Certains zéleves colleges sovaze!


This post is not applicable to each and every college student. I was a student too, but I never behaved like this.

Although being in respectable schools, its really disgusting to find students around the north doing some despicable acts.

These students, who are allocated a free transport facility don’t make the correct usage of it.

The evidence is that, while travelling by these buses,  they have a got used of throwing water on the public.

Everyday, many people whether on the road, or in their cars experience these acts.

Why do they act so lowly?

Either they do it for pleasure or they are simply idiots who don’t know how to spend their adolescence period.


Cases reported to the police station

Several cases have been reported.

Case 1:

The students from triolet sss threw water on a girl attending International College (Triolet).

Her boyfriend told the receiver to stop the bus and took it to the police station where a complaint was lodged against these boys.

Case 2

Again in the northern part, Urine were thrown by some girls on boys… and the latter responded by throwing eggs, urine and other substances.

Case 3 *My case* :

While driving to buy some cakes this evening at around 3pm, I noticed that some students from a school bus (which was in front of me) were throwing water on other girls walking along the road.

Those girls were helpless since the bus was moving…

I was shocked by this incident… however I did not know that the worst was coming…

A few meters away, another school bus was coming in the opposite direction.

This time, students from both buses were throwing water and even colored water at the other bus.

Being besides the first bus, I got loads of colored water splashed on my car. This made me VERY ANGRY!


Immediately, I overtook the bus and drove fast to the Triolet Police Station which was a few bus stops away.

Once there, I quickly asked the police officers to get out and accompany me to stop the bus which had just stopped at a bus stop at the other side of the road. Thankfully, the police officers were fast and they stopped the bus while I quickly briefed them on the matter.

I entered the bus, followed by four/five other police officers.

One of them searched for any bottles of water among the group of guys who were in the back seats, but unfortunately, none were seen.

However, the guys had their uniforms wet, since the students from the other bus threw colored water at them.

In the presence of the police officers, I shouted at them loudly about their stupid joke.

People started to gather on the road side while I continued scolding them for a some long minutes.

The guys simply denied the fact, but we all knew that they were lying.


The only mistake I did:

I did not think to take their names, but however, after a quick data gathering, Deepa (my cousin) and myself concluded the name of the college which is found in the North itself.

A big thanks to Deepa and also Krista who provided me with useful info/pictures for writing this post.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Do have a look at this young girl’s blog… mainly about her college life.

Any similar experience on your behalf?
Fee free to share your opinion on this topic.

45 thoughts on “Certains zéleves colleges sovaze!

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  1. Aargh! I fail to understand why they behave like this. When I was at school there were much more interesting things to do than this.

    I once got a similar experience when I was in lower 6 I think. Some kids were throwing coloured water on everybody in the streets. It was on the day of the Holi Festival. I was going to tuitions that day and had to return home to change clothes. :S


  2. C pas juste dans le nord sa. I remember getting water splashed on me at Vacoas. Ena zeleve college mari immature ek kwar ki zot “nissa” mari niss <_< parfois, m truv sa choquant ki zenfant zot laz kumsa.


  3. I definitely agree with what you say, what you did was a very smart move, most people would do nothing and continue on their way.

    I frequently sit at the back of the bus and I’m surrounded by those barbarians who throw water on people!! :@ :@

    I really get pissed off when these SOBs tarnish the reputation of College students!


  4. the couloured water can be calen up……. to fann kaka saki tonne fer… to ti bizin veill to kouyonade… pa ti bizin al station………. ZISS akoz delo couler……. TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .. pA BONNNNNNNNNN


  5. aufaite tone fanE yash.. to ti bizin fer ene complain against bus conductor la ousi!!

    to fer moi croire li pas connE ki pe deroulE dan so bus!!!



  6. sii mette li ousi la dan.. a nirporte ki moment li trouve so bannes passager miss behave li bizin alle station??

    line penC coute delo pas severe enough sa.. si ti tire sabre.. lerla li ti pou allE maybe!!!

    li ousi dan ene bon position pou spot kisana pe fer ki zafer!!


  7. poor stupid idotic students… they threw things on the car of the wrong person @ the wrong time. lol….

    well.. you did the right thing by acting IMMEDIATELY.
    I was also student of a northern college for 5 years, and i witnessed these things countless times. But nobody never really took action against them(as far as i know)

    Well done.
    This shall set an example for future generations. :)]

    Rock ON!!


