Cycling along the northern coast

As some of you already know, yesterday I cycled from Triolet to Grand Bay, via Pointe Aux Piments, Trou Aux Biches, Mont Choisy and Pointe Aux Cannoniers.

It was really fun, except that the next time (if ever), I should

  • bring a hat
  • prend ene coussin (derriere vine dibois lol)

Specially for this day, I had a new model 😛

Here’s some additional pictures…

The most painful part was the return journey, especially along the long straight road from Grand Bay to Triolet, and I had to limit my speed to 60km/hr! 😛

From this small drive, I burned some calories (worth Rs150 of petrol) but most important of all, it was really fun+ I discovered 2 beaches in Pointe aux Cannoniers!

Of course, the best pictures will be posted on my flickr and as usual, other nice shots will be published in my photo blog in the next days.

14 thoughts on “Cycling along the northern coast

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  1. Whoa, that sounds like heaven. I wish I could do that I don’t get to cycle that much, my mother is afraid that I get struck my a vehicle xD Chui pour le coussin, I know how it feel :p


  2. you are improving on your quality of your photo snaps…really don’t tell me that a professional course in digital photography does not interest you ?!!? 0_0


    1. @Ashesh : Apres mure reflexion, peut etre oui 😀

      @Avishna : Si ena… enbas post la, juste avant comments.

      @Nussaibah : I repeat… Coussin highly recommended… or imper cottons dans pantalon 😛

      @Ashvind : Yeah toutsel! ti seryer seman!


  3. hmmm… that sounds like a day well spent away from the office. Lot’s of work awaiting you tomorrow morning:) By the way, how many infected people did you come across during this journey?
    Bring your mask@work 🙂 Good to see you enjoyed your day!


  4. that seemed nice and really worthy

    La Grippe Kosson is out!! To all those who like/need to kiss/embrace other people: “Make use of Bluetooth 3.0 + Human compatibility patch v.1.4.7!!” Make use of a good firewall to prevent your immunity system from being hacked by that Kosson! Secure all ports and local drives.



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