Zis dans Moris – 1

You have probably seen a few mails with the title “Only in India, or Africa or China”.

These pictures below were sent to me quite some time ago and I promised to blog them.

1. Prend compte devant!

Attention Gros Trou!

2. Moins chers que Ca, tu meurs!

Moins chers que Ça, tu meurs!
Yashvin, pages of my life

3. Recession dans Moris

Ene helmet, deux persons.
1 -> the outer shell ( which is cracked in the middle, you can see the hair go through )
2 -> the inner polystyrene shell

Recession dans Moris

Thanks Shaheen!

Did you enjoy them?

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17 thoughts on “Zis dans Moris – 1

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  1. Definitely, only in Mauritius! I like these kinds of photos of unusual scenes. Congrats to the originators because it needs initiative to capture the feeling and the moment. Great humour in these. Keep them coming.


  2. aahahahahaha XP…nice shots dudes !…This is Mauritius ! “sa ki apel moris” bane specimen rare ki ena ici… 😀


  3. eyy to ti bzn meT “guess wer”!!!!!
    phewww..sa 2em pic la, chemin trou au biche ena sa,tou le jour kan ti p al jogging ti p trv sa LOL
    ROFLMAO @ the 3rd pic


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