Already 2 years at DCDM Consulting

Time flies so fast…

Already 2 years since I joined DCDM Consulting 🙂 after completion of my course at university 😦

dcdmc fun

Special thanks to the people at DCDMC (surtout mo lekip) 🙂

Have a look at all those articles related to my work here.

Do I need to say that we also work at DCDM Consulting?

Bon (longue) weekend and see you on Tuesday 😛

6 thoughts on “Already 2 years at DCDM Consulting

Add yours

  1. thats nice =) its been four years now since i’m working @ the same place and still i haven’t yet socialise with colleagues..

    im glad u get along so well and do loads of things together may be this is because your colleagues are of the same age group.

    here i’m the youngest and there is a big age the sole one under 30 here and if ever you could hear those married women talking abt me lol..RUN 😛

    a’way personally speaking my advice stay where you are =) are in one of the best companies in mauritius..forget about accenture ceridian’ll be better off w/o them :p


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