The funny way : How to check if u have H1N1

We are in the 21th century isn’t it? Going to the doctor is outdated! That’s the reason why you should use the latest technology to check if you have been infected by H1N1 😛


Take the quiz here.

People, you should take it cool!

H1N1 is not bringing the end of the world. Sure, there are some death cases, but they are indirectly related to the disease.

Washing your hands regularly, No handshaking (or kisses) are simple ways that will help you to reduce the risk of getting infected!

You can also do as the guy here (Check out the funny way)

Finally, after taking a look at the result, I believe that I should go to sleep 😛

Disclamer : does not guarantee that the online test will be 200% trustful. Any death cases can be reported as comments. The management reserves the right of admission.

5 thoughts on “The funny way : How to check if u have H1N1

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  1. lol mo penC li reflete plus ki sa.. li reflete limportance ki fb ine pren dan la vie ene tas dimoun.. zot faire quiz ki de temps en temps zot ena tendance pren tro au serieux…facebook is like the new god! relationship,personality tests, matching tests..well… facebook cant be stopped


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