Discovered bee hive in front of house

Great discovery indeed!

A few minutes ago, my uncle (Deepa’s dad) called me since there was a large swam of bees just in front of my house. Indeed, we found a small bee hive in a tree.

A neighbor quickly came to investigate why there was so much excitement in front of my house. He then told us that there was surely a bigger hive somewhere on the ground since these bees normally build larger ones on firm ground for the mother queen.

We started to look around and to our surprise, we spotted a large hive on a piece of rotten iron sheet!

We approached the mother queen hive which was quite big! Take a careful look at it, you can see some golden stuff in one of the above pics.

There was loads of bees busy working on it, and they did not feel any threat so they did not bother about us. We were very cautious koz they could attack at any moment!

Now, we don’t have any idea what to do with it… but I am quite exicted to take the honey out of it 😛

Without any bites of course!

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  1. Oh! I hope the Queen been *Sa MazesT* reads this article! 😛 Your doing some free ad for her fleet.. maybe you could get some free honey.. 😛

    Be carefull.. this seems quite big.. although beautiful and intriguing , it Could be dangerous in the future. Shouldnt let it grow..

    *bring it on PAWS people!! i dont fear you* 😛

    Rock ON!!


  2. pheeeeeeeeeeewwwww..
    that’s extraordinaire .. 🙂 you should get this in l’express newspaper by tomorow 🙂
    this is all natural honey and prolly one of the biggest rare bee hives totally natural .. you should plan to have a honey tasting 🙂 hahaha


  3. go on, stick your finger in there and get some honey, they don’t bite, honest! They just sting….. if they get mad they take off in attack formation and dive-bomb you.


  4. WoW! Just make sure you guys know how to handle it especially if there are kids around. Man, you could start a honey! Am sure you could sell the hives to interested farmers who are into it. It pays well. We know the honey from Rodrigues, now we’ll get to taste the Awootar’s honey 🙂


  5. i would b interested .. if anyone knows how to make a bee hive !! .. though in Port Louis, it mite not become sooo successful but i would want to try tho .. lemme know friends


    1. @Reena : (6) on msn gives a devil smiley 😛

      @Bhooks, @Bernardo : Zotte p rode faire mwa zette ene sick la, si mouche dimiel pike moi 😛

      @Dhaneesha : Kifer to p rode queen la? So le roi la meme 😀

      @Ashfaq : I dont think it gonna be that difficult… Find some bees and their queen, put them in a nice place which they will like, and encourage them to come again lol!

      @Doorgesh : Awootar honey… hehe mari bon sa 😛

      @Yasir : Mo pas croire mo pu ressi vine blog pu rakonter kine arriver lol!

      @Mike : aha! yeah, they sting 😛

      @Varuna : sure, willl, if we can 😛


  6. Wow ! Really impressive Yashvin… Make sure to take good macro pictures of it.. And bring some honey for friends..


  7. UPDATE of 21th July 2009

    After a site visit to the hive location, I found out that Deepa’s statement was true! All the bees are gone!
    Do you remember the first hive on the tree? According to eye witnesses (Deepa n Neha), the hundreds or thousand of bees have flown away on Sunday evening, leaving no trace of that hive! YES! The first hive has completely dissapeared!
    This happened when my uncle had set some fire in some nearby dried grass.

    This morning, I went to check the second bigger hive, which was empty too! There was only 1 bee on the hive, and I took the iron sheet back home to keep it in some safe location.

    Later, I will try some photography shots on it 🙂

    We could not find any trace of honey, since most probably they were dried since the bees were no more here to maintain it. It is a pity that we lost such an opportunity to get “Awootar’s honey” 😦

    Anyway, it was a nice discovery and I am sure that this has amazed more than one.

    Getting ready to leave for office,

    Yashvin, reporting for


  8. A missed opportunity there, just think what you could have done with the empowerment programme – Awootar’s international export of bio-honey.


  9. Actually farmers use smoke to sleep the bees so as to retrieve the honey. Guess that is what happened when your uncle put fire nearby, but instead of sleeping they just flew away…

    Pity you could not get honey 😦

    However, if the hives are still here, there is a possibility of selling them to bee farmers for they will re-colonize the hives….


    1. @Reena : Wow, I can already see money coming 😛
      Kidding, I doubt that it is still good. Mum broke one of them this morning to check how it was inside LOL!


  10. In fact this is what is called “swarming” – where bees leave the hive in search of a better place to install another hive.

    This may happen for a number of reasons – the actual place becoming too small – the colonies always increase in size, or if the colony senses a danger around.

    The queen initiates the swarming and all worker bees ingurgitate lots of honey for the upcoming journey.

    They leave the hive and rest on a branch to regroup around the queen and to protect her.

    Some worker beees go on reconnaissance for a proper nesting place (preferably sheltered, dry and dark) and when it is found the colony moves as a whole to start the future hive…


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