Happy Birthday Dhaneesha


Everything started on 00:00hrs on 27 Feb 2009.


lol, what do you think about my wall post?

However, a few seconds later, I did call her :

Happy Birthday Dhaneesha πŸ™‚

dhaneeshabdcake As I said, to p vine vieux !!! lol

Live long!


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dhaneesha

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  1. Happy birthday Daneesha… Bien feter mo esperer .. hum hum…

    PS: Now i know your age… next time don’t use these number candles…


  2. Happy Birthday old lady πŸ˜›
    I wish you to lead a long, happy and healthy life alongside The Y-man. πŸ™‚
    (and I also wish you a hydrogen peroxide free hair – no grey hair)
    Rock on! πŸ™‚


  3. Happy birthday Dhaneesha, don’t let them tease you about that number it is a wonderful age, seems so long ago for me…. enjoy.


  4. tahii check sa gato la :pp miam miam Happy Birthday Dhaneesha. Kan mo ti gagne 25 ans mo ti gagne triste lolll to realizer 1/4 to lavi in fini passer… enfin gato la in fatigue to latet :((


  5. Happy birthday to Dhaneesha. Hope you two had a good time on friday. and credits to the man. he spent many seconds looking for the perfect gift for this very special occasion..walking around in the super crowded streets of PL, on a very hot summer day with an empty stomach (the poor guy has to skip his lunch to find the time for shopping around), agonizing over his decision and all stress out, visiting +15 jewelry shops to look for THE perfect gift.

    a napolitain will do.


  6. Thanks to all of u for the sweet comments

    ya gato la ti vraiment bon …

    + kdo ki mone gagner si ti extra joli n touchant…

    en gro…friday le 27 feb ti top!
    thks to mum and yashvin..they made that day so special, will never forget that.


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