What’s the time?


We, Mauritians have always been amazing!

While many of us always synchronise their clocks and watches to the exact time, a large majority actually set their time, a few minutes in advance. This definition of “a few minutes” may range from 1 to 15minutes” lol!

The main reason behind this is “Pou mo pas en retard”.

Indeed, by putting their watches some minutes in advance, some people are able to be more effective. They tend to become much quicker since time is running out, despite knowing that the time is actually some minutes in advance!

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A little note about summertime :


The governement has announced that summertime won’t be applied this year despite the millions of profit in terms of electricity consumption. The main reason is that part of the population is not happy with this.

I guess that this decision was made because of the forthcoming elections, else why would they care to remove such a good initiative?

I believe that the summertime was actually a good thing, but it should have been for a smaller period. During my college days, I had to take the bus at 0615am everyday and I can tell you, it’s not cool to leave home in the dark, shivering with cold…

What’s the time difference in your watch and what do you think about this final decision of the government about the summertime?

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17 thoughts on “What’s the time?

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  1. I don’t have a watch… so whatever time difference is with the network time. 🙂

    As for summertime, it’s true that despite having gains, they are ditching it… for “social” reasons. o_O


  2. The time difference in my watch is around two minutes and I do synchronize my work according to my watch…

    As for the summertime, I share the same opinion as you regarding the period it should have been applied. The government applied the summer time for a period which is too long… And maybe this is why the majority of the population did not like it since there was a moment people had to wake up 1 hour earlier when they simply could not do it. Which was my case during the last month of the summer time 😛

    My suggested period for the summertime is from November to end of February… That period was really effective 😉


  3. My watch is 5 minutes in advance.But the time on my pc is to the minute exact!xD Summer time sucks!Waking 1 hour in advance is hell! !Summer time could be apply in summer instead of the winter.


  4. Tushal said: “Summer time could be apply in summer instead of the winter.” ??????

    What is that????? Some people did not get what is summertime at all afterall….

    Please read

    Let me tell you, you “Summer time detractor”, that most people, after some thought, prefer to leave home in the dark and get home in day light instead of leaving home in day light and getting home in the dark… For obvious safety reasons…

    The summertime project only failed because human minds are purely and simply reluctant to changes…

    Someone even told me that “A child got hit by a car one dark morning and it’s summertimes fault” … Is this serious???? How can summertimes be blamed instead of the lousy driving of someone??
    Worldwide statistics prove that traffic accidents decrease with Summertimes

    I believe some people may have some good personal reasons for not liking summertimes, however most of us fail to profit from the established-world-widely-accepted benefits of summertimes simply because their minds were already made up the day summertime was implemented…. without considering a second those benefits..

    Typical 3rd world country !!!!


  5. I have been used to the daylight saving time back in Europe so changing clocks is not a big deal for me. However, having experienced the morning darkness here I can sympathize with those that dislike the time change. If you are not in a well-lit area then walking down the street can be hazardous. Accurate time keeping is important for me, however, here in Mauritius some people have trouble with that notion. In the past whenever I have made an appointment for a certain time the person usually turned up one hour later. I guess some people just suffer from that ailment called “lenteur des isles”. Or maybe, it is just the fact that some people are using GMT “General Mauritian Time” ?


  6. ayo mw osi mo ti prefer summer time!ti ena ke 5hrs difference entre moris ek gold coast lerla!!!awwww..aster mo bzin al drmi pli tard pu mo kpv chat ek bn dimun dan moris and its damn important to be updated about each n every gossips! thats y i still need to chat with them mem si aster ena 6hrs diff! 😛

    ps: yashvin pa delete comment la mem si li irrelevant,limportance c mn ekrir! 😀


  7. I actually loved the Summertime for it gave us time to go to the beach in the afternoon and enjoy a bit. It was great for it allowed people to have more time for some leisure activities in the afternoon, cycling, swimming, jogging, much more…

    About the government listening to the unhappy people, my a@#! Why don’t they listen to the unhappy people about the incinerator at La Chaumiere then. All this is total BShit! A hOle government!!!!


  8. To put it simply

    People who hate summertimes won’t be able and won’t like to live in European countries. This is because summertimes is just like travelling to another country 1 hour behind us and experiencing a 1 hour Jet Lag

    In European countries you
    (1) are hours in front of Mauritius
    (2) experience morning darkness (till 0900 in some cases)
    (3) experience late afternoon/evening daylight

    So summertimes detractors.. if you can’t face a one hour (only) jet lag for ~3 months.. don’t travel to anywhere..and keep your same reasoning


  9. @Bernardo : Nice all this, but you forgot a few things :
    1. I am not talking about travelling, but about living in Mauritius.
    2. I am not against summertime, but rather to put it during a limited period of time.

    You mentioned, I quote:
    “The summertime project only failed because human minds are purely and simply reluctant to changes”
    Nobody said that the project failed.

    As for what Tushal meant by “Tushal said: Summer time could be apply in summer instead of the winter.“, I am sure he wanted to say that the summertime was even effective during the time we were supposed to be officially in winter period.

    Mike said something interesting above:
    “If you are not in a well-lit area then walking down the street can be hazardous.”
    Perhaps some people don’t realise this security matter. It’s only when this happens to you that you will realise.

    I am against summertime over extended period of times (like the previous pilot project) because I know the pain to leave home in the dark.

    Cheers everyone!


    1. @Bhooks : haha. reaching home in dark is our daily life, since nearly 2yrs.
      btw, I enjoyed it too, I mean summertime 😛

      Check out my latest post, specially the last part!

      C u in office!


  10. @Yashvin:

    1. My last post was more about “living in a european country” than “travelling”
    2. Summertime IS a failure to the people.
    3. Summertime IS by default over a limited period of time.
    4. The security matter is a not a good argument since “summertime” offer more daylight in late hours while offering the ~same sunrise time as “normaltime/wintertime”.

    also the stats says that :
    (a) In general there is less automobile accidents in the long run of summertime than in normaltime/wintertime
    (b) In general the crime rate is slightly less in summertime compared to normaltime/wintertime


  11. My watch is 5mins early.. and I then forget it’s running fast..
    that way, I am sure I am always on time for meetings, and show respect by other people’s time…

    Also, it makes me drive a little slower on the roads (when I do remember I have 5mins to spare) lol



  12. summertime was a flop because many ppl never adjusted their clock @ home. They were doing everything once home on the old time.. But had to wake up on the new time.


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