Planning the bloggers’ meeting for the 14th March 2009

Mauritian bloggers meeting

As Morinn announced a few hours ago, the bloggers meeting has been finalised.

Date : 14th march 2009

Time : 14hrs

Venue : Mac Donald, Port Louis(anyway, there is only one in Mauritius, lol)

Choosing the venue

Together with Morinn and Jevin, we started to find a suitable place for this meeting.

Not that easy first of all since we wanted to make something nice for the first one, but later we realised that we had some constraints;

  • According to the first list, we are expecting 20 bloggers.
    So, finding a resto for around 20 persons in about 1 week was a big tough.
  • From the initial list, we did not have the exact number of confirmed bloggers, hence we had to look for a place which can accomodate all of us, a few to a large number.
  • We opted for Port Louis, since we believed it was the most accessible for all of us.
    ya, we know, gonna be hot in the capital.
  • Since many of the bloggers are students (College and Uni), we had a tight budget for the meeting.
    Thus, we can’t afford looking for big restaurants.
  • We made a list of a few restaurants where we enquired about the price and possibility to hold our meeting there since we thought of reserving some tables of a restaurant to be sure that we won’t be kicked out.

lol, another opportunity for me to meet my brother πŸ˜›

Choosing the time.

As most of us seemed to be ok with a meeting in the afternoon, we decided to schedule it for 14hrs.

Why not a lunch?

Some of you may ask yourself, why don’t we meet up for a lunch?


Again, the answer is : The unconfirmed number of bloggers attending the meeting.

Also, handling about 20 persons in a first meeting will be a bit chaos since a few of us have never shown ourselves in public.

For a first meeting, a rounder, chips and some coke would be more appropriate, no need to learn how to hold spoon and fork in 5 days time πŸ˜›

lol, joking haha!

To sum up, we had to take into consideration that many of the bloggers would perhaps have a limited budget since they are students.

Also, the list not being final, we could not reserve a nice restaurant since we would have been required to pay some advance fees, which we did not have yet.

You want to attend the meeting?

For this first meeting, our aim is mainly to know our blogger friends.

So, if you are a blogger, check out Morinn’s post and the facebook event page.

Dont worry, once the bloggers’ know each other, we will come up very soon with other more interesting events πŸ™‚

We hosted the event on facebook as it is much easier to maintain a confirmed list of people, updates etc…

Keep visiting for updated news and hope to see all the bloggers there!

43 thoughts on “Planning the bloggers’ meeting for the 14th March 2009

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  1. That’s very well explained! Yes choosing the location was quite tricky, some restaurants were good, but too remotely situated. And among all these McDo is really advantageous.
    By the way, nice pic with Mr. McDo, hihi!! πŸ˜›


  2. I’ll probably come, but I won’t eat. I already have a lunch plan with friends at KFC at noon. (which has actually been scheduled Yesterday morning lol. Too bad I didn’t know about this before)

    Great initiative BTW!! πŸ˜€


  3. @ Carrot :
    We did not have any other resto to hold this meeting, but we are still open for any suggestions.
    Mac Do was chosen for the reasons I mentioned above.
    Please do suggest…
    Venue can be changed if most of us agree too.

    We would all like to see you there!


    1. @ Yash :
      Of course, former bloggers too!
      Just join our facebook event page and a mail to Morinn if possible. Thanks.

      @ Bob :
      Again, we thought of that, but shoprite is a bit too noisy, especially in the food court.
      As for the outside part of the food court, if we are really 20, then, I guess a conversation among the bloggers sitting on the surrounding tables would be :
      “kouma to appeller toi?”
      “moi? yashvin”
      “pas toi ta, lot la”

      lol, kidding of course, we will be using morse codes with our mobile phones πŸ˜›


  4. Outsider si welcome?

    Shopryte so foodcourt si pa mal, variety of food. McDo menu restricted! Et tout bus pass par St Jean aster!


