Launch of Nitin’s room

After weeks of tedious renovation, Doorgesh’s room is once again ready “pou ban camwad met nissa.”

After ending up my Saturday at work yesterday evening, I gave Vissen a call to ask about “ki plan azordi?”.

A few minutes later, I drove to Caudan to pick up Nitin, Elie and himself. They had already started “to met la faya”.

In fact, as you are already aware, the symptoms are quite easy to notice:

  • people talk so loud that one can hear them at some distance away.
  • jokes… sometimes stupid but who cares?

We stopped at Jumbo Riche Terre to buy food and most important of all….drinks!

At around 830pm, we were already in Goodlands… in Nitin’s newly renovated room… each one holding a can of beer….

We spent the whole night talking about university memories, watching clips, playing cards and cracking jokes…

I don’t remember exactly at what time I fell asleep…

Right now it is already 635am, I am up… writing this post on Vissen’s laptop…. right besides Nitin…. who is SNORING like hell :P,Elie just got up, sitting on the bed while Vissen is still asleep…

We had a nice night…..

Yashvin, reporting live for his blog…

From Goodlands…

10 thoughts on “Launch of Nitin’s room

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  1. @Geshwin : wai lol, nu pas fine arrete koz to kozer ๐Ÿ˜›
    Apres bel nissa, nu ti p watch bane clips cascade lepok universitรƒยฉ!

    @Mike : No comments…


  2. mo dimane moi kmen zot kave dormi r nitin kan li ronfler.. li humainement impossible.. mais en tout ca nitin to lasam c meilleur investisssement tone faire


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