  8. Good this topic came up! I felt a rant about college kids coming up!!

    They are unbelievable, like zot m mari la. Fer tapaz dan bis, reeking of alcohol and sweat, swearing loudly, making rude comments about girls and boys alike, shouting at the poor bus conductor. Et tantion to dir zot kitsoz hein?!? Zot tou lever couma n vague, having waited all day for an excuse to get in a fight!

    Its hard to put your finger on what makes them behave like that. Lack of parental control comes to my mind first. Parents didnt call them to order while they still could, and now its too late and they’ve got out of hand…

    I maintain that college girls are the worse! And i’m a girl! Guys that age are rowdy, stupid, but they grow out of it, they do! The girls dont. They remain just as catty and biting and bitchy as ever, rude and uncough, wild like women from Matto Grosso (in Brazil; i read something about it once, and the expression stuck!)

    Hmmm, my rant’s over! May those kids grow up quickly, is all i can say!


  9. Very well done Yashvin!!!
    When I was @ college, in z bus, sme students also did zes things n we, who were sitting amongs dos immature gurls doing nothing..were also being washed when z other buses throw water!! I just can’t undertsnd these ppl mentality, althought this has been reported to z rector several times, 2D..as u experinced, z situation is z same!!!


  10. Ha, en tuleka, si ban piti depi dan mo kolez fer sa, desuite zot dehor…
    deza ena in fini gagne kud pier akoz misbehaving tu la. u’l never ever hear such things from my college.

    bon mo pa pu fer pub kolez la, bt simplement mo envi dir ki discipline must rules even outside school premises and kolez staffs should made sure of that.. pa kv vin fer moi croir ki n si, staff sa lekol la pa ti ena dan sa bis la ki ti kv met n lord.

    sitan strict laba, kan staff p marser lor simin, ban zelev fer ler zis pu pa mars devan staffs la tension staffs al tir laiy lor zot, e apre bezer.

    sa c n remark general, bt li pa korek akoz kv nu em n zur nu p marser r bon linz, n sel kut gagne kut delo kuler. e delo kuler e linz, sa pa fer bon menaz sa.

    bon yashvin, pran n tigit crest, to koner ki pu fer r sa, e o boulot mo piti, saem res pu dir toi 😛


  11. To stop such incident to repeat history in the near future:
    1. Go personally to report these students to the rector of that college (gonna take you ~30mins for that)

    The rector gonna for take proactive measures to stop its institution’s nose from being cut off.

    2. Publish an article in the newspaper to vent out your anger to show how ‘respectful’ students from that school are.

    I believe your anger is fully justified because this is such a lowly act – Is this how our next generation gonna be ? Is this how they respect others ? Is this how they think others should be given respect ? For god sake, we are not USA to bear with such juveniles’ acts!!!

    Thankfully you were not going to work by that time, else it would have been so embarassing for you and maybe your concentration would have been disrupted with this act.

    3. As bbZush rightly said such lowly acts, unfortunately, are common everywhere around the Island amongst many of the secondary students nowadays. It is sad to note the degree to which how retarded, for most of, our secondary students are….


  12. “Immediately, I overtook the bus and drove fast to the Triolet Police Station which was a few bus stops away.

    Once there, I quickly asked the police officers to get out and accompany me to stop the bus which had just stopped at a bus stop at the other side of the road. Thankfully, the police officers were fast and they stopped the bus while I quickly briefed them on the matter.”

    Pas dire moi lapolice triolet(et en generale) ine act immediately?? siposer prend toi 2hours pou nek rempli report sa ek fer letalaz sa. interessant.

    Once, my dad went to report constant thief attack on his vegetable plantation. you know wht the policeman said?
    Police: “eski ou ine trouve banela” – mydad: “wai(+a few description)”
    Police: “eski ou ine demand zot zot nom?” – mydad: “non”
    Police: “b si ou pas cone zot nom ek pas coner kot zot rester b nou pas pou capav fer narien.”
    LOL as if we had to stop the thief and ask him his name and address. stupid police!

    Back to the topic: well, si zenfan pas pou fer zoumsa, b ki zot zot pou ale fer sa? sinon kouma to nek to ti bisin fini mature. but the urine and colored water is too far really..


  13. Certainly not something restricted to this generation only, youngsters have always been trouble mongers. But I think you did well by taking a stand, instead of just waving it away. Students are by no means savages by nature, they just have too much energy and vigour and use it in the wrong manner. When it reaches the point where urine is being thrown around, then it becomes shameful. I wish everyone had a dad like mine, one tight slap to your child when he misbehaves can make a lot of difference, parents…. I have had my fair share of slaps lol

    @ wakfu : boss, pren 1 la glace ek guet to figir ladan ek realize ki bane dimn comen toem ki fer mauriciens gaye honte ki zot mauriciens ena fois.


