Worms Armageddon


As some of you already know, I am not a hardcore gamer, but I do very rarely play small and fun games.

One of those games which we (Dakshinee and myself) enjoyed playing in our younger days(lol) was Worms Armageddon!

What is it all about?


I would describe the game as being

Fun, Imaginative, Strategy!

Its a Quake like version for the younger/soft generation.

The game consists of different worlds in which 2 or more teams can play simulaneously.


Each team comprises of 3 or more worms which can be names anything you want!

Like (mostly) any other game, the aim is to kill your ennemies, by all means possible!

I really emphasize on the word “All means” since you have a wide range of weapons, starting from bombs, guns, up to radioactive bombs!

You have a whole set of options, among which;

  • Playing against computer, network, internet
  • Naming your worms after your friends lol
  • Training sessions, deathly tournaments
  • Changing language of the team (they do even talk in chinese lol, I wonder if its true)

worms armageddon

Yesterday, my cousin Neha has downloaded a copy of this game,of course, you can get your free trial version too!

About 1 hour ago, we installed it on both computers at home, and with our myT lan network, we have been able to play the game between us, unlike years ago, where we were on the same computer, waiting for our turn to play 😛

It was fun playing this game again, and trying the strategy tricks to exterminate Dakshinee’s team.
After 2 rounds, we came to a draw score of 1-1.

So, I guess that I will be back into my ‘childhood’ for the next days 🙂

Who wants to join in?

14 thoughts on “Worms Armageddon

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  1. yeahhhhh..i remember this game…i think so. it used to be tank vs tank or something like that. if i am not mistaken, you can even lauch a nuclear bomb, right?? do you have the *office* version? so we can test it on monday


  2. i played some worms couple of years ago.. dnt knw it its this one. i had a real blast with my friend.. great fights were performed by our 2 worms (err not that worm lol)


  3. Great game 😀
    I actually have the full portable version of this game if anyone needs it, you don’t have to crack or install it. Just run & play 😀


  4. Avishna,

    Al faire to ban tutorial InDesign apres to va pense pu zouer Worms don! 😀 (li pu bouder big time demain la) 😛


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