The mouse, your best friend…


Just a quick (stupid?) thought….

The mouse is one of the things which you will probably use the most in your whole lifetime…

In fact, I think that it is the thing which most of us hold the most, perhaps even more than the mobile phone.

Amazing, isnt it?

I end up with the post from gmail team which is encouraging the use of keyboard shortcuts together with other very useful tips to boost up your gmail experience.

Gmail Ninja

Very interesting series of tips! Check it out!

11 thoughts on “The mouse, your best friend…

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  1. Yeah, even though I really love my trackpoint and touchpad, I tend to use the mouse more often. It’s a question of habit! 😀
    I’m starting to like the keyboard shortcuts on Gmail. They do help!


  2. @carrotmadman6.. i didnt know it either… thougt it was IBM..

    @all.. uhh.. i prefer my keyboard… though its been ages since i last saw it.. lol….(its too dark.. almost invisible)

    i AM A GMAIL NINjA(self-proclaimed)


  3. I find that instead of using the shortcuts I use the mouse. It seems to be an automatic and natural movement to point and click with the mouse rather than to memorize numerous shortcuts.


  4. I think we should be able to manage both equally. In harsh time you know.. ex: your mouse broke, got to complete important work at home, no extra mouse in possession, the computer store is closed… what to do?

    We should be able to do without a mouse but not without a Kboard (some PCs dont get display without a keyboard)..

    So, start learning shortcuts dudes!!


  5. Tout depends lor nous convenience!
    I am used to alt+Tab instead of using the mouse. 😛
    Mouse I use in case I have to click on links or open files or folders.
    Soo I guess it’s balanced usage…


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