  14. Not only Rectors but also their parents should know what their children are up to… Even the parents will be really ashamed with the acts of their children… (Amoins si parent la irresponsable)

    They are just selfish…

    I think they really need a brainwash and strict disciplinary action should be taken against such acts…. And anyway they want to become adult really fast, so the law should apply to them as adults and the punishment should be as severe as an adult. What say? 😉 LOL they do not understand what it really means to grow up and become an adult and they act as if they know more than our elders…

    I pity their parents who trust their children and send them to school and they are caught in such despicable acts… *sigh*

    Where in the world are we going to? God Bless these children with some brains…


  15. Taking action in response to these incidents is the right thing to do. How can you achieve having a responsible society if you let this kind of behaviour happen in public. The incidents should be reported back to the rectors and in turn to the PTAs (parents). Just lately the PM was talking to crowds about changing mentality regarding cleanliness of public places. How can you achieve a change in mentality if adolescent behaviour is left to complete anarchy. There should be a slot in the curriculum for citizernship and moral awareness. MRU needs to sensitize the age group through a collective civic service. Rowdy behaviour just adds to the already growing sense of insecurity in the country.


  16. WTF?!!! I wish you can give away their full names online. Let search engines tarnish their names for a long time.

    This must suck for you. I hope you cleaned the car already. 😦

    Fucking assholes! They deserve to be kicked in the balls and have their skin bleached with acid. I condone torture as direct response! I’m sick of this ass in nine attitude of students…yeah, I’m mad!

    TBH, I don’t give a frak about them spraying water on single chicks. Nobody touches another man’s car! It’s sacred.

    I’m really mad! Arm your tasers! We need to take these assholes down!


  17. You know my sis who is in Upper 6 at MGI (Moka) had the same situation last year…She was walkingt othe bus stop with her friends when some guys sitting at the back of a lorry threw liquids on them (we don;t know what it was..could be water or urine…eeekkk!!!)

    Thank God a teacher was there and took the girl who was wet to the Police Station and filed a complaint…i don’t know if they had the lorry’s number or not…

    You know the kids behaving like that should be punished…can you imagine???You are walking on the streets and someone throws urine on you!!! I would kick that or those kids real hard! Dump their head in the nearest public toilet!

    @ yashvin
    You should write a post about the policeman being real fast on this one.. 😛 See not all policemen are useless…


  18. dou tone rate 1 l’occasion…you should have reported those students to their principle…that would have been a good punishment and also, good example for ozers!

    but still watever u’ve done also is not less than a punishment…well done for ur courage.

    mo p truver cuman to pou dress to ban piti twa TVR


  19. Yeah to ena raison, Some students really “Sovaz”. We were students too but i never remember behaving like them. They are already immature and it’s also because lots of adolescents today lack respect for others. Yashwin you took action immediately but am sure they will start again. For them being in problems is ‘COOl’. When they’ll reach school dialogue pou commencer ” Ey la police ti arret nous zordi, ti mari nissa” Lol!!!


  20. This problem is because we think like imprisoned in schools like Ghettos. I don’t do these acts but i can understand my friends who do these acts. They are depressed. Boyz and Girlz are separated in Colleges therefore they are undergoing a big craze.

    Anyways, those acts should not have been committed


  21. I must admit that those acts where common during my college days. Things that seemed cool those days get lame as you grow up. Batte bis, tagging, manifestation, chicane tifis etc.. I guess youngsters want attention..

    I do miss the fun of college days.. ti p chicane recteur tou.. pauvre ghanty! Would it be that all this mischief is part of the student culture that makes college days so memorable? Sigh!


  22. eooooooo po nek lor inter sa bt also ladys of lady shuhil ki gne gne cout delo!!!

    plusier foi my frns n i was victime of zat grrrrrrr
    ban adp la ki zet delo couler la,, ban cheap minded boyzz grrrr

    btw smtime po jst ban thrower la ki responsibla smthime ban recevier la si fer zot interesant e fini par gne cou delo couler.. pfff po coner si delo mem sa orrrr wat!!!!

    ben chez mwa cmbien foi nun fer cmplain ki police osi mais zot in pren nu 4 granted pff gaspiaz coz r zot rector nek li pu wrn ban piti la e the matter over pfff


  23. Yep you’ve done the right thing by going to the police station, atleast those students were kinda scared…

    sa c vre, zot vrement sovazz, surtu sa ban zelev kot busstop lady sushil….si mo pa tromP, c ban zelevs sss triolet sa + ban zeleves ivtb ki met uniform lady sushil coz zot fer class labas par manque de place pu zot dan zot colege…
    enfin esperons c pa bn zelevs de lady sushil sss em sa, big shame!!

    and yeah, thanks to the policemen who were quick 🙂

    ps: mo pa pu lave loto moi!!


