Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun in images

It was a totally unexpected visit to the “Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun” event held today at Mon Choisy. While returning back home after recharging my orange account, I noticed loads of people running and walking towards Mon Choisy. Its only then that I remembered about the event which was highly advertised since the last days. I drove back home and took the camera… So, here is my post about this first “Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun” in images…

Walking and running through the villages

walking through the villages

The finish line at Mon Choisy

The finish line

Where should I go?


The podium

The beautiful podium

Tshirt motto


karate demos (click to enlarge)

Boxing demo


Speech by officials

Speech 2

Discover Orange Products in the sandball

The sandball

The concert

Eric Triton

btw, Ashesh, this is for you! Hope that you succeeded in going there on time :P…

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Orange Everywhere!

Once fed up of being burn in the hot sun, I went for a tour on the public beach to take some shots and find some food!

Mon Choisy

Did I miss something or Orange sponsored the whole of Mon Choisy beach today?

Orange everywhere 2
orange everywhere 3

On my god! Orange everywhere!

Did I say god? Then this is really serious!

How did you find this post? *winking*

17 thoughts on “Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun in images

Add yours

  1. Was going to go there today.. but in the end deicided to stay home and do some learning. Well.. thanks to your post.. i didnt miss anything! haha!

    Nice pictures! especially the “fighting stills”!


  2. Ya they did well. with Orange everywhere, but the karate kick where “ouch that hurts” is !!!!! bzin boire ene orange juice apres sa!!!


  3. Impressive photos, especially the action ones. Looks like Orange are on a huge publicity drive. After Pailles now this, they are determined to be no.1 service company here?


  4. This was a real coverage of the event.. .With edited photos and all..

    @v: Yes.. saying “Girls on the dance floor” is gender insulting..



  5. @Bernardo :
    “@v: Yes.. saying “Girls on the dance floor” is gender insulting..”

    How can this be classified as insulting? I can’t see any words meant for that o_O


  6. OMFG!!why do some of u guys like to make every single thing an issue!!damnmmm this is for fun!if u dont like it,just get your f*****ing ass out of here! 😀


  7. @V :
    Why shouldn’t they do it?
    lol, its fun to see them ‘fight’… but it is even funnier and also shocking to see the video on facebook where some girls are fighting in Ebene. (try to look for it if you haven’t seen it)


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