Reducing spam applications on facebook


Facebook is the largest social network on the web since the last months and the most widely used one by Mauritians.

Spam Applications

Most of you have surely got those annoying notifications such as the

or other normal applications sending loads of notifications


Hiding notifications for ever!

To hide these notifications, Click on the “X” at the right side of the notification.

Then, click on “Hide all“.


There are several applications which automatically generate requests and send invitations/notifications to all of your friends.

You should not install ALL of the applications, Be Careful!

For the application “Facebook Check Error”, don’t worry, it is not a facebook spyware or anything.

It was simply an aggressive developer that was trying to misuse the Facebook platform for their own gain. Clicking “Add Application” on Facebook doesn’t actually install or download anything on your personal computer although a developer could theoretically prompt you to download something. [source]

Blocking applications

Are you tired of ignoring the same applications everyday?

Then you should try the “Block this application” option!

Block it once, it won’t appear again!

Yashvin, pages of my life

Freeing up your inbox from facebook notification mails

Are you fed up that your mail inbox is filled up with those from facebook, as below?

  • Well, actually you can choose which mails facebook should send you.
    This will greatly reduce the number of mails into your inbox.Go to your Setting > Account Settings > Notifications tab.


    As you will notice, this screen allows you to choose the events which will issue a mail to you.
    Henceforth, you can choose to get notification mails only when someone sends you a message for example.

  • facebook-choose-mails
  • Another alternative is to set up some filters into your mail box, so that the (selected) facebook mails go directly into the trash. Hence, you can check your trash at some regular intervals to know what’s the gossips in facebook 😛

Hope that these small advices will be useful to you facebookers.

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Additional info from Facebook’s official blog.

9 thoughts on “Reducing spam applications on facebook

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  1. glad to know. hier to ti dir moi ki bizin fer ek mo in blier. aster li on ur blog – cav free my inbox imper.



  2. People who dont like those notifications can disabled it easily as shown above. But there are some facebook-addict who just dont want to disable it! 😛 in fact.. they like those. expression “zot dormi ar facebook”

    as for the emails.. its not necessary to setup a filter(which is available only for gmail users i think), u can disable email notifications from facebook itself. 😉


  3. does those rules still apply, these days the spammers send a chat message, fortunately facebook automatically identify them as spam


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