  24. eoooooo i can cnfirm ki pa ban suhsil la,,, our name says all lol..
    na ban inter ki abitier kas pli poz cot bisstp sushil..

    kartment are respected ladies,, i can assume zat po ban sushil ki fer sa,, so zot in fer si zot po fer lor public e lor dimun XD


  25. yeh that’s what i was thinking :pp
    am from lady sushil also, and know v well that it’s the ivtb guys or those from international college who usually do that…
    stupid guys!!


  26. it’s indeed very cheap. even i’m a teen but i have learnt these manners from the school & home(RTSS). they were throwing water on girls… they should have faced problems with police officers… i guess that it was on sunday that we celebrated women’s day and today we can see how girls are being treated. they are just doing it for fun, pleasure & to get what is called “respect”. A useless respect which these youngsters think is very important. let me tell them, you will never be able to live without these girls/woman whom you are mistreating today. and throwing water in Mauritius, pays le roi, while in Zimbabwe, hope you atleast have watched “slumdog millionaire”, where people are craving for this water. I also hate ” the mauritian birthday celebration” style where dahi and eggs are thrown and if you could just drink this dahi and make an omlette with this egg.


  27. Well, some colleges lack discipline.. if they were stopped at school itself, this would not have happened.. the bus conductors also could not do anything, they must be knowing exactly who the “pomme d;amour gaT” are..

    Rectors of colleges mainly PUBLIC schools won;t be doing anything, “travail nek vini assiZ, lerla aller dans l;heure”.

    am not from the north, have not seen this problem in my region YET..

    Well, thats good you made the policemen stop the bus and gave a good speech to them which am sure will be the main subject in their college. but you should have called at the college itself and make the rector come. the rector would have made the actions. i suppoz, the same students are taking the school bus..


  28. I will read the comments later. Nowadays youngsters are bullshit and crap. I’m not saying EVERYONE. I’m talking in a general sense of view and I don’t have enough time to exclude this or that.

    @Yashvin—> I wonder what is wrong with the present generation. P:S some idiots{a particular north college students} still smoke while they are in bus or at the bus stations. I wonder where are the jokers! !


  29. Dude, wat u did is awesome!
    bzin kas zot l*ki enkr bien bien meme sa!!
    i fink u shuld have took out your mobile and take a picture of them (no need to write names, etc…)
    tomorrow go n meet there rector and ask to have their names and addresses
    make a formal request to rector to have their ass severely punished and moreover, threat these stupid idiots by telling them that you would sue them for Damage of Property (je m’en fiche si zis watercolour saa, bzin faire sa ban baba la regretter amerement; mo sure lendemain to pu truv zot 2vant to la porte avek seyo delo ek leponge pu clean to car!!!!! lol)

    who knows, weekend to pu truv twa p faire headlines “Responsible adult bashing stupid students who don’t have brains”
    mo sure tou lekol pou reagir immediatement, pou take measures so tht their school will not b tainted on newspapers!!


  30. lespri kaboser pa manker dan sa pays la… Hier mem…pa bizin al loin ban kuyon la p dancer alor bizin zet delo lor zoutou. zot p pren jus pa pou boir mai pou zet lor dimun …my post is here [ Read ] mai li pa include ladan…. ban jacka$$ [JKC] ti p mank rol ek in mem gagn 1 ti problem entre zot ek SIG…la guerre avek MGI in eviter de justess.


  31. ooops.. reallly soorry with what happened with ur car ! lolzz
    however.. nice car 😉 lolzz
    And that’s only a car ! .. how would u feel if they put the colored water on u completely and drench u with that ?? :))
    Bizen reglemente holi festival dans pays, bane zenfans bizen ban from buying holi or show identity card to buy holi !!!

    Enfin, who will hear my voice !..


  32. Gud sa hope sa ban students la pu ggn imper prob n zot kpv dreC…
    although am a student of Triolet sss am against them…


  33. hey man met seryer pa zis ban triolet sss li ena sa,,
    tou lekol pareil

    m kroir tw si to ti pareil kuma banla……….
    realiser imP :3


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