One of the biggest flops in Port Louis?

It has been here since ages… (ok, ok lets say months).

Perhaps it aimed at having a phenomenal success just like the Moonwalker, one of the most popular attractions of the island. However it has never been put in operation. At its mere sight, you won’t even think to approach it in fear that it break into pieces… And it is nearly running into ruins.

Yes, you have perhaps seen it, the thing (technically known as a Ferris Wheel) standing in Champs de Mars, Port Louis.

The Moonwalker…

Officially opened on 1st September 2007, the Moonwalker has been in Mauritius for several months, to the joy of the Mauritians. Indeed, there hasn’t been any attraction of this kind in Mauritius and the Moonwalker has given the opportunity to discover the pleasure, fun and fear of amusement parks while rotating in the air for around 5mins.

While doing some research for this post, I found out that the Moonwalker can (perhaps) be categorized as a Kamikaze ride.

Yashvin, pages of my life

What more?

Just besides the thing (mentioned above), a bumper car park which does not seem to have much luck either but it is nevertheless operational in the evening…

Bumper car park @ Champs de Mars

But for how long?

Awaiting to ride in another amusement ride in Mauritius 😛
What about you?

23 thoughts on “One of the biggest flops in Port Louis?

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  1. Definition of a Shell company

    It is a fake company that exist for no other reason than to launder money. Shell companies take in dirty money as “payment” for supposed goods or services but actually provide no goods or services; they simply create the appearance of legitimate transactions through fake invoices and balance sheets


    1. @An observer : At some instance, I thought of that me too… Perhaps its the truth after all!
      Else, I dont know why it is still lying here, rusting in the damn hot sun.
      I also can’t understand why no effort is done to improve the bumper car park so as to attract more ppl…

      Suspicious indeed!

      Thanks for your comment 😉
      Keep coming!


  2. I would say that the price is too high for only a few minutes…

    Plus if you want to start a proper business like that you won’t get the permit for the ‘people’ already doing it have the monopole…

    Talk of equal oppurtunity! lol!


  3. Blanchiment d’argent. Quoi d’autre. Cela fait plus de 6 mois que ces 2 installations sont présent au Champs de Mars. Zéro Clients. Qui voudrait partir s’amuser sur ces installations insalubres. Je me demande que fait la municipalité sur ce cas. Ah oui j’ai oublié. La municipalité est occupé a « balye divant so la porte ». Feray se sorti dans store p al ateri kot employé Minicipal.

    @ReenaDKL РJe ne comprends pas ton point que tu veux avanc̩


  4. @ Bhooks

    I just want to say that it is true that some people do the ‘blanchisement’ thing.

    Plus there are some who want the monopole of the business…like they want to be the sole ones to start something like this is Mauritius and get a permit accordingly…Take Nokia for example, Rawat was the only one doing it before HM did it and God! it was a real havoc because Rawat was not happy etc…same applies for AMC…

    Did you know that by selling a set of Rs. 60,000.00 the direct seller receives Rs. 9,000.00 on the sale. Now wonder how many agents are top of him and how much they get. Now, IMAGINE how much the set really costs!!!!

    Yes, am totally out of subject here…but my point is some people get the monopole of certain things and are not worthy enough….for instance the Monnwalker or car bumps thing which could prove to be a real investment if done properly…

    As for my point of being too expensive, well same applies to Cinemas in Mauritius. Star tickets are at Rs.175.00. Sometimes they have only 10 people in. 10×175= Rs. 1,750 Now if the tickets were let say Rs.100.00. am sure a few more would have gone for it…let’s say 10 more…20peoplexRs.100.00= Rs. 2,000.00 and am talking on small scale…


    sorry mo kroire mo p vine dingue!!!! out of subject!!!!


  5. @Yashvin: le truk s’appele de l’art moderne, as defined by our government! it makes champs de mars beautiful! wahahaha, jst kidding
    a total waste of money in my opinion

    @ ReenaDKL: I think concerning the cinema thing u r totally right!! I would hve gone there mre frequently if the ticket was less expensive, but at the current price, i go only once in a blue moon 😛

    btw, it would hve been nice if an amusement park was created in Mru, with a super roller coaster! 😛


  6. @Yashvin: It’s not true to say that “Moon Walker” and “The nameless attraction in the middle of Champs de Mars” are the first one in Mauritius. There have been many other NICE attractions in the past: Luna Park, Magic etc…

    I agree with Bhooks and “The Observer”, it smells like money laundering… How a business having practically no clients be still “in business”? Btw.. Do these attractions really work?

    and no offence Reena DLK, but it’s true that you’re off topic about the monopoly thingy. However i’ll continue offtopic too… About the cinemas… i really think they’re making bad business… They don’t do any CRM (Customer Relationship Management).. No buy 1 ticket and get the next one at 3/4 price in the next 2 weeks (one model used in france for instance)..Another thing: Pirated DVDs are killing the cinema… that’s why you get 10 person per cine..
    So the price of the cinema ticket is not the ONLY culprit


    1. @Bernardo :

      Hehe, you have forgot that we are not from the same generation *cough* *cough* 😛

      I agree too… But isn’t there any authority which monitors all this?
      Bhooks said something true… the municipal council is busy with its own employees who are stealing iron bars!


  7. wai yashvin you are right!!!! you should show it to the government as they are blind to see what are happening at champs de mars!!!! depi l”annee dernier inn installe sa banne equippments la(moonwalker).zot pan fer narien ek bumper car park la si pa fer l”effet!! zero clients!! montrer sa blog la government pou zot trouver!!!!


  8. ouch! what an eyesore! and to say I see that everyday…i mean the ferris wheel and the bumper car…itz horrible…

    but hey imagine the champs de mars converted into a real amusement park? heheee…it would have been awesome!


    1. @Aniisah : Eyesore… The exact word to describe the ‘bumper car park’

      Real amusement park? It is on saturdays… it depends whether you have won thousands of rupees or you lost 😛
      btw, you pass there eveyday? how come?

      @Yiu : euh, sa bumper car park la fek metter sa… 6mois parla as Bhooks said above.
      municipal inspectors? As said earlier, they are busy counting iron bars LOL!

      @Monish : Merci pu to premier comment here! Congrats!


  9. sa car bumper la n’etais pas comme sa car dans mon enfance c’etait plus ‘anime’ mais maintenant c’est comme une vieille ruine zis pu fer vilain … ok d’accord zot p fer blanchiment d’argent mais au moins zot ti kapav fer 1 renovation are li to let us ppl enjoy ^^

    I Guess the municipal inspectors becomes blind when they passes at the champs de mars…


  10. pena tro boukou dimoune ki monte lor sa bann zafere la; zot marketing zero plombage pou sa banna l’appareil la dans champ de mars; dimoune pa mem konner ki prix li eter; eski to ena security or bien mem;

    ene raison valable pou monte lor sa machine la!

    Ene gros gaspillage et li faire en pliss dans c d mars!

    Prefere mett imper ponnet lor la plaine la bas et faire ti zenfan monter!!


    1. @cronos : As far as I know, you can ride them at Super U, Grand Baie andat the one in champs de mars *cough* *cough*

      Else, you have the real ones (Karts) at Grande Riviere.


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