A journey full of speed humps

Today, I have been driving on quite a long journey, from Triolet to Albion (via Grande Rivière), then to Flic en Flac and back home through Palma and Quatre Bornes.

I would say a journey full of speed humps(aka speed breakers), I have stopped counting when the count reached 20.

Since the visit of Mr the President of the People’s Republic Of China, all the speed humps have been removed along the roads which the presidential officials will be using. The removal of those traffic calming devices had cost several hundreds of thousand of rupees to the Government.

A few days later some of them were put back in place, while some were replaced by newer ones.

Common Speed Hump
New speed hump

After testing both of them since a few months now, I prefer the first one because it is less painful for the car as well as the passengers!

I guess that the new model was introduced probably because it is much easier and cheaper to remove compare to the model used in the whole of Mauritius.

I don’t know which one you prefer but going over the new model is quite a nightmare for you, your passengers as well as for your vehicle!

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14 thoughts on “A journey full of speed humps

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    1. @Tushal : How to you go there alors?
      Even the road from Port Louis to Flic en Flac via Grande Riviere etc is full of humps too…

      Amoins to desan parti le sud et lerla faire la cote to monte ziska flic en flac 😛
      Or par bato??? 😛


  1. I dont know if you people noticed. But those speed breakers arnt standard at all. Some example, from Port-Louis to St-Croix, there are 7 consecutive speed breakers on one road. Thats a lot.. but since it is a very “pedestrianised” area.. its alright.

    All those who have been in Caudan parking know that there is a speed breaker before entering(vis a vis la doine). and the shape of it ,is like a very smooth curve.. with slight elevation.. which doesnt cause discomfort for the passengers..

    Is there any standard height for these things?

    At plaine verte, beside the jardin, there’s a speed breaker without any “paint” on it. You only realise there’s a speed breaker when u bump into it. 🙂

    long comment.

    Rock ON!!


  2. Do I remember those speed breakers coming back from Flic-en-Flac to Q-B via Palma? Yes we can – I was on a bus sitting somewhere near the back and had just finished a nice meal in Flic-en-Flac. The bus driver did not know I had just eaten but anyhow he did not care cos his ambition was to do Mach2 over each bump along Palma. Shake, rattle and roll !!


  3. There are 4 ways to go there:
    1)Palma to Flic en flacq
    Too many humps on that road. Last time,(before the president….visited Mtius) there were like 15 to 20 humps on that road.Now, I have no idea how many are there.I need to visit that road someday.

    2)Port Louis to Flic en Flac via Grande Riviere
    There are like 7 or 8 humps.But no more than those from Palma to Flic en flacq!

    3)from le sud..NO humps!LoL

    4)Using the Bassin estate private road.But…cars….on that road..Bit tough..

    “par bato..aha..jamais pan try sa..bsn met 1 plan bato 1 jour alors..xD”


  4. maybe out of context but is something good here : concrete humps should be replaced by speedbreakers ( roller mechanism , crankshaft mechanism and rack&pinion mechanism ) , a kind of grip should be incorporated to the roller , when vehicles will pass over it , it will in turn rotate or set into motion crankshaft or rack&pinion that will in turn rotate a generator that will produce electrical energy that can be stored and used to lighten street lamps at night … producing electricity via speedbreakers due to the high number of vehicles in our road and this can unburden the use of non-renewable energy sources that mauritius invest a lot on …


      1. the rack & pinion mechanism is the most effective one , yeah huge lorries can be an issue but engineers will take this under consideration …. bro am a huge fan of your writing 🙂 , i want you to write an article on job prospective in mauritius , courses to be enrolled and their propects in mauritius … check your mail plz


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