Dodo, we miss you!

The soil at Mare aux Songes has uncovered new secrets today. Bones of the most famous extinct bird of Mauritius, the Dodo have been extracted from this site.

Broadcasted a few minutes ago in the mbc news journal, I was stunned at the size of  those bones. The video report on the news journal was very interesting and this aroused a sudden interest of this native bird of Mauritius.

I might soon be visiting the museums 🙂

I don’t even remember when I last visited the Port Louis Museum, probably during my early primary school days.

And what if… the dodo was still alive?

I can’t even imagine this! I believe that they would probably be treated just like poultry in Mauritius. Perhaps you would have a few dodos in your yard or even be having Dodos Barbecue in parties or pay Rs100 for 1/2 kg of dodo’s fresh meat.

Can we ever dream of seeing the dodo again?

Some kind of secret project going on to bring our country’s symbol back to life…

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  1. If you had watched the recent documentary, they mentioned that Dodo’s meat wasn’t particularly good to eat – so the Dutch did not eat off all Dodos. 😛

    If the Dodo was alive, well… it would be just another big bird. 😛


  2. @bruno – surely those who were part of the dodo club would miss it. Needlessly to say many of those who were not part of the dodo club now aged persons would have the nostalgia of meeting white women at the time 😛 hahahahha


  3. Yes saw that news on TV and did I hear right, 4,000 years old bones and also remains of giant tortoises? I wonder why the Dutch mariners killed them all if they were not good to eat? Just for the feathers? Don’t think so, meat probably like a Turkey. Maybe they will clone them and start a KFD !


  4. not KFD, may be an MFD(Mauritian fried DODO). anyway,..
    there’s one thing that intrigered me, there’s no mention of how they dated the bones to 4000yrs. does Mauritius have carbon-14 dating facilities?


  5. The Dutch killed the Dodos to give food to the workers and slaves who repaired the ships in Mauritius! As they were not so good to eat they were given to lower class workers and the tortoises were reserved for the Captain, the Sailors and important crew members!

    As there were many workers to be fed, so many Dodos were killed to be served as food! So now you understand how the stock of Dodos decreased astonishingly to extinction!

    And moreover The Dodo only gave one egg per year! So, if mongooses and rats got that egg, per Dodo Family NO “petit Dodo” will be available for a whole year!!!!

    So Sad story for The Dodo of Mauritius!


  6. What if:

    1. the dodo speaks creol?
    2. the dodo has a blog?
    3. the dodo blogs?
    4. the dodo is not laying eggs any more
    5. dodo wears rayban


    Well i don’t think they are still alive man otherwise geologists(which I dnt know whether we have in mauritius) would have said so. They(the dodos NOT THE GEOLOGISTS 😉 are really cute as seen in picture!!!


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