DCDMC fun day @ Club Med

Club Med Swimming Pool

DCDM Consulting held its company event at Club Med, Pointe aux Cannoniers on the 17th July 2009 (a few hrs ago). I think that all of us were more than satisfied, so much loads of fun, food, drinks!

Beach Volley, Swimming Pool and Buffet

At Club Med 2

Asmita,Om, Nafeesa, Pravesh, Dhan, Me • Terry

At Club Med 1

Dhan driving the golf “car”, Petangues,  Bernard and Me

At Club Med 3

Me and Dhan

At Club Med

Planning of the day

0800hrs : Got up.

0930hrs : Reached Club Med

Lunch Time : Buffet (ventre defoncer!)

1600hrs : Colleagues start to leave the hotel

1645hrs : Changed clothes and left with Dhan for a drive 🙂

1645-2230hrs : BEEP ( *censored* ) !

On Going : Kayak, Swimming (when I fell from the Kayak), Beach Volley, Golf, Tennis, Ping Pong, Photo shooting and a few drinks 😛

2230hrs : Pick up my sis from the end of year party of  The University of Mauritius.

2300hrs : Reached home.

0130am : [sleeping starts now]

More photos

Check out the some of the pics on my facebook album! The best shots will of course be uploaded on my photo blog in the coming days!Have a nice weekend everyone!

“Chaque bonne chose a son fin” Only 5 hours of sleep, and I will have to rush to work, on a Saturday 😦

7 thoughts on “DCDMC fun day @ Club Med

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  1. is your office near champ de mars?..

    oh btw to nom de famille dire moi kit chose mai pa to figir..astr la mo truv to ti st joseph? lol 😉

    mo ti conne 1 awootar st joseph..:p


  2. the office of dcdm @ champ de mars (auditing) .. your office is their too?

    oh btw i saw on ur blog u were @ sjc..i knew an awootar @ st joseph and another living in sodnac qb. (fami)?

    how come nou pa in meet lor la gare victoria gramatin? :p


  3. ho ho ho =) lol i don’t have too many pics on facebook either but a’way ca period la mo bisin conne toi lol :p

    surtout si to ti p prend bus la gare victoria dan gramatin :p my gf works @ dcdm tho’..auditing..

    a’way lol cheers 🙂 keep updating :p


  4. @Mervin : lol, I thought I already replied to your questions above, but I don’t remember where exactly.
    Anyway, Yes I was at SJC and most probably we met at La Gare Victoria lol. And yes, I have some family at Quatres Bornes, near Sodnac.


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