A visit to La Citadelle

Most of us have been to Fort Adelaide / La Citadelle during our primary school outings but personally, I have never been on the roof of the fort itself… Magnificent views… and great place to shoot pictures! The view from the roof is amazing… I did not even know that the public could climb up those stone stairs or the winding stairs up to the roof. Once on the top, you can admire the 3 cannons pointing towards the mountain range.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit the underground caves which were under renovation. I guess there is no need to remind you that these pictures are available on my flickr

My first Panoramic picture

I have also tried to shoot a panoramic view from La Citadelle, my first one.

I highly recommend all of you to visit this amazing fort and don’t fear to climb up the stairs! The fun is on the roof!

It’s so nice to discover Mauritius again!

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  1. I’ve visited this a lot of times lol. It’s almost at the back of my house if you remember ;P I agree, the fantastic view is well worth the effort 🙂


  2. The best part there is:

    Quand to guett dans sa banna loop la, samem jumelles kuma zot dir, vue la super cool!

    The Port Louis buildings, the harbour, the sea, the boats and everything is presented in zoom mode with those big binoculars!

    But did you know that beneath citadel how many bodies have been buried? Better ask the two persons in charge there and you can freak out!

    However La Citadelle is a cool place!



  3. Its been long long ago since I last went to Citadelle..Guess, I will go there in the coming weeks..xD…De quoi refresh the momeries of childhood..xD


  4. I visited many years ago, I should go back cos the view is fantastic. They did not tell me about the bodies beneath the fort, I guess they don’t want to frighten the tourist…. any ghosts roaming around?? Great place for a photo shoot.


  5. “It’s so nice to discover Mauritius again!”

    Never been, will visit, time to discover Mauritius 🙂

    nice panaromic view btw


  6. This is truly a beautiful place and its historical background makes it even more appealing. I think I will have to visit the citadelle again soon. 😉


    1. @morinn : Dont forget a hat, its damn hot and burning out there!

      @sjdvda : Noticed that too…
      btw, part of the Montagne Signaux is now burned out!


  7. Being quite new to blogosphere, I was not aware of your site . I find it articulate and well thought. I would like to add it on my blog list on my own site (a “personnal” not too touristic bloc note on my “meanderings” in Port-Louis). Please tell me if it is ok because some “views” expressed may not convene. BTW I’ve got an explanation about the burnings in Montagne des Signaux (in fact on all the Port-Louuis range alas): http://www.ruisseaudupouce.com/2009/06/parcours-de-sante-teheu-teheu-teh-heu.html


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