Suggestions for the 2nd Bloggers’ event!

The past event in mac do.

My dear friends, bloggers and readers…

Following the success of our first bloggers’ meeting of 2009, a next event is already in its way… On the 14th March 2009, for the first time in Mauritius, 25 bloggers were all under one roof, that of  Mac Donald, Harbour Front, Port Louis. This meeting has been simply great since most of us were only virtual. I am sure that most of those who attended would agree that the “small” get together was enriching while sharing our common passion… blogging. A similar gathering was also done a few years back together and this gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to the few bloggers who existed at that time.

Building castles...

However, this time we want to organize something even better than the last time…

Let’s say

  • a bigger place just for us… with no need to look for chairs each time some blogger reached mac do,
  • a larger number of bloggers… and building a larger community
  • and why not some fun?

We sincerely hope that there will be much more participation. We have a few ideas about the event but we would like to have yours and also your complete support in this event.

Your suggestions are the most welcomed!

Please everyone follow the indications till Morinn’s Blog and make sure you don’t get lost anywhere…


Do tell us :

  1. What you expect in the next bloggers’ event ( Topic, Theme, Objectives )
  2. Propose us some nice places to hold the above mentioned event and
  3. Come up with some ideas to make it more interesting and enriching experience.

PLEASE submit all your ideas to Morinn’s blog

I really mean everyone, whether you are a blogger or one of our dear readers, without whom life in our blogs would be very boring!

14 thoughts on “Suggestions for the 2nd Bloggers’ event!

Add yours

  1. This time we build a real castle..xD
    It was actually fun to meet you guys..Specially le petit petit also known as Saajid..HAHA..Anyway, right now..I’m in no position to give suggestions.I shall come back tomorrow..Guess, we could try the seaside, resto,…….Or saajid shall book the whole kfc for us..LoL..


    1. @rubeina : We would all be glad to know you more, feel free to join in!
      Dont forget to let us know your suggestions and what do you expect about this event…

      @Tushal : pff, mone dir pas bisin met suggestions here πŸ˜›
      KFC? I said something better than last time lol


  2. KFC is a lot better than MacDonald (Saajid would definitely agree! :P)
    You want more room? Build bigger castles? how about @ the beach?
    Here’s the idea…
    All bloggers get togeher in a sort of team building exercise and build a 6ft Sand castle? πŸ™‚
    A meeting with a meaning: “Global Warming: It won’t stop us buidling our castles” (that would be fitting given global concerns surrounding global warming, and the impact on tourism perhaps, in Mauritius)

    I sure can come up with some crazy ideas sometimes lol πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for posting about it Yashvin! πŸ˜€

    I like the idea of team building activities. We might form teams at random and get to do some fun activities. :p

    The beach would be great for that!


  4. Treasure hunt exercise – bloggers split into two teams and have to work together to solve the problem/find clues/etc
    If there’s enough people..a human sized chess game? πŸ™‚
    Or..slightly different, if someone knows their way across the forest, a trek through the forest?
    …thats all i can think of…for now


  5. Human sized chest. I will bring the knifes!!!!
    Again, I’m here to comment at 23.05..OMG..Well, KFC is better..(Le petit petit will make us have some discount).Well, the beach too is interesting.Or like…nature…LIke..adventure park or the Nature park itself..


  6. Beach is fine with me! Great idea Nav!

    I think we will be more free to roam around, sit in a circle and chat with everyone. It’s fun coz we can also bring and share as far as food is concerned.

    The sand castle thing is real great! Great cause too!

    There are also so many games we could play! Beach volley, tug of war etc…sounds like fun to me…

    Count me in, but you will have to do it near my place, like Flic en Flac or so…

    @Yashvin, will tell you the reason later on πŸ™‚


  7. Hi all bloggers,

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    Thanks all for I hope your future collaboration



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