  5. Mo dacord pou ale Mcdo…surtou if almost all bloggers are students..for a first meeting it’s the best place…hope to see you all zer πŸ™‚ daks faire maniere vini la …lol


  6. COUNT ME IN πŸ™‚

    Though McDo is not my fav..but I do understand how difficult it must have been to setup a meeting and finding a suitable place…

    I thought we’d be meeting at caudan…parking facility…for those with cars etc…anyway…am coming by bus 😦 and my husband will join afterwards…(he is not a blogger but I’d love him to meet people who have the same hobby/interest as me…)

    Morinn has my mob num, so just let me know dac? (Don’t expect a msg baxk coz I still have no credit on my mobile…pfff…)


  7. I think the best solution for those coming by car would be to park at caudan and to walk to McDo. *sniff* lol

    By the way, I’m really looking forward to this day. πŸ˜€

    Will enfin meet blogging friends! πŸ˜›


    1. @ Carrot : Oh!
      The first truth about carrotmadman6 is out πŸ˜›
      Hmm, we can try to find a solution to this so as everybody is happy, isnt this possible?
      2 dalpourri deva?

      btw, now I have understood the origin of ur name. πŸ™‚


  8. lol!

    wai am ok 4 dholl puri deva! that’s why i thought we’d be doing it at foodcourt caudan..but u r right…20 persons will create havoc..on top of that the security at caudan is always chasing groups of young people away…(i still consider myself young..hihihi!) i experienced that once and mind u we were not doing anything wrong 😦


  9. @yashvin
    I probably won’t be able to come coz my lecture starts at 13:00… 😦

    Thanks for the dalpourri, but I don’t eat fast-food anymore (haven’t had anything since a year & half!) πŸ™‚


  10. @ carrotmadman6
    hey you can have the veggie meal at mc donald?
    between i know a truth about him, he is from megatronics course,
    year 2….right?
    i think i know you :P:P


  11. Cool. If daks is coming, I’ll be coming with her koz we have lecture in the morning.

    my problemo: another lecture at 14:15. will have to leave early.

    anyway cool initiative…has been a while not been to McDo!


    1. @ Pramod : For us its fine, all depends on the number of persons coming.
      I dont think we can have big tables at Pizza Hut, but if we are a small group, then sure, we will consider other options πŸ™‚
      Thnks for suggesting!


  12. The problem with pizza hut is that the tables are really seperated, and that makes it impossible for a group of 15 people, for example, to communicate well. :S


    1. @ Morinn, Pramod & Others:
      If we are quite a small group, we can move to Pizza Hut of Happy World.
      I think the tables can be grouped together, nice na?

      So, the venue can change later, we will see together, ok dear bloggers?


  13. I will be there..expect me to be late as usual.Kidding.
    So how I know! !
    Yashvin, Varsha, Jevin, Morinn, Saajid. I mean..People who I know how they look. Others’….Hope there are no aliens..xD


  14. @yashvin]
    I prefer Pizza Hut of Happy World to McDo, I’m much more familiar with it πŸ™‚

    Wow, you revealed some info about you, that’s *amazing*!!!

    All I know is that the alien wears glasses bought at Mathieu Opticiens xD


  15. HI to all bloggers friends,

    Very good response to this meeting, very nice!!
    @ Yashvin,…if u want, u can come with me in my car, i
    live in the same road, I can pick u, just call me OK

    Good luck to all…bye ” Ritesh “


    1. @ Ritesh : Thanks for your proposal, but I will be probably leave house early in the morning itself πŸ˜›
      Samedi sa, apres tout πŸ˜›

      btw, mo enkor in office la, pas encore manze narien depi midi :S


  16. πŸ˜€
    To ti pé dir ki ti éna moinse ki 150 bloguer moris, tension ene groupe terroris anti-bloguer fer ene latak dans macdo, pou al gagne enkor moins bloguer. To bizin met dan to preparasion: free gas mask + bulletproof suit TVR!!!!


    1. @ Morinn, Sachin : I would say that we have not come to a stage yet where organisations/companies would want to wipe us from the surface of the web πŸ˜›

      But hope the time does not come…


  17. @carrot – and everyone else :))
    plzz do come all even if u wont eat anything :))
    Just want to see what bloggers ressemble in a resto !! lolz hahaha
    lolz.. +that would be funny to see everyone trying to recognise each other !! lolzz.. hahahahha .. :))
    trooo top sa :))


  18. Hello to all bloggers….

    2morrow, 14hrs, Mac Donald, blogger’s meeting….
    Do you still remember?

    We will probably be on the first floor, so look for some guys/girls who are talking about wordpress, blogspot and shooting loads of pics to blog in the evening πŸ˜›

    See you there!


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