Price of Petrol (June 2009)

Back with the latest monthly price update for the month of June 2009.

Price of Petrol June 2009

Bel bezer mo dir!

7.5% increase essence

2.74% increase lo diesel

Still asking myself if I should be taking the bus tomorrow or the car?
What about you???

20 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (June 2009)

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  1. Someone once said “donne li 100 jours, li pou change nou la vie” and he was dubbed a hero. so why complain now??


  2. @Yashvin—>wai mo koner..mais quan ti ena pou beser..banla ti pe increase! ! ! croire Mtius ena 1 ta ban imbecil..surtou the public sector..OMG…full of idiots..1 example parfai mo don twa..
    kot faire pa meme 2 mois..banla in faire trotoire..ek in asfalter chemine..tou travail top la! !1 semaine apres sa…1 compagnie gagne contract pou re faire tuyu partou! !lol…pa bsn dire twa..chemin ki in fek vin….pena words pou describe sa..


  3. yashvin to link la pa relevant du tou, parski li pa fer mention de recession du tou et depi la fin last year prix petrol ine baiser … enfin kav dan 100 jours tou pu changer..Le peuple admirable…Comme TL p dire Y COMPLAIN NOW??


  4. If you add to the rising prices of petrol the plan to make the autoroute payantes then it looks to me like it is going to be expensive to run a car here. However, do you really have a choice considering the public transport problems?


  5. Like I always say, we are the ones at fault…we voted for the A Holes at the head of the country. As young people, maybe we should change the system. I for one never vote for the ones usually in power, because they are all bullshit!!!

    Once more I say it, Ministers don’t care about our problem with high petrol or diesel price because they get it for free! Why don’t they start paying for that? They should contribute in the economy of the country by paying for that!!! It’s not fair that their whole family gets free transport for 5 whole years while we have to pay the high price…

    Yashvin, you are good at numbers, so try calculate the expenses of one Minister per year for petrol or Diesel…let’s see how much they are taking advantage of our poor situation…

    Bloody country!!! pff!!! WE really should get some revolution starting!


  6. 1. Public transport dan bez here….So in a way we have no choice
    2. Pou alle port louis matin, take you from 45mins up to 1h30mins (best/worst case)….lor la add to slow bus…mo prefer take the car
    3.We pay a good sum of money each year for better roads…but do we really get them? lol planning….si seulment ti ena planning, pa ti pou burn sa kantiter essence la = pa ti pou bzn import sa kantiter la = nu ti pou gagniant m…dommage

    enfin yashvin…comme banla dire…serre centire :p unless ban la met ban transport efficasse…..If ti ena 1 transport alle port louis rapid…m si li ti pou 1peu chere…pa fer nanier…ti pou payer…lol pa ziste port louis…whole island…enfin…

    @ReenaDKL….really good point…nah fran i agree with you we need a revolution…something new…but (ben wi ena 1 but malheuresement)…ban mauricien tro passif ek zot bliyer trop vit…Pou somethings ki happen here….met same dan india ou sois lafrance…lafaya ti pou lev brit…mai ici…3/4 dnt care ek sa 1/4 ki care la…kan alle lev bezer…zot gagne bezer at the end of the day…lerla zot si zot fer coumadire pa p truver…ek me comprnd zot.


  7. @n!135h

    Yeah, most people here don’t care as long as they are left in peace. However what they do not realise is that one day everything will just crumble and they will be left with nothing. At the pace we are going, Mauritius will be sold to some very powerful family or country and we shall be slaves…

    Hotels are being built here and there..foreigners are buying land and properties here, they are investing millions if not billions…do you think they will let it all go? Oh no! They will certainly make us slave and die at their feet…trust me on that…if we do not chnge things…


  8. why they kill the man who invented the water engine ??? it will save us in fuel…. now some country test h20 hydrogen ….. which is more dangerous that normal fuel… for me they are zero not hero here in mru …

    @ ReenaDKL yeah this is terrible …. but we must live !!!


  9. Maybe its a good incentive to get the country to go green now. Think about ways of travelling, consuming less energy and all that. I know that old habits are hard to crush down in mauritius but just imagine what it would be for example to have a company with a fleet of 10 taxis (a bit like the taxi marron we are used to) running only, say, Prius cars. These would cost less than using the bus per person, better comfort for 4 persons and greener.


  10. Traveling in those bus which are as clean as Mare chicoze dumping area is really awesome. And also, without forgetting the everyday racing competition on the roads while the police officers watching as crazy chickens! !


  11. @ Tushal be positive man,u cant changed the way of ppls … competitions rule in all field… try to live ….what all of us do…


  12. bein line monte li ziste pou capve baisse li next time 😀 mem si next time li baiC par 5 % mem.. ene tas pou mari happy 😛 (even though net increase 2%) si ti pou monte 2% asterla mem.. ene tas ti pou plaignE mem 😛 soo.. enfin imho 😀

    sinon maybe effet election.. pe monte li pou capve fer imP largent.. sinon couma pou sponsor zotte campaign?? :S

    trend ki mo pe penC next time li pou baiC.. li pou rest bas pou imP letemps.. election.. et apres sa.. boume.. prix re fizet enkor 😀

    carpool man.. samem solution mo trouV moi.. avek sa increase la.. frais lessence par mois ine monT par Rs 420 :S


  13. @ReenaDKL

    enfin…let us see.. As long as “mauritian” dnt change…we are going to hit the wall and it will hurt :(……la si ti ena deuterium la (haha fer 1 lepok to pane tand sa lol)…pa ti pou ena problem lol….to theory interesant 😉


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