa konner ki zote pou faire a coz ena ene zafaire politik et povreter p bouilli. Au lieu faire zafaire positif pou zote mem, zote truv pou faire di mal zote freres morisyens.”

    2. “Ena pere laval la pou banne nassions. Touletan bizin ena desorde kan ena nimport kit rasemblemen”

    People who intentionally cause harm to others are uneducated and need to be tased by local enforcement forces!


  6. What you are writing about is really freaky but unfortunately a bitter truth.

    I have a friend who experienced something worse…He was on his scooter and riding at night. If am not mistaken, it was near Riche Terre that he just saw a rope in front of him. (They lay a rope on the road and pull it when they see scooters, motorcycles etc…) my friend slid on the road with his scooter over some distance. He said that he was terrified to death that night. Some guys (armed if am not mistaken) were coming his way when suddenly they saw some headlights…and stopped…

    My friend took advantage of these few seconds and ran to his scooter, started it (lucky for him it still did) and rode off to save his life.

    I think the police needs to solve this matter. I often do that road at night (after 9) with Mich when he has to check something at work (Riche Terre near Jumbo).

    Sincerely, nowadays thieves, etc give you the whole package : Vol, viol, meurtre!

    So if you are with your wife, sister or even mom, NEVER EVER stop…keep a baseball bat in your car…it might help…

    Wonder where the country is heading…guess this is why some people later get into groups, and try to do justice themselves…

    Enfin!!! Navin ti p rode change nu la vie dans 100 jours…lol! (Maybe out of subject but can’t stop myself…lol!)


    1. @Reena : Unfortunately, “keep a baseball bat in your car…it might help.” might be considered as a breach of law.

      Police may fine you, even if you are doing this for your own protection, thats the law.


  7. @ Yashvin:

    Then keep the bat and the ball too…they can’t fine you if you are coming or going to a baseball match non?

    Are they going to fine you if you have badminton or tennis rackets with you? Or your foot shoes in the car?

    Trust me, you can do that…it’s just a baseball bat and it’s ball….now you don’t go around menacing innocent people with it 😛


  8. ala ene zafer interessan
    to cav dire mwa cot vende bat baseball dan moris?
    dpi ene lepok p rod sa mai pa p trouver

    gueT ki dmars to cv fer
    sil te plain


  9. @’lex and everyone interested:

    You can have cheap baseball bats at Game…the ball itself is not that good but the bat is cool…

    Hope I helped 🙂


  10. pas dimounes ki p faire sa…surement lougarou sa…(Kidding! I am not being serious here and I cannot be held responsible and/or prosecuted for spreading rumours.)


  11. You cannot beat up people unless they have attacked you and not if they have thrown rocks on your car. Have you been taken out of the vehicle and get beaten up, then it’s alright to kick some butt.
    Follow Yashvin’s advice and be safe.


    The best weapons are….forks. I’m not joshing you. Always keep at least 2 forks in your pockets. These are concealable, legal and can do great damage to your attacker(s). Even Obi Wan agreed that the Fork is something fantastic – ref. “Use the fork, Luke.”


  12. We are reading some frightening experiences by people using the roads. The level of violence in criminal acts seems to be rising in this country. Even in acts of thefts, holdups, the use of weapons like sabre is quite common. The population in general is expressing concerns about security in the country. Amending legislation to make penalties more severe is not enough. There is a need for more police presence on the roads at night. It seems to me that there is a need to strengthen the police force in numbers and equipment to be able to tackle this particular problem. We seem to be going backwards in time to the days of highway robbery. As an expat I feel particularly vunerable to potential attacks and in that scenario I would seriously consider applying for a permit to carry a firearm for protection. However, that is the extreme situation, awareness and precaution is better.


  13. @Fadil

    “2. “Ena pere laval la pou banne nassions. Touletan bizin ena desorde kan ena nimport kit rasemblemen””

    You being a racist certainly won’t discourage those thugs from continuing their vile behaviors


  14. always lock all your doors.. while driving..

    don’t worry about your vehicle.. you have insurance for that..

    also if someone is attacking you face on.. don’t hesitate.. run over those sons of bi***es.. even if that means wrecking the car


  15. I actually have a baseball ‘kit’ in my car.
    I know someone who once defended himself with the help of the car cigarette lighter and since then i make sure that it always works in my car!

    Also, beware at the Arsenal traffic light at night!!!!!

    While we are all speaking about driving at night, may i highlight that some roads around the coast are as dangerous to drive during day time!


  16. Been across your website , found it interesting the way people talk at least we have people who talk sense keep it up Guys
    have a nice weekend


  17. i have been going through all the comments..its so nice of you guys to post your experience and thoughts about it..

    My whole family had a terrible experience while returning from port-louis..after watching movie at the cinema(it was indian ithink) lol

    It was around 00:30 when we passed the riche terre round-about..A few metres i could saw 1 man standing in the middle of the road..with a rod in his hand!!!!He was trying to stop be frank li ti 1 nasyon sa boug la…we horned at him still he did not move..mne dire mo dad pa aret loto la nu ram li si falE…my mom and my bro were asleep..mne dire dad augmente vitesse loto la …and that bitch would move away ..i guess he could saw us coming at full speed nek zett sa bar feraille la lor windshield la ..i was like facing death in front of us…windshield la in felE..mais sa boug la in resi soV…since then ..we prefer to go to King cinema at night at Goodlands..its more safe than going through those risky motorways.

    my dad even lodge a complain still that man was not arrested kinda funny..


  18. @ Antish

    i think it’s Roche Bois u r talking about…that’s exactly where my friend had his misadventure 😦

    Am not saying everyone living there is a savage, but the police really needs to cool off those hot asses!!!

    Now am mom of a little angel and to tell you the truth, the day someone touches my daughter, I cannot vouch for that A-hole’s life…

    Funny though…that people who commit offences freely walk the streets and are at the head of the country 😛


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